Kevin Strait

Kevin Strait   My name is Kevin Strait and this is a brief testimony of what God has done in my life. I was born into a Presbyterian family, and we went to church. We were the typical American church club. We would show-up. We had a very good minister.I retained God's word and it didn’t return void. I would absorb it as a child, but didn't have a gospel experience until I was twelve or thirteen years old. My brother took me to an evangelical church, and that's where I encountered Jesus, and the whole notion of being born-again.

p>   The church was far away, and I didn't return. It was a one-time experience. Throughout high school, even though I knew the Lord, I strayed and dabbled into all kinds of stuff, including the occult. I got to see a part of the world that was evil and malevolent.

   I rededicated my life when I was a senior in high school. The power team came to our school and demonstrated great feats of strength. They would break cement blocks, rip phone books in half, and do other amazing things. That was a very positive experience. That really helped me turn around in a lot of different ways. Immediately after graduation, I joined the army and was off to basic training. That was a unique experience.

   I grew up in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Back then the Boy Scouts were not what they are today. Integrity was important and being morally straight was actually part of what we learned as we approached manhood.

   I went into the army and the plan was always to go back to school after basic training and Advanced Intelligent Technology (AIT). I went to a community college and got an associate’s degree in Electrical Engineering, received a Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship, and went back into the Army Medical Service Corps. I did that for twenty years and retired with the rank of Major. During that time, I went to a variety of different places from Germany to Bosnia, to Fort Bragg, Iraq, Afghanistan and earned a Master's Degree. I was in South Korea twice and retired at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. That's my career in a nutshell.

   I've been retired for about five years. We have two children. This allowed me the opportunity to spend quality time with my children as a dad. I was a substitute teacher and spent time with my kids. I am looking to go back to school, and use my GI Bill to work on a degree in animation. My plan was to use this degree for spreading the full gospel. Right now with the millennials, they really want quick, condensed bytes of information and then get out.

   I grew up with Aesop fables, and right now the younger generations are growing up watching Japanese animation. I would like to introduce them to the Christian culture. My idea is we can give them quick blurbs, and work with my daughter who likes draw and play the piano. God has blessed her. My wife almost died in pregnancy. Our daughter didn’t breathe for thirty seconds after she was born. Thus, she's been a special needs child. I take our children to the Full Gospel Business Men’s weekly chapter prayer meeting. We want to see how God uses her talent. She can sit down at the piano and play relaxing music. She plays by ear and its beautiful music.

   Some things that God has done in my life: When I first arrived in Germany, I met my wife and the Holy Spirit said to me, "Hey, this is the woman you're going to marry." And I thought, "That's interesting." So I just pursued it. We've been married for twenty-two years now, and marriages are like making mashed potatoes. You get started by peeling them, scrub them, boil them and mash them again, and yes that's marriage. She and I are stubborn, strong-willed individuals and it's been an interesting experience.

   Another time that God spoke to me is when I was with my son at Toys "R" Us. A person yelled, "Hey, you better get your son right now." My son was very hyper, running around, and he was headed out the front doors of the Toys "R" Us, and I yelled at the top of my voice, "Sam, freeze." He stopped on the sidewalk. Some guys were screaming from across the road. They're probably driving forty-five miles an hour in the parking lot and had my son not stopped, he would have been punted like a football. God spared his life.

   I also have a negative report. I was in South Korea and was late for a meeting. I saw a female soldier walking towards me and Lord said, "Stop and talk to her." I dismissed His command and went to the meeting. The next time I saw her, I was the casualty assistance officer, and that night she committed suicide. I was one of many that could have done something, but I was too busy with my career. This was a hard bitter pill to swallow, but God calls us to be ambassadors, and sometimes He's very serious to reach out and help. I wanted to have an escort with that soldier's body all the way back to the USA and give her to her grandma.

   On my first flight to Germany in 1995, we flew over New York City and I looked down at the Twin Towers and the Statue of Liberty and God told me, “The next time I see this place, it will be radically changed.” I was in South Korea during 9/11, and I recalled what God had said.

   Life is a character-building process. The Christian life isn’t easy. Being in the army for twenty years, pride and self-reliant is part of who I am, and God is saying, "You got to rely on Me, and you got to listen to Me. It's not about you; you got to hear and act when I tell you to do things. You've got to be humble; you've got to be soft-spoken. You don't need to be judgmental." In the military, your judgment is either right or harsh, and I could come down with a hammer. You always want to be right, or do you want to show grace. That's a balance of life. It is a challenging thing. That's where I'm at right now. The Lord is leading and crafting me to evangelizing this next generation.

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