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Joseph Danie lMayJoseph Daniel May

How the Lord drew us into the Kingdom.

My name is Joseph Daniel May, and I am a retired professional photographer. I would like to tell you my story. I grew up in a large family of seven children that regularly went to church. Our family did not serve the Lord.

I had an experience with the Lord at the age of thirteen, but it didn't last long. Not only did I have a hard row to hoe with two older brothers and two older sisters, but due to additional harassment over my new found faith from siblings and friends. I felt myself slipping back into the world. I prayed very fervently over a period of several weeks, "Lord, even if I abandon You, please don't abandon me. I don't want to spend eternity in hell; I want to spend eternity with You." And then I gradually slipped back into my previous lifestyle.

At the age of twenty-two, I embraced Catholicism and seriously practiced that faith for sixteen years. I eventually grew disillusioned with Catholicism and drifted into New Age and occultism for another sixteen years. In my thirties and forties, I actually came to believe in reincarnation as I began to accept Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam as equal to Christianity and Judaism.

During those years, I met my current wife who was also seeking spiritual meaning in New Age and occultism. It seems as though the Lord was merely waiting for our marriage before He answered my teenage prayer.

I was 53 years old and Lory 34 when we married in July 1983. We bought a new television set and erected a tall rotary antenna outside of our home in Hampton, Virginia. It received stations from all over most of Virginia, North Carolina, and as far away as Baltimore, Maryland. The only problem was that the stations were all out of focus.

Then we discovered a most bizarre phenomenon. At 5:30 every evening, the TV would gradually begin to focus. By 6:00 p.m. it would be in sharp focus. We would watch the local and national news. At 7:00 p.m., the TV would drift out of focus again.

I took the TV to a dealer and asked him to it. The dealer kept the TV for two weeks. He called one day and told me, "Come get your TV. We watched different channels all day long for two weeks. It has never gone out of focus. There's nothing wrong with your TV." I took the TV home, and it immediately went out of focus.

Joseph Daniel May at the State Fair of TexasQuite accidentally, since we never watched religious programs, we discovered that preaching services on Sunday mornings were all in sharp focus. As soon as the preaching was over, the TV would drift out of focus again. We made a joke about it: "It appears that God doesn't want us watching anything on television but the news and religion." We didn't realize how true that was.

Since both of us worked during the day, the problem didn't bother us too much except later in the evenings when there was a show we particularly wanted to watch. But the next peculiar thing we discovered was that Channel 27 of Pat Robertson's Seven Hundred Club out of Portsmouth, Virginia, was always in sharp focus except when Jimmy and Tammy Bakker were on. That was several years before Jimmy and Tammy fell from grace in 1987.

From the 700 Club, Lory discovered Rabbi Sid Roth had a daily radio broadcast from Baltimore, Maryland. She sent Sid a note asking if he knew of a synagogue in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia that would accept a couple who believed that Jesus might truly be the Messiah. Sid called Rabbi Joseph Rosenfarb of the Beth Messiah Synagogue in Virginia Beach. Rabbi Rosenfarb called and invited us to the service on Friday evening. We attended the service, and it was like coming home to the Lord! On the way home, we compared notes and discovered that we had privately dedicated the rest of our lives to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our new television set continued to achieve sharp focus every evening for the news and for preaching on Sundays, then drift out of focus again. Over the next two weeks, we dedicated our lives to serve the Lord. The TV gradually grew sharper daily. By the end of two weeks, it remained in sharp focus and never went out of focus again. We realized that the Lord had used our television set to answer the prayer that I had prayed for salvation at the tender age of thirteen. Lory often reminds me that, from the age of thirteen to fifty-three, I walked in the wilderness for forty years.

I should have mentioned before that in addition to a sick television set; we were afflicted with deadly illnesses when we came to the Lord in April 1984. I suffered from emphysema with a prognosis of death within three or four years. Lory struggled with an unusually brutal affliction of hypoglycemia and severe food allergies. In another nine months after coming to the Lord, Pat Robertson prayed for me on Thursday evening, December the sixth, 1984. I was totally healed, and I have not had a serious illness in thirty-two years. The very next evening on December seventh, we attended a Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship dinner at which the speaker was Gary Boritz from Idaho who had a healing ministry. He prayed for Lory, and she was totally healed. Thank God for how He uses the Seven Hundred Club and the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship.

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