John Osteen

John Osteen   Facilitator: I believe this is your first visit to the Full Gospel Business Men’s Conference in Washington, D.C. and I am so glad that you are here. God bless you. In the old days and glad tidings, we use to say, "Let go and let God. Lose them and let them go." Praise God.

   Well, praise the Lord. I used to get around people like you and be scared to death. Now, I am just as happy and fanatical as you are.

   Now, to all you visitors here, maybe for the first time, do not get worried. We will let you out by midnight. All of those who have been here before know that we just get started about 9:30 or 10:00 PM. After all, it is only 8:30 in Houston anyway. We are here to enjoy the blessings of the Lord. It is a wonderful how even though you can get tired sitting in a service or maybe being there hours, when the Holy Ghost begins to move and God begins to bless, you know you forget all about being tired. Something supernatural begins to happen in your life. Is not that right?

Congregation: Yes. Amen.

   You know, I am nineteen years behind in my praising God and I try to catch up in every service. So, let us praise the Lord a little bit.

Congregation: Amen.

   Just lift up both hands to God and praise the Lord. Just praise Him in your own way.

[Congregation Praying]

   Praise the name of the Lord. Lord, we praise you tonight. [Praying in tongues]. Praise the wonderful name of Jesus. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Praise the wonderful name of Jesus. Glory be to God. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus.

Congregation: Praise God.

   I am glad to be here tonight. I have been thrilled by the hour with the testimonies and my soul has been fed. I did not know that I would be asked to speak when I came. I came because I felt led to come. Thank God you can be on the program with the Holy Ghost and not get on the program, and then you cannot be on it and get on it if the Lord wants you on it. Is not that right?

Congregation: Amen.

   I tell you, I have been on it and I never got close to the platform. They did not even know I was there because God began to move in the Holy Ghost in the meeting. Is it not wonderful for the Lord to exalt Jesus instead of some man? Is that not wonderful? They can always enjoy the Lord when the Spirit of God is moving and I am so glad I came. I have never been to this convention. I have been to several others but my heart has been challenged and thrilled. I hope it will not be the last time I get to come and enjoy the blessings of the Lord here.

   I heard a story about a little bird that was hatched out in a cage. It never did get out of the cage. It was hatched there in the cage. All of its life, it stayed inside that cage, but one day as it fluttered around inside that cage, some kind of something began to move inside of that little bird that said, "You are made to be out in bigger places than this cage." And so, he just followed the impulse of his heart and he spread out his wings. He began to look at them and wondered what they were. He felt like he ought to move them a little faster and he began to fly. It flew right against the side of the cage and it fell down. But something inside of him told him he was supposed to do more than sit and walk around in that cage. So, he flew again and he flew again and he flew again and nearly killed himself trying to obey the impulse in his heart that said, "You are made to be in a bigger place than a cage." One day, he just decided he could never get out of that cage and so, he just gave up but he never could get away from this impulse that said, "You are made for something bigger than a cage." One day, somebody opened the cage door and that little bird got out and they opened the window, and he got out to the heavens. I see him in my imagination as he begins to fly saying, "This is it. This is what I have been looking for. This is what I have been feeling all the time down in my heart. This is what I was made for, this wonderful air in the heavens. Well, I am one of those little Baptist birds that got out. Hallelujah.

   I was born in a cage. But all of my days that I was in my cage there was something down in me from the time I was saved to when God said, "You are made for more than a denominational cage. You were unintelligible and your love ought to flow out far greater than one sectarian denominational movement. I never could get away from the idea that there was more to serving Jesus than just being a denominational servant. Praise God. One day somebody opened the cage and this little Baptist bird got out. I am so happy I got out. I am so glad little Methodist birds are getting out. I am glad a few little Episcopalian birds are getting out. There are a few Catholic birds are getting out, and you know how the birds all get together and go south. They just team up. All of them come together and just start in streams down through the sky. Brother, we are headed for some place and we are getting together in Jesus' name. Can you say amen?

I thank God that I have received this wonderful experience of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. It is a miracle. I have been thrilled more and more tonight and during these days at the miracle of the Holy Ghost. Now it is not enough just to be saved. You need to get the baptism of the Holy Ghost. You say, "Well, bless God. I have got enough to go to heaven if I am saved." Yes, but bless God you are not in heaven, you are in earth! And you need to be serving the Lord down here, and you need the power of the Holy Ghost. I was over in a certain city in the south, I will not name it, but one of the main Church of Christ preachers got the baptism of the Holy Ghost and they locked him up in the house. They thought something was wrong with him. They thought he had lost his mind. So, they had him under strict observance. I was in the hotel. One day, I heard a knock at the door where I was holding a campaign. There was another knock at the door. I looked out and there stood a fellow. I did not know him. He said, "Brother Osteen?" I said, "Yes, sir." He just pushed in and closed the door. He said, "I am a Church of Christ preacher and I got the baptism, but I slipped out to come down here to see you and talk to you about the power of God." And he grabbed me and hugged me. It has to be the baptism for a Church of Christ pastor to hug a Baptist.

   So, he said, "Brother Osteen, the psychiatrist that they put me under has been coming to the campaign where you have been preaching, and he said he has been in there listening to you." And I said, "Well, what did he say?" He said, “Well, he came back the other day and I said, "Well, doc?" He said, "I do not know." He said, "All I can say is they all act and talk just like you do." Well, thank God we are beginning to act alike. Can you say amen?

   The Bible says, "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him. Never has there been a day when men's hearts are more desperate than the hour in which we live. The enemy has come and is coming in like a flood. I doubt that the stars make their stately march across the heavens and doubt that the moon gives its borrowed light, but do not doubt this that we are living in an hour when the enemy is making his last desperate bid for the souls of mankind. He is coming on every hand. Has there ever been a generation that lived in a generation such as this? Has there ever been an hour that you and I have ever read about in history that is more momentous than the hour in which we have lived in this very hour? Never has there been such distress of nations. Never has there been such mob violence and anarchy in any other generation. Never have nations been so upset and military men and scientists and government leaders so profoundly set aside in their wisdom. Never have men been more at their wit's end than in the hour in which we live. Anarchy rules the streets of the nations of the world. Men and women know not what to do. The flood of wickedness is on every hand. Here in America, we are amazed at what is happening. The enemy is coming in like a flood. But all praise God, the Spirit of the Lord is lifting up a standard against him. What is this that we are experiencing here tonight? What is this that is moving across the world? My dear friends, it is Jesus. I hear his stately footsteps. I hear the rustle of his garments. He is walking among his people. He is saying, "I have heard their cry. I know the situation and I have come down to deliver them." Are you not glad? Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Oh, you may not know what is wrong with me, but you will have to admit I am enjoying it. Praise God.

   I tell you, I was dignified long enough. The most dignified place in the world is the cemetery. And I tell you, I have decided to enjoy Jesus. Praise his wonderful name. One woman came to me in a meeting. She was in a theater-style meeting and she was a Baptist. She never felt anything like you feel here, and she just got scared and just keeled over. Just fell right out on the floor. She came up to me, that little Baptist woman and she said after the meeting, "Brother Osteen?" She said, "I fell out." I said, "No. You fell in. Hallelujah."

   Oh, it is a wonderful day to be alive! I do know before you get the baptism, before you start speaking in tongues, you start stammering. Da da da da da da da da. Ba ba ba ba and you know how that goes. They will call me on long-distance. This is the proof he may be here. I am telling the truth. This is how it went, long-distance. "Reverend John Osteen?" long distance I said, "This is John Osteen." Fellow down at the end said, "Bro-bro-bro-brother O-o-o-Osteen?" He said, “I-I-I am a M-m-m-Methodist and I would B-b-b-b-" I said, "Brother, I am going to hang up. You are getting high. Lift up your hands and start praising God." And I hung up. I never did know what happened to him. Until about a year and a half later I met him at the St. Louis Convention and he came up and he said, "Brother Osteen. I am the man that talked to you and I did get the baptism and sixteen others got the baptism and now I am the President of the Chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men.

   Oh, hallelujah! I realized as I stand here talking to you tonight about the Lord that many of you have driven many, many miles. You are desperate for God to be in your soul. But you’re not in the mood for being happy. You come desperate. You come in spite of criticism. You came in spite of all of the things that rise up to tell you, you are going to get into false doctrine. You come in spite of every warning of every intuition. You have been dealing with God in your soul. I realize tonight that you are sitting in this audience and you are here for help, and you are not here for child's play. We do not mean to mock your solemnity. We do not mean to mock your sobriety. We are just enjoying God, but we are aware that you are here and that you are desperate to find the power of God in your life. I will tell you, you are desperate tonight. This is the hour of desperation creeping across America and around the world. It is a worldwide revival, and you are part of that revival. You are willing to wrap your fingers in the garments of God and try not to be shaken off. You are willing to run up to the edge of time and leap off in the arms of God. You are willing to do anything. Here is what the Bible says about the power of God, and we want to help you tonight. When I preach sometimes, a lot of preachers get mad at me because they say, "Well, he does not even think I am saved. He does not think I love the Lord. He does not think I know anything about the Holy Ghost." Oh yes, I do. I think you are saved if you are washed in the blood. I think you are saved if you love Jesus, and I think you love him if you serve him sincerely with all of your heart. But we just want to share with you, what is the heritage of every Christian that Jesus ever did save. Can you say amen?

   I just want to share briefly my testimony. It would take about three hours to do that. I am not in a hurry. You just might as well make up your mind. I did not come up here to get in a hurry. I am not going to preach long but I am not going to rush.

   Some of you remember when they put me up at eleven o' clock in Tulsa, and we got out at two. I did not preach that long. They just stayed there to fellowship. Oh, do not look so serious. I am not going to speak that long. But you know it is good to share. Some of these men have heard me give my testimony so many times that if I drop dead, they would give it word for word just like I have given it before. Sometimes I get sort of embarrassed giving it, but I like to hear it again myself. It thrills me at what God has done for me. It happened several years ago, but it is just like it happened yesterday - Hallelujah!

   I was saved in 1939. I was coming home from a dance in South Fort Worth, Texas, having drained all the pleasures of the world out of the world and came home as a disillusioned young man, wondering about the things of God. My own brother who is a pastor of the Hughes Memorial Methodist Church here in Wheaton, Maryland, preached in the early days of my life as an evangelist. And God sent conviction to my soul, but I never did get saved. But it always lingered in my life, the great fear of God from his preaching in those days. I was not saved, but I was coming home from that dance and I got under such a spell or something, I began to think about God and about eternity. It was nothing more than the call of God to my soul. Thank God, he does not leave us in sin. Thank God he does not turn around and say, "I do not want you anymore." He will come to us and rescue us, and give us a chance to be saved. Is not that wonderful? Well, I tried to read the Bible, but I could not understand it. The natural man understandeth not the things of this God; neither can he know them for they are spiritually discerned. And I went to a friend of mine that had been witnessing to me, and I had been ashamed that I knew him because he always talked about Jesus. I did not want to have anything to do with Jesus nor Christian people, but when I got under this conviction, I called him. He said, "Well, you are under the conviction of sin." Well, I did not know what that meant. He said, "Will you come to church?" I said, "I sure will. I want to do something about this." I went to church and I walked down the aisle and I stood there and I gave the preacher my hand, and I gave my heart to Jesus. Somebody said, "You cannot get saved giving the preacher your hand. It is not what you do with your hand. It is what you do with your heart that really counts." Is not that right? I gave my heart to Jesus and he changed my life. It was wonderful. I passed from death unto life. I know I was saved. I know I became a child of God. There was not any question about it. I suddenly wanted to go to church. I wanted to be with Christian people. I wanted to serve God with all of my heart. I do not even remember when God called me to preach. I just got saved wanting to preach. I guess I had to preach whether I got called or not, because I wanted to tell about Jesus. I just felt His love in my heart, and I wanted to preach and share this.

   Well, I went to college and seminary. I am neither bragging nor complaining. That is what they told me I was supposed to do and so, I went to college and I graduated. I went to seminary and I graduated. I am out to try to be the best preacher that I could. I pastured Baptist churches in Texas for nearly nineteen or twenty years. But you know all of that time, as I began to search, and I began to preach, and I began to push in and do the best I could. I was not aware of this in my heart just like in the hearts of every preacher called by God in the world today. There is awareness without the Holy Ghost that there is something missing in our lives. God knows that. He cries about it. He weeps about it. He walks the aisles of his church about it. He calls to God about it. He knows it. Many a time I walked in the dead of the morning in my church. I walked up and down the aisle to that church praying and asking God to give me something down in my heart. I had always been taught that I had got it all, but I had to pray for more. My members would think about rededicating their life and asked me about more. I did not know what to tell them because I am seeking more, but I was preaching that they got it all when they got saved. That is a confusing mess. Did you know that? The preacher gets it all and then seeks something else yourself. I just spent years and years and years like that, trying to hold good revival meetings, won souls to Jesus the best I knew how, and got along that way, but as you grow older and God begins to move upon you, you begin to get desperate with the Lord.

   I remember how I sought and read the Bible and sought the Lord. I did not know I needed the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. That never crossed my mind at all to get mixed up with Pentecostals. I never dreamed of that, but I wanted the dignified of today's twentieth-century power of God. I do not know what I thought it would do to me, but I thought I ought to have it because I felt a lack down in my soul. Do you know I read in the Bible, I read about Peter, Paul, James, and John, and about the things of God? I remember how I said, “Oh my God, I wish we could have this today.” But every voice of every professor rose up to say it is not for today. Every voice of my denominational leadership rose up to say, “It has passed away and it is no good for today.” That was for the first church. That was for Peter, Paul, James, and John. After all, they had a hard time getting the church started. After all, we have an easier time today. We just got dope addiction, LSD, immorality, demon possession in the churches. You do not need that today. I tell you, my friends, it made my heart sink. I thought about the fact that we could not have these things in our lives today. I was a million miles down in the dark hole of tradition. I have been trained against this. I have been told it was not so. I have been told that we had got it all when we got saved. I have been told everything you have been told and a little bit more too because I have been trained to answer all the arguments to keep the Pentecostals from stealing my members. I wanted to protect them with all of my heart. Well, I was down in that dark hole of tradition; I was bound by a million chains. Somewhere I knew there was light. Somewhere I knew there was victory. Somewhere I knew there was more that I could not believe. I could not get out. I could not do anything about it. You say, “Brother Osteen, you could believe if you wanted to believe.” You cannot preach nineteen to twenty years against something, arguing against it, and snap your fingers and change overnight. Did you know that? You just cannot do it. You just got to wait and depend upon God.” I was down in that dark hole of tradition and I never would have gotten out if God had not come to my rescue.

   I remember how I got so discouraged in that Central Baptist Church in Baytown, Texas, where I had been nearly seven years, and we built a beautiful new expensive church. Do not get mad at me, Baptists. When Baptists do not know what else to do, they build a building. Did you know that? They build a building! And so, I just got so empty, I decided, “Well, this God, I will build a building.” That is something. Anyway, we built a beautiful building, and I was their pastor. They did not ask me to leave. Thank God, they did not ask me to leave. I got so discouraged. I said, “I do not know what in the world is missing in my life, but there is somebody better to pastor this church than me.” I was hungry. When I was preaching about trying to get more of God, our members would come down and rededicate their life and cry. I pat them on the back and say, “God bless you; I will pray for you.” This was the heart of our work in the church. Those little ordinary members looked up and said, “Well, I do not feel anything, but I know that good deacon has. He feels something.” But that good deacon, he said, “I do not feel anything, but I know the Chairman of the Deacons, he feels something.” The Chairman of the Deacons said, “I do not feel anything, but I know the pastor loves God. He is feeling something.” I studied and said, “I do not feel anything, but I know the President of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is feeling something.” I did not know he is up there walking around saying, “My God. I hope somebody feels something because I do not.”

   I tell you, brother, it is prevalent in the world today. One day, this preacher drove down there to see me, and he said, “Brother Osteen, I am past president of the Southern Baptist State Convention. Do not tell anybody I came to see you.” He said, “But I am just like a blind dog in a meat house."

   He said, “I can smell something, but I cannot see it and I am jumping and snapping.”

   Well, as far as I know, he is still smelling and snapping. He had not gotten anything yet. But he was hungry. But you know I got discouraged. I decided to quit. I decided I did not want to spend another twenty years in the condition I was in. I prayed, I cried, I sought the Lord. We had revival. I tell you, Baptists can have a revival. They can revive you to a rag. When you get to a Baptist revival, if you are not worn out, you have not been to the meeting. They have meetings every conceivable hour of the day and night. They moved into Southern California and one woman lived across the street from this new church and she watched them like bees. Going and coming and going and coming. About three months went by; they came over to ask her to join. She said, “Well, when you first came here, I thought I would. But I have been watching you, and I do not think I am physically able to belong to that church.”

   Well, that is the way it is with Baptists. I do not know about the rest of you. But you know I got sincerely discouraged in that situation. I did not want to be a hypocrite. I think the least we can do is not be a hypocrite. I knew that there is something missing in my devotion to God. I knew at times I would read the Bible and pray and seek God and then there would be periods of time that something left me. I just could not find or sustain in something. So, I left and went into the business world. I never did turn my back on God. Never did turn my back on the ministry. I said, “I will never pastor another church as long as I live.” I said, “I just feel like there is somebody better, more qualified, more spiritual, more dedicated than me. I will just get out and be a supply pastor.” I do not know, but one Sunday I miss supplying those Baptists. They go off on vacations, get sick or something would happen you know, and I would preach in their churches. I get up, speak up, shut up and just have little brief gospel message. That’s what I did. I did not have the responsibility of pasturing the flock. But while I was in the business world, I met men and women who did not know I was a Christian, that is, they did not know at the moment. You do not tell everybody as you pass them, “I am a Christian. I am a Christian.” You just meet them and they never know that you were in the ministry. I was utterly and completely dumbfounded at the condition of the spiritual life of people in the business world. I heard so much. I realized they are good people. I realized that they were dedicated people in the business world. I do not want to say that this is not true, but it just so happens that in our town of Houston, I was put in position to meet leaders of many denominational people who were businessmen or denominational leaders in various churches. I never saw them drinking or cursing. But one day I heard them curse and use the name of God in vain, and the next moment rise and pray the most fundamental prayer at a business luncheon. I was shocked to the very foundation of my soul. I said, “My God in heaven! Do these people think they are saved with their cocktail glasses, filthy stories, and using the name of God in vain?” I talked to a man one day after a long tirade of cursing in his office. I said, “I would like to talk to you about being a Christian.” He was insulted. Why? He said, “I will have you know I am a Christian, and I am the leader of the Deeper Spiritual Life in our denomination.” Think about it! In the darkest hour of human history, when men’s hearts are failing them for fear of things coming up on this world. When the world trembles on the brink of woe, my God is there! My God! It is enough to cry, “Gabriel. Sound the saddest note upon your trumpet and put the flag of heaven at half-mast.” In the darkest hour of human history, this is what has to face the march of communism and the march of the dark powers of hell.

   My heart was stirred, even though I did not know a thing about the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I was profoundly disturbed in my soul. I made up my mind. I said, “Dear God in heaven. I am ashamed of myself.” God spoke to me when I talked to Him about it. He said, “Look at you. You quit. You are out in the business world. You turned your back on seeking me. Now you quit. What are you doing about it?” I remember I made a resolve that no one in this world knew I made a commitment to God. Nobody could know how deep it was in my heart; because I love Jesus, and I felt that I ought to do something for this generation in which we live. Somebody said, “There are more people living in this generation than have died since Adam. Think of that. You talk about needing the power of the Holy Ghost. More people will live in our generation than all the people put together that have died since Adam. We are responsible for more people than all the other generations put together. Think about it. God is pouring out his spirit.

   I remember I made a decision down in my heart. I said, “Oh, God if you are to be found, if you are to be touched, if there is any power, I will set my heart to seek you once again as I have never sought you in all of my life." They were asking me to become pastor of Houston Memorial Baptist Church. I told them to look for a pastor, but when God began to deal with me, I went out, accepted that church on the provision that God would hear me when I called upon Him to pray. I did not know the Full Gospel Business Men were having meetings. I did not know that a great worldwide revival was on. I did not know that these things were happening, but I am sure that I found this experience because of men like you were praying. I was excited that you men gathered in the Promised Land of Houston, Texas, and touched my heart. Glory to God and God began to make me hungry for the power of the Lord like I never had been before.

   I told my church, “We are going to have prayer meeting. We are going to seek the Lord.” We started a prayer meeting with the deacons. It is still going on to this day and we began to seek the Lord. We prayed and we prayed and we prayed and we prayed and we prayed and we prayed and we prayed and we prayed and we prayed day by day, week by week. We prayed, we prayed, we prayed, we prayed, we prayed, we prayed, we prayed for the Sunday School, we prayed for the Training Union, we prayed for the Methodist, we prayed for everybody we could think of and still, we could not give up praying. I got discouraged more than equipped, but they got so revived, they would not let me quit. We just kept on the prayer meeting. I remember during those days I thought, “Well, what in the world is it that I need?” I was working at that time with an Assembly God preacher, and he was the biggest fanatic I ever saw in my life. He would say hallelujah right out in broad daylight.

   If I was riding with him in a car, it took him longer to say Praise God than any man I ever saw. He would say, "Praaaaaise!" I was down on the floorboard. He used to tell me about these things. I did not believe him. I thought he was a fanatic. I thought, "Well, I have been to college seminary. He has not." It insults most of us Baptists to think that anybody could teach us anything. Do not look so innocent. He used to say, "Oooooh Glory, Brother Osteen." I said, "What are you kicking your leg for?"

   He said, "Well, bless God. I just feel something."

   I said, "You mean to tell me that you really feel something in your flesh?" He said, "Glory to God." I tell you, since I got the baptism; I want to kick both of my legs at the same time. He used to tell me about these things. I tell you, he used to testify to me and testify to me. I did not believe him. I tell you two things happened that blasted me out of the dark hole of tradition. One was the birth of our little daughter, Lisa Kelly. She was born several years ago with birth injury. My wife is a nurse. She could tell it immediately. Are there any doctors or nurses here? Let me say to you that she had no power to suck. She never crawled. She had no muscle tone. She could not hold her head up. She was like a little bowl full of jelly. No muscle tone. Her little head fell back. You hold her by the back. No power to suck which means brain damage. I tell you I did not believe in divine healing any more than I believe Castro is on the moon. I just did not believe it. I thought they paid people to say they were sick and paid people to say they were well. I just believed that. I did not criticize them. I just thought that was the normal thing, that it was all a hoax. But you know, when it is your baby, it makes a difference. I remember I began to search the Bible and I said, "Oh God." I have always thought that sickness is a blessing from God. I got to find out now. You know if sickness is a blessing. You ought to pray for two cancers instead of one. If it is such a blessing, you ought to pray for your husband to get it. If it is such a blessing, you ought to pray for everybody to get it. If it is such a blessing, quit going to the doctor. If it is such a blessing, quit trying to get well. If sickness is of God, we ought to bomb every doctor and hang every nurse because they are fighting against the will of God. But I taught and preached that sickness was of God and we just ought to accept it, and God never did anything about it anymore. After all, He is the one that made us sick, but when you got a little daughter, that is never going to be normal, you are going to have a different attitude toward it. I said, "Dear Father, I preached about you. I am going to come to see what you have to say in the Bible about sickness, and I got to reading the Bible, and I found out over there where it says the devil made Job to have boils. I said boils. I know that is of the devil now. I put that down. If nothing else is of the devil, the devil gave Job boils; I got over to the New Testament. I found out that there was a woman was bent over and Jesus said the devil made her that way. I said, "Boils and bent backs." I got that. I know that two things of the devil. I got over there. He cast out a blind spirit. I said, "All right. Boils, bent backs, and blindness, I know those are of the devil." And I went on to and found out all these things the devil made happen, I found Acts 10:38 where it said, how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power, and he went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil. Every person Jesus healed was oppressed not of the Father, but of the devil. I found out it was the devil that came to steal and to kill, and to destroy my child's life. I will not hug it to thy bosom like a gift from God. I will not take that serpent and say God gave it to my baby. This is the work of the enemy. I saw it in the Bible. I said, "Now, Lord that I found that you did not do this, let me find out if you have done and made any promises about healing her." Do I just have to depend on the doctors? Thank God for them. We took her to a pediatrician and she told us, "You know the nature of her sickness." And so, I began to read the Bible and found out God gave his first promise to his redeemed people, "I am Jehovah Rapha, the Lord of that healeth thee." Nobody pushed God in the corner and says, "Tell us, tell us, and tell us what you are." God voluntarily said that to the human race."I am the Lord thy physician." I went on through the Bible and I heard the prophet say he was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities and with his stripes we are healed. I heard him say he was made, he surely, he hath born our sicknesses and carried our pains. I heard the prophet say, "The son of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings." One day I was reading the Psalms and saw David sitting on the side of the hill playing the harp. I sat down and listened to him. And I heard him say "Bless the Lord. Oh, my soul and all it is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and forget not all his benefits. Who forgiveth all thine inequities, who healeth all thy diseases." I said, "Brother David, did you say all'?" he said "Brother Osteen," I said, "Hallelujah that includes my baby."

   I came to the New Testament. And I said, "Dear Jesus, I have preached about you for nineteen years. Now I have a little daughter that is sick unto death, never to be normal. I want to hold your hand and walk with you through the pages of the scripture to see if you have anything to say to me. I took his hand in March to Matthew and Mark and Luke and John. Oh, as I tell it, I relive the sober hours when I never thought that I would ever have an answer from God because I was in such darkness. I held his hand and marched through those pages. I saw him heal the sick, cast out devils, make blind eyes to come open, deaf ears to hear and the cripples to walk and the bent backs to straighten up, and the multitude in their sickness, I saw Him send them away healed by His power. I drew back and I said, "My God in heaven, is this the Jesus I preached about for nineteen years?" I have never preached about healing and casting out devils. "Is this the Jesus? My Lord, I hardly know you." While I preach the denominational Jesus, you know today we have a denominationalised Jesus, a Baptist Jesus, a Methodist Jesus, a Presbyterian Jesus, the Episcopalian Jesus, a Catholic Jesus. A Jesus that is a new Jesus that has lost his power to heal and deliver suffering humanity. I said, "Lord, I see more than a denominational Jesus, I see the son of a living God." Oh, I tell you this name thrills me as we go in foreign fields or in this country. No demon fears my name, but he fears this name, Jesus. This name has authority and His name brings music to the sinner's ear. I said, "If Jesus is the same, he will heal my daughter." And praise God, I found Hebrews 13:8, Jesus Christ is the same; he is the same, yesterday, today and forever. What he did in Matthew, He will do today, what he did in Mark, and He will do today. What he did in Luke, He will do today. What he did in John, He will do today, and He is the same today. We took our baby up to a Baptist Jesus and I say that reverently, not to a denominationalised Jesus that no longer did these things. But we marched up the hill to God to get above the fog and smog of tradition. And we laid our baby down at the feet of Jesus who is filled with all compassion and love, who said all power is given onto me in heaven and in earth. Thank God he healed her, and she is perfectly well today. Let us praise the Lord. Oh, hallelujah, Oh, praise his wonderful name. Praise his wonderful name. Praise his wonderful name. Hallelujah. Thank God. Thank God. Praise his wonderful name.

   I will tell you I was blasted out of a dark hole of tradition. I was coming out. Was not but I was nearly out. I still did not believe that speaking in tongues or believe in healing. Somebody said, I will tell you the issue is tongues, it is not tongues. It has never been tongues, it is pride. He said, "Well I will be glad to speak if it were not for tongues." No tongues are not in your way. It is your pride. You do not want to be identified with people like us. You are just like we were. And you are going to get in, in spite of yourself. This Assembly God preacher told me one day, he said, "I want you to go to lunch." I said, "I know he is going to try to indoctrinate me now. I am Baptist-born, Baptist bred, Baptist living and Baptist dead. I am not going to be anything but a Baptist, and he is not going to indoctrinate me." So, we went to went to eat, and he began to talk about church. You know, people full the Holy Ghost talk about Jesus all the time. And he said, "I will tell you about a service. Oh, we had a wonderful service." I thought, he thinks I am listening, but I am not. He said, "Oh, the Holy Ghost fell." And he said "A little girl got into the power of the Holy Ghost and she began to speak in other tongues." I said, "Dear Lord, she will be in the state hospital before long." Surely that is what I thought. He got her into frenzy. He said, "But Brother Osteen, "There was a missionary from Africa, Brother McCorkle, and an Assembly God missionary was present in our service and he leaped to his feet and said, "Folks, this child is speaking in my native language, the tribe that I minister to Africa. She is praising the Lord in that language." He just went on eating. I liked to choke to death. In my entire ministry, I have never heard in college or seminary of anyone coming face-to-face with a real gift of the Holy Ghost. This was the first time I heard about it, and I believed it. Something happened to me when he told me that. I believed it and I just came out of that dark hole of tradition and I said, "Dear God, I am ready to take off my denominational glasses, unplug my denominational ears and look in the Word of God." And it was so easy to see then. In Acts 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Oh, that is for Christians. I went over to Acts 2:4 “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” I went on over to Acts chapter eight and found out Philip had a great revival and got Ethiopian Eunuch saved and baptized in water, and Peter and John came down and they prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Ghost. Why I could not see that before? I had been blinded.

   I read through the Bible and found out, how they all spoke in tongues. In the 19th chapter of Acts Paul found some disciples in Ephesus who were led by Apollos to Jesus and Paul said to them, "Did you receive the Holy Ghost when you believed? And they said, “No we have not heard that there is a Holy Ghost. And he said, “Into what then were you baptized?” They said, “Into John’s baptism.” And Paul said, "John baptized with a baptism of repentance, telling the people to believe in the one who was to come after him, that is, Jesus.”On hearing this they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. And when Paul laid his hands on them, the Holy Ghost came on them, and they began speaking in tongues and prophesying. This was not the Pentecostal doctrine. I am preaching the Word of God, the Pentecostal’s just happen to believe it. I said, "I am convinced that the Lord is the baptizer. I give up. Go ahead Lord, I see it, and it is a scriptural experience. Go ahead and do it to me." Well, God must have gone off in the back and end of heaven. He did not hear me. And it did not pay any attention to me. I said, "Dear Lord, I am a Southern Baptist, and I have been to college and seminary, and you better hurry, I might change my mind." It is just about the attitude I came to the Lord. Oh, I tell you, I thought the Lord would be so happy to get me.

   Is not that a terrible thing to say? But that is really the way I thought. It was not on the outside, but down deep in my heart. And so, I said, "Now, Lord, I want you to baptize me. I am really, really convinced, I want you to baptize me. I am just willing to go on record." I went before my church, I showed them the scripture, I said, "I know what I was baptized in water and what I felt. And Jesus said he had baptized in the Holy Ghost. And I never did have that and I am seeking it. I want you Baptists to know it." And you know, they would pray, "Dear Lord, now you know our preacher is seeking You every Sunday. They would pray that our preacher is seeking You and bless him Lord whatever it is. He is seeking, and you give it to him, Lord." And I just could not get through to God. Some of you people have an easier time but I did not. And so, I went all the way up to Blytheville, Arkansas, the first Baptist Church to hold a revival there. And I said, "I am really going to seek God on that train." And I got me a poem and you know what I prayed during the night when I sought the Lord. I did not get the Holy Ghost in that place. This was a beautiful church in a rich area of Arkansas. There was a little assembly God church having a revival. I rushed over there to hear the testimony of a Jew who was saved and received the Holy Ghost.

   I felt more at home over there than I did in the other place, because I was so hungry, but I did not get the baptism. And so, on the way home, I said, I am going to close this revival early and go home by the way of Memphis. And I am going to find me an Assembly God church, a Pentecostal church. I really did not know there was much difference in Pentecostal churches. I kind of thought all of these fanatics were in one church, but I found out they are not. But I said, "I am going to find a place, and they are not going to know who I am. And I am going in there and I am going to act like I am one of them. So they would not think I am a prospect. And I am going to find out what makes this work?" Because I was really scared to go in places like this. I really was. It made me nervous. And so, I got out and I went to a big church there. And I slipped in there, they had a pre-prayer service, and I just marched in just like I was a Pentecostal. And I got in there and they all knelt down and I watched out the corners of my eyes while they were praying. And I never saw anything like it in my life. Here was a woman right beside me kneeling, here is a man over here with tears streaming down their faces and praising God. I just got right up there and looked at him, you know? They did not care whether I looked at them or not, it just did not make them any difference. When you are in the spirit you do not care who is close to you or far away. And so, I looked and was puzzled. I said, "Lord, there is something here, what makes these people do this? What is this something coming out and oozing out of them and making these tears and making this glow. They were praising the Lord." It started on me, it thrilled me. There is something supernatural about praising God! I tell you that is something the world does not know much about. It is something the world would take notice of.

One day I was coming down the elevator and they were having a big convention in that hotel. The people in the elevator were cursing. And I did not want to preach to them and said, "Hallelujah." That was the quietest elevator you ever heard.

I tell you there is power in praising God. The one thing that influenced me was the power of praising God. I was going to buy a car and this fella pulled me inside the dealership to see the new cars and into his office. Bill Swad, when they get you in their office, they have a pretty good prospect. And he thought he had me, because I was willing to come in and look at some figures and talk about seriously buying a car. He was a perfect gentleman at that time. And I want you to know something came over that man. Somebody had been there and messed up his desk and he began to move things around. He had an intense expression. He started cursing for about a whole minute. I said, "Wait a minute, just a minute, stop right where you are." And he stopped and he looked, and I said, "Just stop." I said, "Now stand still, glory be to Jesus. Lord I appraise you, Hallelujah. I thank You that you save me, that you washed me in your blood. I love you Jesus." He said, "What are you doing?" I said, "You serve the devil, I will serve God, I want equal time for praising."

   He did not get mad at me. He said, "Where do you preach?" Oh, I tell your friends. This world is hungry to listen and look to people who have the glory of praising God in their lives. I saw these people praising God; I never got away from it. When I came home, I said, "Dear Lord, I will show you I am humble. I will visit a Pentecostal Church in Houston in my home town, but I am going to sit on the back row." I want you know; I went to that church. They somehow knew I was a preacher. They called on me to pray. Every human being started praying. I could not even think, much less what I was praying.

   They were lifting their hands, and I put up one hand and looked over there, it looked like a shovel. I felt like a democrat in a republican convention. I said "Dear Jesus, if you will get me out of here, I would not bother these people anymore." You have no earthly idea the shock on a sensitive Baptist sole where he gets in the noise like this. I thought, "Well, what is the matter with them? God is not there? Well, he is not nervous either, Hallelujah." I said, "Deliver me Lord." So, I got out of there and left them alone and sought God by myself. I said, "Dear Lord, I will have to go back to the Pentecostals." I just could not get the baptism. I just had too much tradition. Finally, I said, "Lord, I will go back to a Pentecostal church, and I will go to the altar. But please, Lord keep those women away from me. Do not let those Pentecostal women pray for me." I could not stand women praying for me. You know who prayed for me? – Those women.

   You are not going to tell God anything. If you tell God anything, you are going to have to do that very thing. I was holding the meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a man came right up on the platform. And said, "Thank God you are here, Brother Osteen." You are a Baptist, and I am a Baptist. I have been trying to get the baptism with these Pentecostals." Now, that is the way he taught, of course we are all that way now. But anyway, he says, "Oh, I will tell you I have had a time he said, "It is terrible how they have treated me. He said, "Thank God you are here and now I will get the baptism." He said, "I went to a Pentecostal church, and a great big fat Pentecostal woman got out beside me and began to pray over me and shake me and pray over me until I thought I would die." He said, "She reached over there and got my chin in her hand and begin to shake my chin." Can you imagine my Baptist chin in her Pentecostal hand?

   He said, "She got spoke in my ear, shaking my chin and said, "Say Shonda, say Shonda, say Shonda, say Shonda." He said, "Can you imagine?" I took my Baptist chin and went home." He said, "Now you are here, and I will get the baptism." I said, "Sit down brother." And he sat down on the platform. I said, "I am going to lay hands on you, and the power of God will come upon you and you will speak in tongues." And in spite of all of that, he was not really critical. He is just expressing this and maybe I will make it a little more vivid than he did. But I laid my hands on him and he began to shake and he began to shake. And he opened his mouth and screamed, "Shonda, Shonda, and Shonda!"

   I said, "Wait a minute brother that is the word you do not want to use." I said, "Now, do not use that word. Let us start over again." And so we started over. He began to trembled, he yelled, "Shonda." You see, you are not going to tell God anything. God is going to have in his way. He is going to humble our pride. Yes he is. I had such a hard time getting the baptism. It was my ignorance. You do not have to pay God for the baptism. You do not have to go through what I went through, but I had a hard time because I will tell you, Baptists, where I come from they do not give in too easy. I tell you, I had such a hard time that when I got the baptism, one of my mean deacons came running even before I told him, he said, "You got it. You got it. I can tell you got it. Now help me get it." I said, "Get it yourself." I said, "I am not going through this with you or anybody else."

   Well, he went away sorrowful. In about 10 days or two weeks to three weeks, he came back at twelve o'clock at night and knocked on my door. I opened it, had my bathrobe on and I looked up and there he was. And about three people behind him, I said, "What do you want?" he had a can of hot coffee under one arm and a bunch of cookies in the other, he said, "Praise God, I got the baptism, get up, we are going to have a party."

   Well, he is been on a party ever since. As you will say, "Brother Osteen, I think you people are crazy." Well, we are going go into the most beautiful insane asylum you ever saw. Finally, I decided to set sail toward God with all of my heart. I told my wife, I said, "I am going off. Do not know where I am going, but you will never look on my face until I hear from God." As we tell it now, it is funny, but it was not funny then. I remember what desperation gripped my heart as I announced that I been seeking this experience, and I could not find the experience. I could not find the Lord's power, and I did not know what to do. I was in no man's land, trapped, and I was so desperate, and I just decided that I just go and never come back until I receive the baptism and the Holy Ghost. I had spoken a few words in tongues in a lady's home, but I did not have the liberty that I have today. I just said a few words and did not understand what I did. I did not have any freedom in my heart for the full release of the baptism. I went downtown Houston, got me a hotel room. They did not know I was going to do that, locked myself in there. And I began to let God search my heart. I found my problem was not tongues, it was pride. The Lord searched my heart about things I ought to make right, and I made them right in my own heart. I remember kneeling down and God asked me so many questions in my spirit, "Are you willing to be cast out of your denomination? You do not have to be beat up, are you willing to be?" I said, "Yes." "Are you willing to have your salary cut off?" I said, "Yes." "Are you willing to be despised and looked down upon and be called everything in the world." I said, "Yes." "Are you willing to walk with people who are known as fanatics, tongue talking, hand waving, hand clapping, arm waving people who are not ashamed of it." I said, "Yes, Lord." "Are you willing to lose all of the results of your college training, seminary training, denominational standing, and you have been on boards and everything else, are you willing to put that aside?" I said, "Yes, Lord, anything, just give me your power. I want your will. I want to do something in this world before I die." And I remember it looked like I saw a vision of the cross. And I saw as if it were Jesus hanging on it, not physically, but in the spiritual realm. It seemed like I went right up with him on the cross, and there was dying and His blood was cleansing me. And suddenly I experienced the warmth of something inside of me and began to speak in other tongues and to worship God in another language. Oh, it was wonderful, it was a frightening thing at first, so startling to me, I hardly knew what to do about it, but I began to speak and I spoke and I spoke and I spoke and I spoke. And it was such a joy. And that was several years ago. Somebody says, "What has it done for you?" It is made me talk about Jesus every day of my life. Somebody said, "What has it done for you? It has made me praise the Lord every day of my life. You say, "What is it done for you?" It washed out sectarian denominationalism out of my heart, and made me love everybody that knows Jesus in the world. Somebody said, "What is it done for you?" Oh, it is given me a burden for souls, to win men and women to Jesus, no matter who gets the credit, just to bring them to know Jesus. People, this is the answer.

   More people will live in our generation than have died since Adam. Upon our shoulders comes the great responsibility of evangelizing the greatest and darkest generation in the history of mankind. We cannot do it with denominational machinery. We cannot do it with denominational methods. There must have a new influx of power. There must arise men and women from all walks of life with God's power to go to the uttermost parts of the world to tell those who wait in the dark places of the earth about Jesus Christ, and he will confirm his word. Oh, it is such a joy, it is such a joy. Could I tell you this without sensing that I am bragging about something I did? We had to be so careful in the spirit in which we tell it, but only the ministers think that all we do is run around and talk about the baptism and do not win any souls. Could I share this with you? Since having the baptism the Holy Ghost, we have gone all over the world. We have traveled to Mexico, to the Central America, to the Philippine Islands. And we just came back from India. Oh, I tell you, Jesus in the power of the Holy Ghost is enough to shake indignation on the face of the earth. We went into India in one of the hardest places in the communist state of Kerala, in the northern section, not down in the lower section where the Christians are. They said that is the hardest place. Last month before we got there, the communists of India held the largest rally in the history of India, in that place. God said, “You go to the hardest place, not the easiest.” So we went in there with a campaign and started out with nine hundred people out in the open. A million people there, just nine hundred people came out. Well, I am glad to preach to one or to nine. Most of them were Muslims and Hindus with dots. They came to listen out in the open air, and I told about Jesus, how he was the Son of God, how that there was only one God, he had a Son, how He came to earth, how He died, shed his blood because He wanted to forgive them and deliver them from the path of the devil. It was just like I teach a little child. And I told him how He was alive and how He rose again and could still do these things. But I got through I said, "You do not believe this. Most of you standing out there think Jesus is just a good man. You think he is a prophet that died like Mohammed or Confucius. And He is just a good religious leader. But I am here to tell you nine hundred people and the people of India that Jesus Christ is not a religious leader. He never came to bring a religion. He came to redeem mankind, and He came to give them salvation. And He is alive tonight! I said, “Send the deaf down here. Everybody who is deaf, come down here.” They brought the deaf down there. Oh, it was a thrilling moment. I said, "If Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he will prove it tonight." Somehow the Holy Ghost just emptied me of all doubt. I said, "If Jesus is dead, like the other religious leaders, He cannot do anything like He did in the Bible." I said, "If He is alive, like I say He is and like the Bible says He is. He is present here tonight, and He could heal the sick." I said, "If He does not heal these people, He is not the Son of God, fair enough? But if He does, He is the Son of God and He is present and He is the only Savior." And will you believe it? They lifted their hands and were as quiet as though you can hear a pin drop, there I stood. I tell you, being a Baptist does not do you any good in situations like that. Oh, but thank God for the Holy Ghost.

Facilitator at the Full Gospel Conference said, “I am sorry to interrupt, but this is an emergency call. The babysitter called me and said that the baby is having convulsions.”

John: Let us pray right now.

Facilitator: Let us pray.

John: Father in Jesus name we rebuke the spirit of death in Jesus name. I command you to leave this baby; I deliver this baby in the name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Father for hearing our prayer. Lift up your hands and praise the Lord. Lift up your hands and praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. And I believe God heard us, don’t you?

Congregation: Yes. Amen.

   John: Those deaf people stood there in India and here is the purpose of the baptism. I said, "Father." I am trying to glorify Jesus now and not myself. Can you understand that? Jesus is the one. I said, "Father, I have come here to tell them about Jesus. You heard me tell them that He was alive. You know that they do not know anything about the gospel, now prove it to them by healing these deaf people. I want you to know when those deaf people began to cry out, they could hear, that crowd went wild. Hallelujah! And they open their hearts to Jesus. Can you say Amen? The next night I just dismissed them. The next night we had two thousand. Cripples got up and walked, that were brought there in rickshaws. The next night we had thirty-five hundred. Blind people began to see. The next night we had five thousand, ten thousand, they said fifteen to twenty thousand people a night as God moved. The communist planned to destroy that meeting, but God so moved that they gave their hearts to Jesus, and they saw the power of the risen Savior. This is the purpose of Pentecostal power to reach a world that is in darkness, lift your hands and praise the Lord. Oh, Hallelujah. Glory be to God [pray in tongues] Praise His wonderful name. Praise his wonderful name. Praise his wonderful name. Stand on your feet and praise Him. Lift up your hands and thank Him for the name of Jesus. Thank Him for the name of Jesus, oh Hallelujah, praise this wonderful name. If you have a sick body, lay your hands on your body now with faith in your heart to be healed. Lay your hand on your body if you are sick in Jesus name. Father, I pray that you will touch every sick person here. I rebuke the spirit of infirmity; I rebuke their spirit of sickness in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke everything that is in your body that is abnormal. Be thou made whole. In Jesus name be healed. In Jesus name be healed. Lift up your hands and praise the Lord. Lift up your hands and praise the Lord. Lift up your hands and praise it for me.

   Hallelujah [praying in tongues] Hallelujah. Now would you bow your heads quietly? Let us not think about the time now. We know it is late, but this is a decisive moment. Be still. How many of you here tonight know that you are right with God? Lift up your hand? You may need the baptism, but I mean you are washed in the blood. Thank you. Put down your hands. How many of you say, "Brother Osteen, I know you may be religious. Are you religious? It does not matter. But you know that in your heart, you are not ready to meet God. I am not talking about you with the baptism now. I am talking about you are not ready in your soul, if you died tonight, and do not know that you would go to heaven and you want some peace about that salvation business. Lift up your hand, lift up your hand, I see it; lift it up, all over, several, over here, anybody else. I want you to come and stand in front of me right now, as an indication that you sincerely want the Lord to give you peace in your heart. Come on, right now, stand right in front of me down here. That is right, come right over here. I am not talking about that if you are a Christian and want the baptism. Now we are not talking about that. I am talking about; you feel that there is no peace between you and God. You want peace in your heart tonight. Oh, is it not this wonderful? Stand right here, stand right here, others over here. Oh, you do not have to live in the twilight zone of never knowing whether you are lost or saved. You can know that you are right with God. Now do not come down here if all you want is the baptism. If you are really not right with God, you do not have any peace in your soul about salvation. Come, we will talk about the baptism in a moment.

   How many of you think we ought to take a couple of minute’s right here and tell them how to be saved? Anybody else want to come to stand? All right, would you look right here? Would you look at me right here? This lady right here just looks right up here. Jesus died for you. The good news is what Jesus did for you personally. If you had been the only person in the world, he would have come to shed His blood for you that you might be saved and might be healed. He loves you. God is for you. He is not against you, Jesus did not come to condemn you, and He came to save you. And if you would just simply turn from your sins and repent and accept Him into your heart. He says, "To as many as received Him, to them gave the power to become the sons of God." It doesn’t matter of your understanding or everything theologically about it. It is just a matter of saying, "Oh, God." I turn from a way of sin, and I accept Jesus into my heart. Come in Lord Jesus and save me now." Would you do that? Would you accept Him tonight? Would you accept Him tonight? Would you accept Him tonight? Would you accept Him? All of you down here, accept Him in your heart? Do you believe the Lord would lie to you? Faith is believing God will keep His word. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Whosoever, that means you. He has already died for your sins. He already put them away. All you have to do is accept Him and turn from your sin and he will come in and give you peace. Now, how many of you have peace? When you have religion? No. When you have the Son. He that has the Son, not religion, he that hath the Son has life. So, you are going to get the Son of God right now. You are not going to get religion. You are going to get the Son of God in your heart because He is present right here in this place and ready to come into your heart. Everybody bow your heads in prayer. Lets everybody pray this prayer out loud with me, even though you are saved, let us pray it. You people right down here, pray this prayer out loud. Pray it out loud, bow your heads. Pray it out loud, all right? Everybody pray. "Oh God."

  • Congregation: Oh, God.
  • John: I need you tonight.
  • Congregation: I need you tonight.
  • John: Oh, Lord.
  • Congregation: Oh, Lord.
  • John: I thank you.
  • Congregation: I thank you.
  • John: That Jesus died for me.
  • Congregation: That Jesus died for me.
  • John: That he shed his blood.
  • Congregation: That he shed his blood.
  • John: For my sins.
  • Congregation: For my sins.
  • John: That he died for my salvation.
  • Congregation: That he died for my salvation.
  • John: That he arose again.
  • Congregation: That he arose again.
  • John: That he is alive tonight.
  • Congregation: That he is alive tonight.
  • John: Oh, thank you father.
  • Congregation: Thank you father.
  • John: For doing this for me.
  • Congregation: For doing this for me.
  • John: I have sinned.
  • Congregation: I have sinned.
  • John: Oh Lord, I ask you to forgive me.
  • Congregation: Lord, I ask you to forgive me.
  • John: Wash away my sins.
  • Congregation: Wash away my sins.
  • John: I repent of them now.
  • Congregation: I repent of them now.
  • John: Oh, Lord Jesus.
  • Congregation: Oh, Lord Jesus.
  • John: Come into my heart.
  • Congregation: Come into my heart.
  • John: And save me now.
  • Congregation: And save me now.
  • John: Thank you, Jesus.
  • Congregation: Thank you, Jesus.
  • John: Thank you, Jesus.
  • Congregation: Thank you, Jesus.
  • John: I believe you do it.
  • Congregation: I believe you do it.
  • John: I believe you have done it.
  • Congregation: I believe you have done it.
  • John: Oh, thank you for peace.
  • Congregation: Thank you for pace.
  • John: Thank you for joy.
  • Congregation: Thank you for joy.
  • John: Thank you for eternal life.
  • Congregation: Thank you for eternal life.

John: Lift up your hands now and praise Him, everybody, lift up your hands and praise Him.

[Congregation praying]

   Thank you, Jesus. Lift up your hands sister and praise Him. Just praise Him with all of your heart. Praise Him with all of your heart. Thank you, Jesus. Oh, praise God, praise God, praise God. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Well, you look a little happier. Now, look here. You begin a new life tonight. You should do several things. First of all, you should go to a Bible-believing church that believes in what we talked about. Associate yourself with people who believe these things and offer yourself as a candidate for water baptism. You follow the Lord, to be buried in baptism and raised up to walk the newness of life. That is His command. Then sit under a teaching ministry and learn about Jesus. Read your Bible every day and pray every day and talk to others about Jesus Christ. Is that all right?

Congregation: Amen.


John's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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