Ken Sippola Story

My name is Kenneth Sippola and I work as an equipment operator for Ralston Foods. We manufacture store brand products. I am 28 years old and this is my testimony.

I was born and raised in a Christian home. I officially made Jesus my personal Lord and Savior and was baptized at 10 years old.

Due to various reasons, I didn’t mature spiritually and was in and out of fellowship with the Lord and the body of Christ. Having a child at the age of 16 as a result of peer pressure was one of these reasons. I never stopped believing in God; I never stopped believing in Jesus Christ. I just kind of went on and did my own thing.

I decided to leave school and start working right away.  At the age of 19 I decided to get married, primarily to provide stability for my daughter. During this time I found a Spirit Filled church and was baptized in the Holy Ghost. I was very excited and on fire being able to speak in tongues. I testified unashamedly to those that I could.

My wife at the time was very unsupportive and deemed all this a cult, which started to create serious issues in my marriage. This obviously took its toll and there was a choice to be made. I decided to back away from the charismatic way of life and found a church that we both could attend. That didn’t work out either, as compromise rarely does. I was spiritually starved and she still had nothing to do with church.

My marriage was on a quick downward spiral except the fact that I had a second child. I lost overtime at work. I lost extra toys and my marriage. I was moving between friends' houses, sleeping on my mother’s couch, and felt I had nowhere to turn.

One evening, while working my night job as a bouncer at a local bar, I had an out of body experience that changed my life forever. I died and experienced a taste of hell. I thought the Lord came and I’d got caught in the wrong time, wrong place.  The crushing hands of eternal damnation were manipulating my spirit in such a painful and horrifying manner.

I could feel claws just ripping me apart, tearing me down. The pain wasn't just physical, but mental. I felt every anger, every depression... everything flowing through me both emotionally and physically. During the tumultuous experience I was granted the honor of feeling the very love of Christ.

He showed me how much He loved me, and then I knew why He laid His life down. I fought and relied on that love of Christ for me to get out of that mess. I felt as one with Jesus so much than words can explain. With this reliance on His love for me and the use of scripture, I came out of that darkness and entered into what I knew to be the new streets of Jerusalem.

I fell on the ground and felt the Master's hands on my back. All pain was instantly gone. It vanished immediately and I was consumed with warmth and peace. The devil came for my life but the gracious hand of the Father spared me. Jesus then became the very center of my life.

I went to the same Spirit Filled church that I was first baptized in the Holy Ghost and got that spiritual pump running again! I met my best friend and now wife at this church. I got my good job back. The Lord saved my car from getting repossessed. I was promoted to the youth leader at my church.

I am also a part of the worship team where I play a variety of instruments. I have a music ministry called Joyful Noise with a couple of friends. The Lord arranges for us to go to various churches and FGBMFA events in our area to usher His beloved people into His presence by the way of worship and music. I also have the privilege to be the secretary of the FGBMFA chapter and I am also currently assisting Phil Harrison, president of said chapter, in starting a Joshua chapter in Reno, Nevada.

I wake up every morning proclaiming, “I am not my own but bought with a price. The life I live now is solely by faith in His grace!” Amen

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