Luke Hahn

Luke Hahn   My name is Luke Hahn, and I'm from Northeast Iowa.  I've lived there my entire life other than a few short stints other places. I've been asked to just give a testimony of how God saved me. So I'm going to try and do that to the best of my ability and give all glory to the God who saved me. I was raised about as privileged as you could possibly be privileged. I had parents that loved me, parents that never fought. Well if they did, I didn't see it. It was a very happy home. I started attending Catholic school and then was taken out of that when my parents were converted. I was around fourth grade when I heard the gospel, but I didn't hear about repentance. However, I did hear the gospel while listening to Ephesians that we are saved by grace and that it's a gift of God. So I knew a lot of scriptures, but I didn't listen a lot. It didn't seem like I took a lot in, but it was there. As I was going into my teens, my sister professed to be saved. And then my best friend professes to be saved. There were some gospel meetings going on. And that was the first time in my entire life that I really took something seriously when it came to eternal matters. I can remember being in that bathroom and just weeping my eyes out and thinking I'm going to hell. That's how it felt. I felt that alone at that time.

   That  led into making a false profession of faith. I never really felt like I had anything, but I knew what I needed to say and appease my own conscience. I did that for years and I lived in sin. I lived terribly and even my friend that had professed Jesus. We indulged in a lot of sin together over the years and I just sunk deeper and deeper. As I look back on it, I grew apart from my parents, especially my dad. My dad was a Christian and I didn't want anything to do with him. When I was coming home, I was hoping he was leaving.  I was living in darkness, and darkness wants to stay away from the light. So that was my teen years. As I look back on it, I didn't have difficulties, and I didn't have trials. I just kind of floated right through my teen years. When I was twenty-one, I met the girl that is now my wife. I was top of the world, everything was great. I had this girl that I loved. I love her dearly, but then I was in a car accident four months after I met her in March of 2003. At that point, I woke up in the hospital on Sunday morning and my dad was leaning over me. It was the first face I saw. He was leaning over me and he said, "Son, if you had died, would you have been in heaven?" And all I could do is shake my head, no. So, that was a point where I gave up my false profession. A lot of people that know me now, they think that I am the way I am now because of that traumatic accident. That's not the case. I've had to explain that to so many people that even I went through that, I know that it was God's hand that kept me because I should have died in that car accident. But he did the first thing that needed to be done, that was stripped away my false profession. And secondly, he took my pride from me. I was a very prideful, I was a good athlete, I had a lot of things going for me, and I needed that all stripped away. So he did that, I'm so thankful he kept his providence. Angie stayed with me. She could have left and the Lord had her stay. I went right back to sin. I was maybe not quite as vile as I was, but I still had no desire for the things of God. But when we got engaged to be married, then all of a sudden, my fiancée says, "I want to get married in a church."

   I thought, "Aha, this is annoying." I don't want to go back to church. I don't want to go to my church. I don't want to go to her church. I don't really want to go to any church. So now we have a problem again. So we couldn't really come to terms. She was raised in a church that was very legalistic, very works oriented. And I was raised in this church that was, there was no works at all. Even repentance was borderline works. It was strictly belief in God's grace. So we began to really butt heads, to the point, I look back on it now and it was God's mercy and that she had the background she did. And I was, we heard about it this morning, the pendulum. She was on one of the far end; I was on the other end. And for us to come together, we had to dig and dig and dig and dig, and that's what we did.

   The first six months of our marriage was not easy.  There was never any fighting like we were going to leave each other. I'm reading for by grace you are saved by faith. And she's saying, well, its works, read this, unless you have works. So we went back and forth for six months. And I can remember, it got to the point where we would just, literally all we were doing was throwing fiery darts at each other for hours at a time. I would get home from work before her and I just read ferociously until she got home. And then I set it aside because I didn't really didn't want to fight with her, but we were still going back and forth. I just got out of rehab. I still had a job, but I was on disability pay at the time. My wife had just moved down. She was trying to get a job and she was in nursing school, and we were broke. We were plain poor. And a man and his wife came by to give us a book written by Tozer, but inside that book was a check for $500.  They had something we didn’t have. So that set the course of, these men have something that we don't have. They were continually inviting us to church.

   Dad gave me a book. It's just a little book and it’s called “Am I a Child of God?” And I was reading through it one night while Angie was at work. She was a nurse. The author wrote the book brilliantly. He went through First Peter and then he tied in some scripture from Isaiah that said, '"He who, himself, bore our sins on the tree." It was like a lightning bolt and the light clicked on and I thought I get this. I understand it. It's not me. I'd been fighting for grace against my wife for eight months or better. But I didn't understand it myself. It takes God to open your eyes. And all of a sudden, it was like this flood.  Why am I fighting the scriptures? I'm wasting everybody's time. All I need to do is look at Christ. For the first time, I was able to do that and I was overjoyed. My wife came home and she was angry. I began to pray for my wife instead of fighting with her. The Lord has continued to put people before us. Men would come and minister to us. They showed us Christian love. But we ended up going back to the church for a little while that I grew up in. And the Lord graciously saved my wife about ten months after me.

   So I look at that and I think of the patience and the forbearance and longsuffering of our God. It's astounding. It's utterly astounding to think of the sin that he'll deal with us, dealing with us in and the pride and the arrogance and how he'll just continually lead us and draw us and draw us until every idol is stripped away. It takes every single one of them, but did for me anyway, and in the power of Jesus Christ If you'd asked me to do this ten years ago, I've been a Christian for 13 years, ten years ago, number one, I would have been nervous to do this because there's people going to see this and I want to look right in front of them, I want to speak correctly. I couldn't care less at this point. But then there's also that I had no idea of the power of prayer at that time, where now I look at it and every conversion I've seen or witnessed myself, there's always prayer. There's always so much prayer that goes into it prior to and leading up to that, and I'm so thankful for that. So, I guess if there's one thing I would encourage anybody is to pray. And then if you're in a trial, if you're in a situation, there's days, don't get me wrong, there's days I don't want to be. There's times when being in a chair is so hard. Excuse me. It's never for me that it's hard. It's others. The Lord has blessed me with four children now and a beautiful wife. There's things I can't do, there's things that they want me to be able to do and I can't do some of those things but, at the end of the day, they know and I know that the Lord's hand...what's he says in Exodus 4:11, "Is it not I the make the mute and the deaf and the dumb?" So I can teach my children, I can teach others that trials are from the Lord and therefore are good. They bring character, they bring joy. I have had the opportunity to tell so many people that I wouldn't trade this chair for thing, not one thing, because I'm fully convinced that the Lord not brought this to me, I'd be lost as could be I'd be chasing after the things of the world. The temptation is there even as a Christian. So as a non-Christian, I wouldn't have any hope. No hope. So I'm so thankful, I'm just so thankful for Christ and what he's done and then the blessings.

   Yeah, we've not given up anything. We heard it again this weekend; we've not given up anything. The joy we have in Christ, the life we have, the hope we have, he always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is within you. There's only one hope, there's only one true hope. Everything else is going to go but there's that one true hope that's going to last forever. I just want to encourage everyone, anyone that's listening and anyone that has anything going on in their lives. Just understand that it's from the Lord and he's using it for your good. And if you're hearing it, if you're questioning it, pursue it until you have that relief of guilt and sins forgiven and knowing that he is the true God. Thank you.

   It's amazing how you can look back on your testimony and see the things that happened. If we did this once a year, the different things that can be important to you at different times, when you look at the providence of God and you look at the sovereignty of God in all things and how at one time there's always that central theme of what Christ has done for us. But as your church situation changes, as your family changes, whether it's growing or shrinking, you come more to a folder realization all the time of what God has really done for you. And it just amazes me that the longer you're a Christian is like He just slowly enlightens you to see that He was there. He was there. He was there. I can still remember those first couple times Bob Jennings, I'll never forget, I'd only been a Christian maybe. Not even a full year and we were at the conference at Hannibal, Missouri. Bob tap me on the shoulder and said, "Can you give your testimony?" And I said, "I guess." I said, "When?" He goes, "Now" I said, "Okay. I don't really want to do this but I guess I don't have a choice." So I go up there and I was... my wife had been converted like two weeks before. My head is just spinning and we found out we're having a baby. I mean, there's nothing better. I get up there and I bawled like a baby for like forty minutes straight. I don't think anybody understood a word I said. So I look at that now and I'm like, "Oh that was miserable. That was terrible for everybody else." But for me, that was the greatest thing ever. I got to share what God had done for me and all these great things, and then his life progresses. It's just amazing how things change. But that one thing it's always that when we've passed from death unto life, that changes your outlook on the entire rest of your life. It's amazing. Yeah, it's amazing.  I look at my life and yeah, my dad has really kind of open the way for me to have, I don't want to say easy Christianity, but I had good teaching right from the start. So many people have to struggle and find good teaching, where Dad had met Bob Jennings, and then through that he gets introduced to Charles and he gets introduced to Paul Washer. So, two weeks after my wife's converted, we go to Kirksville Missouri and [inaudible] Paul Washer. I'd never heard anything really all that good much less. Then we go there and what does he preach on - the true gospel. My wife and I just sat there in the front row and we got back to the hotel room and we're like kids in a candy store because they had just like the [inaudible], they have all these pamphlets and leaflets and everything all the tracks. We both get back and it's like armloads and we sat there and read them until like three o'clock in the morning. We're like, "Whoa, you got to read this one. You got to read this one." And so, just sound teaching from the start makes, probably, it makes a difference. And then men praying for me, [inaudible] than my dad, and Bob and men, they really prayed, still do pray. So that's good. It's good.

Luke's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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