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   Introduction: Larry James is a film maker who has worked in all forms of media since 1974. He has been in Radio Comedy, Commercials, Television Series, Theater, and still retains his film and television union membership. He has written and recorded dozens of songs, and has produced over 25 record albums. Recently, new opportunities have opened for Larry’s film company, North Texas Recording and Film Studio.

   My name is Larry James, and I am a baby boomer. Do you know what that is? Your father came home from World War II, he got married, and they had children. If you grew up in that era, you know what I'm talking about.

I was one of those kids who never knew a time without television. When I first got involved with radio and if you used foul language, the station would have lost its license. The license was everything. It's not the property that's worth all the money. It's the license that's worth millions of dollars. It could just be gone with one word. It's amazing how far everything has slipped down. 


   There was a strong biblical influence in our culture.

   I had terrible situation at home. My mother was a person who couldn't get out of bed. She walked from the bed to the kitchen. I thought it was normal. She would always have me look at the clock and tell her where the hands were. She said, "If I die, I want you to dial zero.” She was talking about dying all the time. I thought that was normal.

   I changed name to Larry James. I'm really Italian. My father was a guy who had that Italian temper. He couldn't go anywhere without blowing up at people. Today, he would be locked up. He could not go anywhere without fighting or without berating people. My parents had no friends. Our relatives lived down a street, and they never spoke to one another. If they had to speak, they would fight.

   I grew up watching television. We had three networks in New York. My heroes were Superman, Zorro, Tarzan; I enjoyed watching the Westerns, and wanted to live in Texas and be a cowboy.

   There was a lot of Bible in those old television shows and movies. Even at funerals, a cowboy would take out the Bible from his saddlebag, and read the 23rd Psalm, and close in prayer in the name Jesus Christ. I wanted to be like those guys and looked up to them.

   While growing up, I didn't want to do anything wrong. I didn't drink, smoke, or swear. I didn't use derogatory words for different races. I didn't know those words.  I had an idea of right and wrong and always wanted to get a Bible. For years and years, I would say to my mother, "Can we get a Bible?" We had a fear of the Bible because we were told that the Bible was crazy and if you read the Bible you'll go nuts. We were told that the Bible was just for some religious people, but we can't read it. However, I had this tremendous curiosity to read the Bible.  As a little kid back in the '50s, I was watching an episode of The Rifleman. I remember this show very clearly. I was sitting about five feet from the TV and something was wrong, I can't remember what it was. The Rifleman sat down in rocking chair. He opened up his dead wife's Bible and started reading it. She had made notes in the front of the Bible. Wow! Did that impress me as a kid. His son, Mark, came over and asked his Dad, “What was he was doing?” He didn't know what to do, so he was reading the Bible. It hit me. God gave men the Bible. If you don't know what to do, you read the Bible, and you'll find out what to do.

   Several years later I was a guitar player in a rock group and we were playing at these different places. We were influenced by the Beatles. My passion was to play the guitar and sing. I wanted all the girls to be screaming for me. I didn’t want to work in a factory.  I quit that group because they started doing drugs and alcohol.

   While looking for my next adventure, I got my license and I started going to a library. When you're young and alone, you either do something crazy or you can start reading and live those adventures. I read all the time. I started off by reading comic books and advanced to reading books. I started going to the Russell Library in Middletown, Connecticut. I read everything. It was there that I first read the King James Bible. I started reading all the reference books on religion.   I started reading the Bible and it had a profound effect on me. What happened was, that weekend; I turned on the TV to watch religious show. The only person on Christian TV was Oral Roberts. I started watching that show every week. It was teaching-oriented. While I was watching that show, I felt that it wasn't enough for me to just think that Jesus was my Lord and Savior, but that I needed to tell God, "God the Father that Jesus is my Savior. I believe in Him." I need to say it to Him. That it wasn't enough for me to just go walk around and think that in my mind. So, that was the beginning.

   I was interested in reading about how to create television programs, make movies, where to set the lights up; everything about film production, recording etc.

   Within a few years, I on radio. My brother and I, and a friend of ours had comedy act on radio. It began at Wesleyan University in Middletown CT and took off from there. We were about 10-15 years before our time. There wasn't any dirty language. It was just funny. We ended up syndicating it. Then I volunteered in theater production, did several plays, studied at a conservatory, worked in early cable TV, finished college, joined the actors unions, and went to Los Angles with my resume in hand. I found out that many of these people were the unhappiest people in the world. You needed connections to get somewhere, and to get those connections you had to hook up with people who were doing drugs and drinking. I wanted to make films, write, and direct. I was a believer in Christ. I wasn’t going to ruin myself or get involved with that lost world.

   Several years later, I ended up getting migraine headaches every single night. Then, I got panic attacks. A migraine headache starts in the back of your head. You don't feel it that much, but it affects your optic nerve and you start to lose your eyesight. At that point, you can't do anything except pull over on the side of the road and wait for this horrible thing to go away because you can’t see.

   I got delivered from migraine headaches because somebody told me to go see a woman evangelist. This woman prayed for me. And she put her hand on the top of my head and it felt like an elevator brought the migraine out. That was 37 years ago. Today, she’s my wife! My migraines went away, of course. My panic attacks went away. As an aside, two weeks ago, I went to a Dollar General. The girl behind the counter was having migraine headaches every single night. I asked her, "How are you?" She said, "I'm having migraine headaches." I prayed for her to have them go away. We went to that Dollar General about three days ago, and she thanked me and she said, "I haven't had a migraine since that night."

   I came to work in the ministry. I studied and Grace had also studied with the Assemblies of God. I ended up getting a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies and a Master's degree in Divinity and Religion. We've purchased property for a prayer center. We had huge buildings, big parking lot, and lots of people coming to Grace Faith Assembly. For 17 years we had a Bible school, Northeast Bible Institute. We travelled all over the country, but especially in the northeast. We would minister at high school auditoriums and civic centers. Thousands of people would come, and we had a mailing list of 60,000 people. It was just amazing because Grace was a woman evangelist. There were a lot of men that were against a woman evangelizing. We would say, she's just came to witness, sing and pray, and she's bringing thousands of people to the Lord.  

   God used all of my skills in recording, film, television, and writing in our ministry.

   After I got saved, I knew that there was this indwelling of the Holy Spirit because there was a prayer meeting with these little old ladies in a nearby church. People would say, "We don't understand what they are saying, but they would get together and they talk in these funny voices." So, one time I went to the church at night and stood in the back of the church just for a few minutes just so I could see this. I noticed all the men were standing, and they had nothing to do with the service. It was just ladies' hour.

   A lot of guys think they're just weak to come to Jesus. No, it's not. Jesus is a champion. Jesus came to Earth with a mission, and He is the champion and He took Satan's authority from him.


   I heard about this baptism of the Holy Spirit, and I wanted to hear speaking in tongues. When I first met Grace, we talked about the Holy Spirit. I didn't have this thing called the Holy Spirit, and she said, "I prayed for it." And Grace said, "I think you have this." And I said, "But, you know, I'm just not sure," and because I'm a guy, I wouldn't let myself speak in tongues. Just because I'm a guy-- there's too much of this up here happening. You know what I mean? They're blocking the Holy Spirit.

   We're in a church, the New Bethel Church of God in Christ on Liberty Street in Danbury, Connecticut, where Grace was ordained a minister. We were in church and we're praying for sick people. All these people were praising God, and when I went forward, I was speaking in tongues. That was God's way of saying, "All right, I'll put your mind out of the way so you can let the Spirit go." When you get saved you get indwelt with the Holy Spirit. With the baptism of the Holy Spirit something else happens, you start speaking in tongues. You live a Spirit led life if you will allow Him to have his way.


Some Miracles in My Life

   I play guitar. I had an accident that cut off the tip of this finger. This is the finger that picks. I had an accident with a knife. So, I prayed because it was cut off and all the nerves were cut off and it hurt really badly. And I prayed and prayed that I'll be able to play guitar again and as you can see I can play. God had it grow back. It's not supposed to grow, but it happened. You see that sounds small, but that was important to me.

  Another thing that happened was I slipped on the ice in the winter time, went down on my arm and broke the radial head in my arm. We knew people that were in sports in New York. They said, "Larry, you're going to the specialist, and we're taking you to New York City. These doctors do the MBA basketball players." I went to Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan, where they examined me, and took X-rays. They said, “You're going to have this lack of arm movement, and this is all you’re going to be able to do. You'll never be able to do this, because the radial head in your arm is all broken up. We can't go in there with little screws, because it'll just turn to powder. Within four weeks, I was playing the guitar again. With the cast on and it wasn't long after that, I went down there and I went like this and they said you got 99% back. It's unbelievable and technically my arm’s is still broken. It's still chipped in there, but I got 99 % movement back! And this is years ago, walking around with this, and okay. Yeah. Why? Because we prayed and kept believing and praying, thanking the Lord for healing me.

    I had Lyme Disease. On Monday they get Lyme disease (tick-bite) and by Thursday you can't walk for the rest of life. Other symptoms are: fever, headaches, dizziness; sensitivity to light; degeneration in cognition; fatigue; joint aches; signs of stroke facial palsy; heart palpitations; inflammation of brain and spinal cord; short term memory; rashes; numbness and tingling; night sweats; Thank God through prayer, I was delivered.

   I had Ehrlichiosis. Has anyone heard of that? It's called Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. You can die, or you can lose movement of your arms or legs. Thank God through prayer, I was delivered.

   Another thing I had was Legionnaires disease. People die from this form of pneumonia. It was Christmas time, and I was in the hospital in Danbury, Connecticut. I'm lying in bed and my doctor, who only deals with people in the morning, came in at night to tell me, "You have Legionnaires disease. I'm not sure what's going to happen." Thank God through prayer, I was delivered.

   I had psoriasis. It was all over my body. I started using this cream. Anybody ever hear of eczema, psoriasis or anything like that? They give you this steroidal cream to put on and it turns your skin pale and takes all the color out of it. Your skin gets all dry and scaly and then it wears off and it comes back, and the psoriasis comes back worse than before. That's what I had, and the Lord lead me to a doctor and I did what the doctor said and it went away. They had me taking tetracycline pills. After I went through 400 of them, I said, "I'm not doing this anymore.” I believed God for my healing and I was completely delivered!

   We moved to Texas six years ago, and we purchased a horse named Dusty. I wanted a horse that looked like Roy Rogers' horse, Trigger. Everybody wants a horse that looks like Trigger, but I didn't want to name him Trigger. I said, “If we purchase the horse, I will name him after Roy Rogers' oldest son, Dusty.” Grace found a horse that was a golden Palomino. We drove to Bedford, Texas, to look at the horse. I asked, "What's the horse's name?" And they said, "Dusty."

   Just before we left they said, "You know there is one thing this horse does. He prays.” I thought we have to buy him, and take Dusty back to our ranch in Rhome, Texas.

   I would ride Dusty in the evening. One day it was 114 degrees. The ground was as hard as a rock, and Dusty bucked, and I went up in the air. When I hit that hard ground, I broke my pelvis in five places. I also cracked two vertebrae in my lower back and was bleeding internally. I laid out there in the sun, and I didn't have my cell phone. Grace was in the house with the air conditioner running. I'm calling for help and there's nobody around. Finally help arrived. Every time they moved me, the pain was unbearable.

   Healing from this type of injury takes a long time, about a year I was told. You have to have plenty of therapy, and you may not be able to walk again.

   Nine and a half weeks after I had that accident, the Lord told me to get up and walk. I walked around my ranch and examined the place I hit the ground. I walked back to the pen where Jellybean, the donkey was and I started speaking in tongues. It felt like I was floating. I walked back to the house and I told Grace, "You ARE going to believe what happened to me. I can walk."

   She said, "Let me see." That night we got in the car and I started driving again.

    A week and a half after I got my miracle, we went to the Grapevine Mall. Grace went shopping with a couple of her friends, and they were looking at women's clothing. I said, “I think I’ll go stand around and walk." This is a week and a half after I got this miracle. I walked the entire mall, and ended back to where the ladies were. That had to be a couple of miles. Jesus is good.

   I went back to the doctor. It was 11 weeks since I had my accident. He saw me walk in. He said, “No wheelchair, no walker, no cane, just keep doing what you’re doing.” Thank God through prayer, I was delivered. 

Larry James Hearing His Voice Testimony

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