John Ramirez

JohnRamirez   John Ramirez was a high-ranking satanic priest and God literally plucked him from the fire. He learned fear is the devil’s number one weapon.

   Pastor: I'd like to introduce you to a young man who is a member of Time Square Church. He was a high-ranking satanic priest and led satanic worship in New York City. He is on the security force at this church. I was so moved by his testimony. I'm going to give him ten minutes to tell the congregation how Christ came to him in a dream and delivered and set him free from a demon possessed life.

   John Ramirez: Father God in heaven I come before You giving you my worship and praise. Thank You for this opportunity to share what you've done in my life in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

   I was a very high-ranking satanic priest practicing witchcraft. I opposed the church. I came against the Christian church and came against weak Christians to bring them to the dark side. I brought family members of households into witchcraft. I started practicing witchcraft at the age of twelve years old and walked on the dark side. At the age of thirty-three I sold my soul to the devil. I signed a blood contract with the devil to oppose the church. I opposed anyone who talked about Jesus to me. For twenty-five years I wasn't able to share Jesus Christ. I tried to say the name Jesus. All I could say was god, god, god, but it wasn't God the Father. It was who the enemy was. The devil took control of my life in the workplace, and I went from place to place from club to club searching for converts. I tried going to the church and told people that God wasn't real and they needed to come to where I was and to see the true reality and find out how their life could be better and how their life could be more powerful, make more money, be famous, and receive all these things.

   But it wasn't Christ that I give to you. It was the devil and I had a small contract with the devil to come and oppose not only the church but recruited teenagers to the dark side because I needed someone for the next generation to continue practicing witchcraft and serving the dark side. I even sold my daughter to the dark side. What I didn't finish, she would finish. I would show her all the tricks and secrets that she needed to know. I would pass the baton to her.

   Parents you need to be very careful who your children hang out with, and who your children spend time with. That’s because at the age of twelve I came into Santeria and became a high priest moving up the ranks and served the dark side from age of twelve to thirty-five. I would get them to question their belief in Christ. I would meet them in clubs, the workplace, and would discredit them with doubt and unbelief, and get in their mind. I would talk with them and have them read about the satanic ceremonies.

   I had spent $70,000 back then in buying human remains and buying animals and killing animals for the blood and drinking the blood in a dangerous game for more powerful and controlling regions. I controlled the region of the Bronx and nothing happened to Bronx in the spiritual realm unless I said so. At one time I started to visit a church and I started going to church and thought it was a humorous because I wanted to mock God. But the Bible says God can't be mocked. You reap what you sow, and I kept visiting church but God was setting me up.

   That's when God came into my life. Amen, Alleluia Jesus He worthy. He kept setting me up and I kept going to church but then after church, at nighttime, I would go to the Demonic Church and do something demonic. But I would go back to the Christian church, and one day I visited the church without even thinking about it. Demon started manifesting and I grabbed the pastor by the throat, and I picked him up in the air. Men came to his aid and they tried to grab me and hold me down, but were thrown to the side like rag dolls. It looked like a movie scene. I had no control over what was happening. I was embarrassed for the first time and when I came back it happened again. I thought this Christian stuff was not working for me. I don't want anything to do with God. I don't want God in my life. I denounce Christ. I don't want this situation. I don't want to be saved. I'm going to serve the dark side until whatever happens, happens. Christ can do nothing for me because there's no power. I’ll serve the devil. This kept going on and I got to a point that I laid in my bed calling out to God. I was so exhausted. I had an insurance policy. I thought maybe I'd take my life and I get my golden insurance policy and just die.

   But God was tugging on me from one side to the other side. I knew that I was falling in love with Jesus, but I was acting like no it can't happen because I've been committed for over twenty-five years to Satan. I would be a traitor? I knew they would kill me and even though in my dream I went to bed. Before I went to bed I said, "I denounce Christ.
   I don't want anything to do with Jesus. I don't want you in my life anymore. Don't bother me. I'm not going back to church. I don't want to hear another preacher. I don't want another sermon. I don't want to pray. I don't know how to pray anyway, so that's good." This is what I was saying and something was placed in my heart before I close my eyes. God is merciful, HalleluYAH Jesus. When I closed my eyes I said, "Lord in my ignorance if you're not bigger than the devil, I serve him. So please back off and leave me alone. I am controlling regions. I summon the sorcerers. I'm controlling people in the family.

John Ramirez was a high-ranking, satanic priest...

   I was making ten to fifteen thousand dollars a week. I came through the demonic ranks of witchcraft and could cast spells. I had a lot of money because that's how the enemy works.  

   And now when I went to bed that night, I closed my eyes and I'm not going to serve You Lord Jesus. I don't know what to call You anymore. I'm not going to serve You, but if you’re bigger than who I serve which is the devil, show up in my dream tonight and You show me that you’re bigger and then I will serve You. God showed up in my dream. I was on a train heading to hell. The train was packed with people and we were headed to hell. The train was going mighty fast. It looked like rush hour in my dream, and I saw the devil. He said, “I’ll give you money. I’ll give you this and power over the regions. I made the third rank in New York City to control and to dominate people’s minds and bring people to the dark side. You're not going to leave me, and you're not going to wake up out from this dream. I'm going to take you straight to hell where all these people are going. And out of the clear blue, there's a three foot cross in my hands. He knelt. He became more furious and angrier saying, "If you think that I'm going to give up your soul after you sold it to me, you must be kidding. I'm going to own you and you're coming where I'm going." And again the cross appeared in my hand. I never read the Bible in my entire life and I’m holding a three foot cross. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and this cross appear in my hand. I woke up from the dream and said, "God, now I will serve You because I know that you're an awesome God and now denounce witchcraft; I denounce the position that I have. I denounce everything of Satan's and I give everything away to Jesus. I'm sold out for Christ, and I am now a follower of Jesus Christ.

   I would like to end with a story. I was on the sixth train not too long ago, and I was sitting next to a young girl. Four witches got on the train, three men, and one woman. They were seducing this young girl on the train. They manifested a seducing spirit and God said, "I saved you for My purpose. Speak! And start calling out the demons by name in my authority. As I started to speak, the glory of God showed up on the number six train. And in the end they said, "Don't talk to no one. Don't look at no one because you will expose our secrets and lies." They had to get off the train because the light was too bright.

   The young girl that was sitting next to me was shaking and said, "Oh my God. I can’t believe what just happened. I have only been a Christian for a week, and I didn't know what was happening.”

   I said, "But God is so good that He loved and came for you."

   As I spoke the word of the Lord, I've been touched two times by the Holy Spirit. That's why I serve the Lord until the day He calls me home. He saved me from hell, and the pastor said He saw God all over me. The pastor didn’t know anything about my past. But God said, "All things pass away. All things become new in Christ Jesus." I was made new in Christ.

John's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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