L.A. Newton


   My name is L.A. Newton. I was born in 1960 in Sri Lanka. I am a Sri Lankan national. I was raised up in a strong Buddhist home. There were five of us, two brothers and three sisters. My father died when I was eight years old. Our living conditions were terrible due to no finances. We had no right shelter, no right food, and no right clothes.

   At the age of eight my mother put me in the temple to serve the Buddhist monk and to learn about Buddhism so I could become a Buddhist monk. This was good to me because I now had food, shelter, clothing, and was able to study Buddhism.

However, this led to great loneliness in my life and isolation from my family. I stayed five years in the temple though it was difficult to me due to isolation and loneliness. At age 13 the Buddhist monk decided to put me out of the temple. He said I was good but not suitable to be a Buddhist monk after searching my horoscope. Looking back now I see this was Jesus at work to deliver me from the curse.

   While in the temple and after leaving I suffered from three head injuries. Over a 15 year period my condition began to get worse and worse to where I could not work. My life became even more miserable as my health worsened with the poverty. At one point my body was wasting away and I was dying. Suddenly I met a Buddhist lady in town who asked what was wrong with me. I was around 26 years of age. I told her of my trouble. She was concerned. She then said “there is a big church in town and they have a big god. Go to that church and He will heal you.
   I went to that church as she said but the church was closed and no one was there. I sat on a large stone outside and decided to pray. I said “I don’t know how to pray but if you are a big God then heal me.” I did this very humbly with tears. Nothing happened. I left and went home. After three or four days I soon realized I was no longer suffering from headaches. Something had happened and I knew it. From that day forward my body began to heal and my health was restored in a three month period. I knew something happened but I did not go to the church or pray again.

   After six months I could now work so I was thinking of a job. I decided to pray my second time to this big God. I asked for this God to give me a job abroad. Within one week I had information coming to me about working in Saudi Arabia. I agreed, took the job, and went there. I received a job as a janitor at the international airport. Through my hard work, I was allowed to work in the radar engineering room. At this point, a white American began to witness to me about Jesus. I rejected for six months thinking I don’t need Jesus and I don’t need to go to church. After six months I suddenly decided to go to his underground church because I came to know he was a good man. In the underground church, I met other Sri Lankans who help me understand the Bible teaching. After another six months, I decided to follow Jesus, make Him my Lord, and take water baptism. I was baptized in Saudi Arabia at the U.S. embassy. I worked another 1.5 or two years and then returned to Sri Lanka.

   In Sri Lanka I found a church to go, but I kept this a secret my family. However, they soon found out and persecution began. My family rejected and gave my inheritance to my brothers. I was now alone but faithfully serving in the church with my pastor and growing.

   At this point, I entered the Bible college where I graduated. I also married at this time. After Bible school and marriage I planted a church in my wife’s village. There were four of us, my wife, my child, myself, and my mother in law. This was 1994. The church grew over time and great persecution happened. I was taken to court over 12 times. My life was threatened many times. They tried to kill me three times but the Lord spared me. These days were terrible yet God was faithful. After four years the Lord gave deliverance from the severe persecution we were enduring. Some persecution continued but not as severe. However, in 2000 the Buddhist threw a bomb grenade into the church building and it exploded. No one was injured. Praise God. Now we are serving the Lord in that same village peacefully with the Buddhist people.

   In 2007 the Lord began to speak to me about going abroad doing the ministry. God opened the door for me to go to India to a six-month training at a mission school. This is where I met Pastor Duane Wilt. After that, he came to Sri Lanka to do ministry in my church. From that time God has opened many doors for me to go to nations to pray and to do some ministry. Through Pastor Duane, God opened the door for me to come to the USA. This was in 2009.

   My heart when I travel to the USA and other nations is to do prayer ministry on behalf of the nation I am in. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, two daughters, and a son in law. They help me to do the ministry in my country. We are embracing new visions for our church. We minister to the elderly, the widows, the children, and the Believers. I also oversee a Pastors’ Fellowship of 40-45 pastors on a monthly basis. This began in 2008.

   I love the Lord Jesus. I have spent my life serving Him and will continue to do so. By the grace of God the Lord established His church in Sri Lanka through my life and has grown the ministry to what it is today. All glory to Jesus! 

   My heart when I travel to the USA and other nations is to do prayer ministry on behalf of the nation I am in.

   Recently radical Muslims bombed churches and hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. Many worshipers were killed and injured.

L.A. Newton's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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