Kevin Zadai

Kevin Zadai   Dr. Kevin Zadai has had a successful twenty-nine year career as a flight-attendant for Southwest Airlines and is founder of Warrior Notes TV. In a recent interview with Jesse Duplantis, Jesse asked Kevin if he has ever mixed business with ministry. Kevin said he prays over every beverage cup and a tray holds fort-six cups. Passengers were asking him what is it about you. Every time you pass by we are either laughing or crying. So I start telling my story to the six passengers sitting there and the passengers behind them ask Kevin to speak up because they want to hear his story also. So while serving peanuts and beverages twenty-one people pray to receive Jesus. As Kevin was deplaning the pilot and co-pilot asked Kevin what was all the commotion about and they prayed to receive Jesus. Kevin said by the end of the day a total of forty-one people prayed to receive Jesus.

   Kevin: I'd like to tell you a little bit about my experience with Jesus. It would happen back in 1992, and I was just going in for a dental surgery, and it was amazing how the spirit of God was preparing me for what was about to happen even though I didn't know what was going to happen. I felt in my spirit that something glorious was about to occur in my life. So when I went in to get the surgery done. I felt my body start to relax with the anesthesia and then all of the sudden I saw the other realm. I could see the doctors. I could see everything around me, but I could also see Jesus.

   Jesus was standing there and I could see my body. It was on the table and I was not in my body anymore. It was amazing to me how when we read in the Bible it says, "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord," and it's amazing to me how immediately, Jesus was standing right there waiting for me, and he started to talk to me, and he started to teach me. He is a great teacher. He said to me, "Kevin, this world that we live in down here is limited, but," he said, "Your words are very, very powerful," and he started to teach me about words.

   Now, Jesus, he's about five feet eleven inches. He has a lot of long hair, and he is a king. So when I saw him, He was dressed not as a king in royal robes but he had just a plain robe on, but he had this presence about Him that He was a king, and when He talked to me, He talked with me about His kingdom and about how I was part of that, and He spoke to me about my words. So this is how it all began. He said, "Kevin in Matthew 12:36, I said that you will be held accountable for every idle word that comes out of your mouth," and He said, "You know, I meant that."

   He started to speak to me about how I had been very careless about my words, and I'm telling you how we talk sometimes, and we say things that we regret. Well, Jesus said, "You're supposed to be speaking your destiny; you're supposed to be speaking where you go." He started to counsel me and it was really a very uncomfortable time at first because He said that I wasn't being careful with my words and I just want to share this with you because Jesus is someone who is in a great Authority, but He cares so much.

   He cared about me and He showed me how my life, up until that point, had been kind of going in a zigzag fashion because my words were not being spoken correctly. I wasn't speaking where I was going. I was just saying things and I was being careless. Now because of that, Jesus needed to bring correction to my life, and so He spoke to me all the words about creation, and he said how the father spoke the world into existence, and how things just started to be assembled at his command. Then he said "When you got born again, Kevin, the spirit of God inside of you made you knew. You're a brand new creature now. You're a brand new species." and he said that, "Now that your spirit is new, you have to speak from your spirit to see mountains move."

   He explained to me why we don't see our mountains being moved in our lives. It's because we don't speak from our hearts. Jesus said, "Kevin, I said that when you see a mountain, when you speak to a mountain you tell it, 'go from here to there, if you believe in your heart that what you say with your mouth, if you believe that it shall come to pass, it shall be done." He said, "Kevin. It doesn't matter what you think in your mind. It's what you believe in your heart. It's a spiritual exercise."

   So this is how it all started. So you can imagine like I'm watching the doctors on the operating floor there with my body on the table. They got my jaw open and they're starting to extract teeth and all of the sudden, I realized that I'm going to go with Jesus so he takes me away. He takes me out of the operating room and he begins to teach me about the spirit realm. He begins to teach me about the things that are going on around us all the time. I saw angels. I saw the demonic. He said, "Kevin, would you pray in the spirit? Would you speak the right words?" he said, "the demons have to listen to you," and I realized, "Oh my gosh, this is what's been going wrong in my life." I haven't been speaking the right things, and because of that, I need to switch and turn my focus back on my destiny.

   So Jesus started to teach me and He said this to me. He said, "Kevin, there's a part of you called your soul that is hindering you." and He showed me my spirit was lit up and I had this robe of righteousness on me. But, I also saw this black part of me and He said, "Kevin, do you see how that's obscuring your beauty?" I said, 'Yes'. He said, "It's because that's your soul, look more closely," and when I looked really closely, I saw all these words, these phrases, and statements that were spoken, and I remember them being spoken to me when I was a little child. People said things and they actually cursed me and they said things that weren't true about me, and they changed the way that I perceived God.

   My whole observation of this life was tainted by the enemy because people had spoken wrong words over me. Now, I know this is something that you can relate to because you've had people say things to you. People have told you, "You never get amount to anything." They always are blaming you for everything that happens. This happened to me when I was a young child. Everything seemed to come against me and it formed my mindset. Let's see, Paul, the Apostle said that "Those who have the mindset of a spirit do the desires of the spirit. But those who have the mindset of the flesh, they do the desires of the flesh."

   It says that you cannot please God if you walk in the flesh, okay? So Jesus was talking to me about this and He started me on this journey that lasted 45 minutes. So, while I'm out and I can see my body laying on the table, He's showing me parts of myself. He's showing me my spirit. He's showing me my soul. And my soul needed renewed, needed to be transformed. He said we've got to take care of this. He said, "You need to have overthrow in your life." So He said, "The word of God is effective if you mix it with the spirit, so the spirit and the word, they agree. You need to build yourself up in your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit and staying in the love of God, and then you need to always meditate on the word of God and you need to allow your mind to be changed."

   So Jesus started to show me how to live a successful life as a Christian, and this went on and on. I just want to talk about a couple of other things with you that He said. As I'm looking at Him, He let me walk into his eyes. I walked right inside of Him and the scriptures were just coming to me about how we are in Christ and that how we are seated with Him in the heavenly realms and were in Christ. So all these benefits, all these different things that Jesus had acquired for me as a believer now, were all coming to me as I was inside of Him, and He said, "I'm going to show you how I formed you." So He started to think of me and he formed me inside of Himself. And as I'm inside of Him, I can watch this happening inside of Him. I'm literally watching my whole being, being brought forth, and then He breathed me out, and I went to my mother's womb on the earth.

   Then, He showed me the whole creation process for how I was born. Then, He showed me that when I was born again, that now, I was released to do my destiny, and He showed me how the Angels came and escorted me through my life, and they created this scenario, where they went with me and they helped me, just like they're going to help you. So Jesus spent this time with me and He wanted me to come back. He said, "Kevin will you go back? And will you tell people what I just showed you?" I said, "Lord I don't want to go back to that Earth because it's so bad down there."

   Because He had showed me the demonic. He showed me all the things that are happening against people down here and I said, "Lord, you know, it's hard down there." He said, "Yeah, but it's not about you Kevin. It's about the people that I'm sending you to. If you tell people what you saw, it's going to help them and reroute their life". So He said, "I am going to send you back and I want you to tell your story. I want you to start to reroute people's lives so that they finish right." So that's what it's all about. Jesus, in this time with me, He wanted me to see how we can finish right how we can beat the devil at his own game, how we can walk in the spirit.

   We can walk in love and you know what? God is so awesome. Jesus told me, He said, "Me and the father, we love everyone." He said, "We aren't doing any of these terrible things that are happening to people on the Earth. That's the devil doing that," and He said, "Go back and tell people and defend me, defend us to the people. Tell them that it's the God of this world doing all these things." So Jesus asked me. He said, "If you go back, you cannot fail."

   And so, I said, "Okay, I'll go back," and I immediately was taken back towards the operating room. I went inside my body and I woke up and they came and got me and they took me home and it took weeks and weeks of being in the glory of God before I was able to function correctly. So just remember these things. Jesus sent me back from the other realm to help you to understand that you can make it in this life, and that Jesus is real and that he loves people and he is with you in a mighty way. Hey, thanks for letting me share with you. God bless.

Kevin's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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