Lyndon Pierre Moranza

lyndon   In order to truly appreciate the glory of my story, you must hear it from the beginning: My name is Lyndon Pierre Moranza. I grew up in the ghettos of Houston, Texas. I’m the third-born of four siblings and we were so poor, we couldn’t pay attention. We couldn’t afford daycare or a paid baby-sitter, and as a result, one day while my dad was working and my mom was away with my two sisters, one of my mother’s brothers volunteered to watch me and my brother. This one act of ‘volunteerism’ dramatically altered me and my brother’s identity after that uncle sexually molested both of us.


   I spent the next twenty-two years searching for the Man of God I was destined to become. I was in and out of various relationships and never felt loved. I was always attempting to prove my self-worth.  My brother who is now fifty-four is still searching for the innocence that was stolen from him. He has serious psychological and emotional issues, been in and out of drug rehabs. He’s has not been able to maintain stable and consistent employment. He’s afraid of intimacy and has never truly opened himself up to be loved. He served a seven-year prison sentence for killing a man, due to unresolved anger.    

   Sexual abuse manifests itself in a multiplicity of ways. My brother kept his hurt inside, that caused severe depression. I, on the other hand, fully expressed my hurt by seeking attention from anyone who would notice me. I became a performer and would do anything for attention and acceptance. Another result of the sexual abuse was that I never felt good enough. I did have people who loved me; but I could never really receive their love. To reciprocate that love was beyond my comprehension. Perhaps I could have found a release and peace, if I had the courage to share what happened with my parents or someone. But, both of my parents went to the grave, not fully understanding why their youngest son always seemed distant; and why their oldest son had severe discipline problems.

   The weight of keeping my dirty secret of sexual abuse drove me to find solace in the church. I was seeking solace in the church, not in a relationship with Christ. There were many performers in the church that I attended, so I felt at home pretending that everything was okay with me. No one seemed to discern that I was a confused, attention-seeking, crowd-pleasing, lost soul. I mastered the game that many play so well in many churches, that I was offered positions in the church I attended. Although I didn’t take the call to leadership seriously, I did sense the Lord God calling me to a have relationship with Him. I didn’t know how to receive love; but knew that I could perform for God.

   I’m not exactly sure when it all changed; but I began to read more of God’s Word and pretend less. One day, I discovered a passage in Psalms 119 in verse 9. It asks a question, ‘How can a young man keep his way pure?’ Then answers the question, ‘By heeding to the Word of God.’ This passage troubled me greatly, because the manifestation of the molestation inflicted upon me caused me sexually promiscuous. In fact, I felt somewhat justified; because the counseling I received from a trusted pastor. I confided in him that I was sleeping around.

    He applied, “Just be careful and be sure to repent” I was seeking love in all the wrong places, and walking on the path of the ungodly.       

   The discovery of Psalm 119:9 challenged me to listen less to man and to God. I developed a deep relationship with God’s word. It was through my relationship and eventual love for God’s Word, that I developed a more intimate relationship with Christ. One day while reading through the Book of Ephesians, I read a series of Scriptures that served as a catalyst; and would ultimately become my personal life passage. I read, “Just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in Beloved.” (Ephesians 1:4-6).

   I saw through these passages, that I was chosen in Him before the world began. I saw that I was predestined, and God set my end before I began. I saw that I was adopted as sons by Jesus Christ. One thing I know, is that people have kids they don’t want all the time. However, very few if any, adopt a child unless they want the child. To know that I was adopted, meant I was wanted by Jesus Himself. Finally, I saw that I was accepted. All of my life, I had been seeking acceptance and now read that I was already accepted; sealed the deal for me. No more performing, no more seeking the accolades and worshiping at the opinions of man. My identity was restored. The revelation of this illumination of passages melted my heart and I fully surrendered it to Christ.

   As for my brother Carl, I know that when the grace of God found me, He is able to search him out and melt the anger he has hidden for the last forty-nine years. Thanks for joining me in praying for him. 

   The Lord has taken me to five of the seven continents, where 7,800 people have accepted Christ through the Kingdom Mercy Ministries International ( the ministry He has entrusted to me). Thousands have been healed both physically and emotionally. I have a music CD in six of the seven continents and He has used me to bring racial unity and tear down denominational walls.

Pierre Maranza's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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