Keron Jackson Story

  I believe every Christian goes through something; there are thousands of non-Christians that go through the same things.

The only difference between us and them is that the problems we face are not larger than the God we serve.  I am a witness for the Bible. You are a witness for the Bible. 

If there was a new Bible written today, would you allow your personal testimony to be in the Bible? The things that help us the most are personal testimonies. Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Ruth, and Noah had personal testimonies. We all have personal testimonies. Well, my personal testimony starts with actually being homeless and living in a car. I did have a friend named Kevin Hallenburg who was an educator. He was one of those individuals that asked too many questions, and who gets into your business. 

He realized that I was homeless, and he told me about a school called Panola College. Now I thought who wants to go to college? I don’t want to go to college. Well, Panola College had an awesome thing called a cafeteria.  I did not get to my present size by not eating. So it was either to live in a car or go to this college that had a cafeteria.

Well, I went and auditioned. Oh yes, they were white people. My audition went something like this, “Romeo, Oh Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo?” And he said, “Young man, are you aware that you are reading the wrong part?” But he still gave me a scholarship to Panola Junior College. Well, Kevin Hallenburg called and said, “Hey, there’s this kid you should help out.” 

He asked if I wanted to move into his home with him and his wife. I moved into their home, and at this time, I was walking around with blinders on.  I didn’t care what happened in my life, but I’ll get to that later.

After I moved in with them, they introduced me to John Cane. Now John Cane was a great guy, and a great spiritual man of God, and He gave me a yard mowing job. Now, I did grow up in the projects, and we didn’t cut grass in the projects so when someone tells me to cut grass and you’re like “Sure, I’ll cut grass,” they’re like “cut in the square.” Well, that same day, he invited me to Central Baptist Church, and I thought church smurch, who wants to go to church. I didn’t want to go to church. I have blamed God for everything that had happened in my life. God and I were not on good terms. But if you’re not cutting grass that well and your boss asks you to go to church, you go to church! So I went to church and I was adopted by Sunday school class number twenty three as a project. I went from having no loved ones, and no one that I felt cared about me to having these twenty sets of people who cared in a very, very small town of Carthage, Texas. I was afraid to do anything wrong because I could lose their love.

Well, I believe that every church has a crazy lady. You probably believe the same thing. But at this church, the crazy lady was Lily Marshall, who is absolutely a stone cold fox: an awesome, awesome lady. However, I soon found that she was just the best person that ever walked the planet. She would come up to the dormitory and hang out, and we’d go get something to eat. Once again, I did not get this heavy by not eating.  One day I said, “Hey, what’s going on out here? Y’all trying to fatten me up to kill me later?” and she said, “No, we are Christians, this is what we do.”

That concept changed my whole life. It seemed like a very foreign concept for someone to love me and not expect something back in return.  I didn’t understand that type of love. Just to love someone as Christ loved them. Well, Dr. Bill was the pastor of the church at this time and he would say, “Keron, have you let God talk to you today?” I thought to myself, “What is He going to say? Do you want a hamburger? Do you want to go to Micky D’s?” “Well,” he said, “In order for God to talk to you, you have to read your Bible.” So I started reading my Bible. I started reading the gospels. I read all about Jesus Christ that everyone talked about, and I’m paraphrasing here at this point in time. But Jesus was born at a very bad time. King Herod heard that a king was to be born, and he had baby boys killed. Mary and Joseph were on the run. They didn’t have any money for an inn. Jesus was born out in a stable with the animals. I know people sing, “Away in a manger, no crib for a bed.” That really isn’t a happy song. Jesus was born in a stable that housed animals.Well, this was serious to me and my relationship with Jesus Christ.

My dad didn’t want me to be born. He wanted my mom to have an abortion. They had physical fights, and she came home and had me and here I am today. Well, I’m looking at the Bible and I’m reading the gospel and I’m thinking about Jesus being born in a stable and comparing that to my own life.

We know that Joseph died, While Jesus was on the cross, He said, “Woman, behold your son!” Then He said to the disciple, “Behold your mother” (John 19:26-27). Jesus was instructing John to take care of His mother. Thus, we can assume that Joseph was dead. Well, I definitely had to help take care of my mom and my sister. I’m reading things for face value. Jesus was on a mountain top with all the riches of the world and everything that goes along with that. I’ve been tempted. Jesus had a friend that died (Lazarus); right (John 11:1-44)? I had a friend that was murdered. Jesus wept for his friend. I definitely wept for my friend. It finally dawned on me that this Jesus that everyone talks about is not far away. When I pray, He understands me. He’s not behind a veil or a wall. Jesus is right there. So the following Sunday, not only did I join the church but I gave my life to Christ and was saved. That’s really the end of the story, that I got saved. We will have different trials and tribulations in this world. We all have a hope, and we know that Jesus is with us.

Well, there’s a little extra part of this story. There’s another woman. She was short and had red hair. She was the organist at the church in Carthage, Texas, and worked for the president of the University. While talking with the president she said, “Hey, there’s this kid named Keron Jackson, you should have him do something at our church.” So here I am walking across campus, and I hear her say, “Would you like to sing a song at my church?” I said, “No, I do not sing.” So, she went back to the president and said, “He doesn’t want to sing.” The president said, “Go get him to do something at the church! Read a scripture or something.” So as I was walking across campus again, the lady approached me and said, “Would you like to learn how to sing a song at my church?” I said, “No!” and then she said the magic words, “I’ll make you a sandwich.”

Funny story, the first song that she taught me to sing was Amazing Grace; an extraordinary, wonderful and powerful song.  Well, I’m very clever so I would mix one song with other songs that I had heard on the radio. I’d just throw the name Jesus in there, right? So here we are at the church, and she wants me to sing Amazing Grace. I actually got off into other songs and she thinks, where is he going? When I sang the song, I forgot what key it was in, and it was awful. And the ladies of the church said, “You are helping out the community again.” She and her husband thought that I really did have a gift from God that  needed to be nurtured, and loved, and taken care of. So she made me a ton of sandwiches, and I was at her house all the time and the way I would repay them was by singing at her church. We would get tons of music books; I would sing a song at their church, whatever her husband wanted. But he bought books that had little triangles. He would bring out books and say, “Learn this song.” And I would learn all of the songs and I would sing them at their church.

She and her husband drove me to Baylor University where I sang an Italian song and another song. After my audition, I was accepted to Baylor University where I graduated. Amen? I felt the hand of God on my life. God’s grace is ever present in my life.

At another time on the way to Carthage, Texas, the devil was in my passenger seat; and he was telling me no one loves you, no one cares for you, why not take your hands off the wheel and run off the bridge. No one will even know what you’ve done. To me that sounded like a great idea. I had blamed God for everything in my life. I blamed Him for being homeless. I had blamed Him for the abuse. I had blamed Him for my parents being on drugs. God was supposed to take care of children. Where was God? I took my hands off the wheel.  On the opposite side of the freeway, there was a tire, and I hit this tire in the middle of the road, and my natural reaction was to jerk the car. Later I ended up safely in Carthage, Texas, and I know that tire was from God even when I didn’t know God, and didn’t have any hope, God still had a plan for my life during the darkest times and that was pretty much it. I didn’t know why I was put on this earth. My parents didn’t love me, no one cared about me.  I didn’t know why, and praise the Lord; I know I’m supposed to do the will of the Father. I came to Christ as I was and this is who I am today. Amen? I give God the praise?


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