Keith Miller


Sid Roth: Hello, I'm here with Keith Miller. Keith was raised in a non-Christian, a nothing home. He had no foundation and no interest in Jesus. He found himself married and his wife critically ill. He's driving his car. He thinks he's alone, but he is not. What happened?

Keith Miller: Well, I started praying because we received bad news for my wife, and that she had a disease that could not be cured. There was no cure for it. And at that time, my wife and my boys were the most important thing to me.

Sid: So why did you pray?

Keith: You know it is kind of crazy. I did not know, really, a reason why. I just knew to pray and I just said a simple prayer. I just went, "Hey, God, how about healing my wife?"

Sid: That is simple.

Keith: Yeah, but what happened next was amazing because I heard audibly, "Okay, I will."

Sid: I bet you were scared.

Keith: I actually slammed on the brakes, pulled over on the side of the highway, jumped out on my pickup, and looked around. I had an extended cab so I wouldn't see if somebody was in the back. Nobody was there. I am shaking and got back in my truck. Then I heard this statement, "But where am I the rest of the time in your life?" At that point I just began to see my life - how hurt, and bitter, and empty I was. I just began to cry, and I hadn't cried in years. I cried all the way home. I got home, and called my wife. She was already at the doctor to go in for treatment. I called the doctor, got her on the phone, I said, "Hey, what is going on?" She said, "You are not going to believe it. They said it was a mistake. I am just fine." So right there, I hung up the phone, bent down on my knees, and said, "Okay, Jesus. I do not know how to do this thing. But if you are real, here I am. I give you my life, and I got born again."
Sid: Did you seek God?

Keith: I did. I just opened up the Scripture, and one of the things I have read about was somebody named Holy Spirit.

Sid: When you asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit, did you have any sort of experience?

Keith: I did, it was amazing. It was so awesome. I did not raise my voice. I just talked in a soft whisper for three weeks after that, because it was such a profound encounter. I did not want to lose what I had received.

Sid: So in 1994, you are minding your own business watching television, and you saw something that really attracted you.

Keith: I did, because during that time when I received the Holy Spirit I had reoccurring visions. One of the things I kept seeing myself was praying for the sick. I didn't know anything for that. I mean, I just saw myself praying for the sick, and these are the early days of when I was raw, first born again. Several years passed and I had not seen that. So I am watching TV, and I see this little boy. I will never forget, because this little boy said, "They make fun of me at school. They laughed at me because I couldn't run, but God just healed me." He went running across the platform, and the mom was crying, the dad was crying, the minister was crying, and I was crying. I was going, "That is what I want right there, Lord."

Sid: Then shortly thereafter, you found yourself on the back row of the church.

Keith Miller says ALWAYS ask God for more-never live to the minimum.

Keith: I did. It was amazing. I actually said, "Lord, I come for an impartation. I want the anointing." I am tired of people coming to the altar and leaving the same way they came. We see people respond and come forward, but they leave the same way they come. Something has got to change. In Acts 1:8, the Word promises power, and I want that power. All of a sudden, I felt first of all somebody touched the back of my neck. I said, "What?" Then I turned around, but I was in the last row. There was nobody behind me. So I immediately closed my eyes, and all of a sudden there was like a drenching of oil came upon me, and I knew the Lord had granted me an anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Sid: After this impartation of oil, everything dramatically changed. Tell me about it, the area you went to in Albuquerque, New Mexico called 'The War Zone.'

Keith: That is right. Yes, they invited me to come into this little church at a really small congregation in what they call 'the war zone.’ In fact, the pastor actually carried a gun with him, because he had several people killed in his parking lot. So I went there and started preaching and ministering, and the Lord-- I literally healed this man. It was amazing, because the man had been in this head-on collision that nearly crushed one whole side of his face. He literally hit the floor, and when he jumped up his face had been completely rearranged, and he was completely, one hundred percent healed.

Sid: For some reason, a lot of New Agers were in that area of the country, and they came to your meetings. What effect did that have on them?

Keith: They did come, because they heard of the signs and the wonders. It was a draw, and so when they heard about the different people that are being healed and so forth, one of the main teachers came. And when I prayed for her, she hit the floor and was completely set free. I stood her up, led her to Jesus, and she got wonderfully born-again.

Sid: Did that have an impact on other New Agers?

Keith: It did, every night. It was amazing because the meetings were growing and growing and growing. I was thinking, "Where are all these people coming from?" Well she had gone back, and she started inviting all her New Age classes every night to come. In fact, even after the revival stopped for five years, she taught Bible there in the New Age community, leading people to Jesus.

Keith: I still, to this day thirty years later, pinch myself because of the goodness of God. It is like the best of the best, and what He did in my life-- even receiving the anointing, I realized that it wasn't who I was, but it's who He is. And as the Bible said, He is no respecter of people. He can do the same thing for anyone.

Sid: Well, Keith received a revelation from God through three supernatural encounters. 


Keith's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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