Joshua Massey Story

JoshuaMasseyMy name is Joshua Massey and I would like to tell you my story. I am the Vice President of a Software Development at Xpressdocs Holdings, Inc.

This is a marketing solutions company where I manage a team of software developers, architects, business analysts, project managers and QA specialists. They are spread between Fort Worth, Texas, Hyderabad, India, and Nikolaev, Ukraine.


From a young age, I struggled with my parents and didn’t understand why.  I heard them say we were a Christian family and saw them really help people in need. But how they treated each other behind closed doors stirred up so much fighting and silence that it caused much confusion and anger in me. I was a young boy caught in the middle.  Then Dad took a job working weekends and thus began the immediate decline in our church life.  Manipulation, fighting, and silence overshadowed every moment of laughter.  By twelve years old, I was already growing in resentment and independence.  By fourteen, I was sneaking out of the house and mixing in with a local gang.  My anger mixed with the genuine desire for real family consumed me and without spiritual guidance or mentoring on truth, I was very lost and empty.  My drive kept me making high grades in school, and even winning awards.  I was able to hide what I was becoming.  I began rejecting those who cared about me most. I was nearly killed multiple times and became sexually active without a real clue of the consequences.  At fifteen, I found myself in a situation that sent shockwaves through my life ... it looked like I’d gotten my girlfriend pregnant. “WOW!”  I was found out, at least at some level. 

Along the way I found myself at a small country Pentecostal church where an evangelistic, people-loving pastor shared about Jesus with me.  I was filled with much fear. What I now understand is, conviction of sin plus lots of skepticism causes a person to question on whether God really existed or cared for me.  One day, I mustered up enough faith to actually kneel at an altar and seek out a “deal” with God… saying, “If He was listening and cared, I would serve Him the rest of my life if He would not let this girl be pregnant.”  Believe it or not, within a week or two, we found out she was NOT pregnant. I had experienced my first miracle and was now faced with a decision, “Would I keep my word to God?” 

Well, hypocrisy and not keeping one’s word was on the top of my list for resenting people.  How could I do the very thing I’d come to hate so much? I had very little discipleship at the time; I began pulling away from the crazy life a little at a time, the best way I knew.  I kept doing well in school, graduated with honors, and set off for Junior College.  That girl that we thought was pregnant ended up giving her own heart to Christ. After graduating with my first degree, we got married and moved away, in June 1998. 

After separating ourselves from all the old non-life-giving influences, things began changing for us.  God led us to a great church family. We both had good jobs, and I was in college working on my second degree. But something was still missing.  We knew Jesus, but still had lots of unhealed, unresolved issues and hurts, which, in me, led to anger.   We didn’t seem to have real overcoming power and freedom.  Then the Lord led us out with this pastor to pioneer a new mission-minded church.  Along the way we were baptized in the Holy Spirit, and empowered to be true witnesses of Jesus.  Then in October 2004, I received the revelation of son ship, feeling like a real son for the first time in my life.  Everything began changing with how I saw life and people.  My heavenly Father enabled me to lead many people to Christ. I was training others to do the same and began really giving away the Father’s love to everyone. My heavenly Father poured into me much truth in His Word with a passion to tell others.

Then in 2007, He stirred my heart for pastors and unity in the Body.  He gave me a clear word of direction to go back to Ennis, where we grew up and unite pastors, crossing race, and denomination lines, with city and business leaders.  At the same time, He stirred my bride’s heart to move back to where we grew up to mentor our nieces.  So, we transitioned out of all our ministry roles and obeyed God.   We got back to Ennis in January 2008 and started our missions.   Since then we are seeing pastoral relationships across racial, social, and denominational lines growing every month.  We are seeing the city transformed in front of us with our heavenly Father having raised up a saved mayor, city manager, school superintendent, hospital CEO, city economic director, fire chief, police chief, and other business leaders.   Just recently our heavenly Father gave me a clear word that He was sending a revival to Ennis by way of His kids rejecting sin and sharing His truth with others.  He showed me little flames of the Holy Spirit that He would ignite with each sharing and together a wild fire of His would break out. God has been stirring united intercessory prayer across Ennis for over thirty years, for God to send a revival to our city.  

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