Lazarus George Story

My name is Lazarus George. I have a Law degree from India, and Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Sociology from Texas A&M-Commerce.

I had developed my educational skills at AT&T. I owned a fast food Subway franchise, and am currently working in management as a Judicator for Social Security. When growing up in India, I wanted to be a lawyer, and eventually become a politician. I thought of Christian people as being different from my people. However, every time I had an exam my mother would force me to go to church.
When in law school, we had a situation between two religious groups clashing. That was the first time I lost my peace.  I asked my uncle to come with me so that I could teach the lesson to the people who were against me. My uncle said, “Okay. Do you want to come with me to church?" I went to the church to please him. At church a man got up and spoke, and God really answered all my questions. When I got home, I said, “Lazarus, don’t get carried away. Christianity is not for your people, so don’t believe and follow these guys.” My resentments and my anxieties grew. At the next opportunity, I went to church, and somebody spoke who answered many more of my questions. This process went on for several months, and one day I realized the greatness of God. I discovered this answer even though I was prideful and foolish. He answered all my questions. I threw up my hands and I looked to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Then I finished law school and got married. My wife was a national high jump champion, and she had won 14 gold medals. As a team we started serving God. Witnessing is one of the first activities of a Christian. Every Sunday afternoon we would go into the city, stand at the street corners, and preach the Gospel. This was humiliating to me. Every time when I preached there was another guy, who wanted to pray. One day I was preaching about the power of Jesus Christ, and all of a sudden, 15 to 20 people surrounded us. They were all screaming. Their language was filthy, and my blood was boiling. I didn’t know what to do, as I could not retaliate. I continued to preach the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. They said to me, “Oh, you guys are talking about blood? Before you leave here, the blood is going to ooze out from your head!” They picked up sticks and stones. They surrounded us, coming closer. My friend got scared and said, “Lazarus, you go ahead and pray.” I asked my friend to stand beside me and protect me because I was afraid. I didn’t want to die. I closed my eyes and prayed the most unfocused prayer. While I was praying, I heard screams and sounds. I quickly finished the prayer, and when I opened my eyes, the people who were going to beat us were fighting amongst themselves. We walked away without a scratch. Praise be to God! There are so many wonderful and miraculous things that are performed in our day to day life.

Then God led us to the United States, and from that moment He blessed us. We were blessed with two wonderful children, and my wife finished her PhD program. After accepting Jesus Christ, one day while at the church, we were all praying under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. I was very skeptical of people who spoke in tongues. They were blabbering something and I never understood. At the end of the meeting, when I was praying, I asked God if it was real. All of a sudden, I was filled with the power of God, and I started shaking and shivering. I couldn’t control myself. Words started coming out of my mouth and I started screaming and dancing. I was speaking in tongues! It was like being next to a sea shore, constantly listening to the waves; the sounds of the roaring sea. I never knew that the Holy Spirit could come into me and allow me to listen to the voice of God. He continues to guide us in our lives.

While traveling in India, I was sitting in a bus and looking outside. I saw a traffic jam, and I was on top of a bridge. I was looking at the top of a three-story building, and I saw a young child jump and fall right before my eyes. As I was looking, I screamed, unable to help the child as he went straight to the ground and died. I got worried, anxious, and upset. I will remember that scene for the rest of my life. I returned home and read my Bible and searching for answers. I was asking God, “Why did you make me see that scene?” God said to me, “What are you doing about those children, who are falling and dying on the street corners?” My wife and I both started praying for the children. God helped us to start a Bible study for children. Everywhere we go, we see children, and we started praying for their lives. God slowly started touching and changing the lives of the children.

God miraculously gave us a charter school in Texas. It has grown by leaps and bounds every year. Now we are in our second year, and God has blessed us with more than 750 children. We have learned to listen to the Holy Spirit, and He has guided and blessed us.


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