Justin Mefford


   I'm Justin Mefford, from Solomons Island, Maryland, and I'm twenty-two years old. I went to Patuxent High School, and then to Union College. I started out in a church-based life, going to church almost every Sunday. I thought it was okay and was part of Full Gospel since I was about six-years-old. I don't remember the exact age when I was saved, but I do remember going to church with my mom and dad; getting down on my knees and crying, just trying to leave it all there at the altar.

   Later on, as I got older, I was at a Full Gospel meeting in Maryland, Bobby Bassler was there, and was praying with me. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues. I got older and continued to play sports in school, a good student, and made good grades. Everything couldn't be better, but I had an issue with being rebellious, and not following the rules. I wanted to make my own rules.

   So, right before high school ended, I moved out. I got in with the wrong crowd, with the wrong people, smoking weed, getting high, and drinking. I figured out how to cope with life. I guess. From there, it didn't take, but about nine months out of high school, that I did graduated. I was driving, and overdosed on cocaine. I had a heart attack and called 911; the police came and I went to the hospital. The next day, when I was released, I walked back home. I called my grandpa, Jim Priddy, and he mentioned Teen Challenge.

I was wanting to go. He took me there a couple days later; and joined Teen Challenge, which is a rehab program. I was doing good, and everything was going well. It's a great Christian-based rehab program. This one's a little capitalized about the value they get over.

   Three months into the program, I told myself, "I can't do this anymore." I actually walked about 65 miles back home to my mom and dad. We had a good talk, and they took me back to rehab. . My punishment up there was carrying about forty pounds of cinder blocks for thirty days. Then I read and transcribed the entire New Testament of the Bible. I still have that manuscript.

   During my seventh month, we learned about structuring our lives. The leaders were leading us in the right direction. I didn't have any real structure, I thought it was my time to go, but it was nearly my big mistake, I was worse because we take all that time and build a foundation in our relationship with Him. We started there by spending an hour of time writing, reading, and listening to all these different Pastors come in and talk about God. It was unbelievable.

I decided to leave and figured out how get back to my hometown in Solomons Island, Maryland. I got back there and within a week, I had a job. Thirty days later, I had a car and took over the painting salon. I had a place to stay and the next three months go by. I got hit by a car while walking across the street to my job.

   Once at the hospital, I was put in traction after tearing all the ligaments in my lower back. I was on Facebook one day, and saw a warrant for my arrest, from my everyday snort of cocaine. I lost the court case for being a challenged teen. I called my lawyer because I didn't know if I was supposed to go turn myself into jail, I’ve been there before. I called him and took care of everything, so I didn't have to go to jail; I actually end up losing my job. My first job because I got hit by a car, and they decided to let me go.

   My lawyer knew a guy that would hire me; so I was able to get a new job. I went to trial a couple of months later. I plead guilty to Collin McCought on my possession charges of cocaine. It's supposed to be four years, but I did only eight days instead of eighteen months. It was a big deal, and then a court order put me into a program. I was the first person to finish the program early. I was sentenced to three years’ probation and was able to get out of that in nine months.  

I moved out of the place that I was living in. I started living with a friend and got him into the car business. I didn't know anything about the cars and said I'm literally selling cars and ensuring people are getting paid when the car lots open. I didn't know anything. It's a rough business. I started getting an idea of what's going on, and it's a very competitive business. I was a part of it, and thought the competition would put me out of a job, and that was every day. I had the long-term theory of how we got to this. After two weeks without selling some cars, I would be out of a job. I wasn't doing something right.  

   But right now, I'm actually on a job in the car business. I have tried to accept it, take a breath and try to see what God is teaching me, and what He has opened for me. I was not the most active member while going to a single church. I would get a call from God at the rudest times.

   I'm just sharing my testimony, telling what I've been through. I don't regret anything I've ever done. If I could go back and make my life perfect, I would. The decisions I've made, I learned that God's always there for me. He always got my back.


Justin's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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