John E Trejo Sr.

John Trejo   I want to tell you of a “Supernatural Relationship” I developed with the Lord from my youth. As a child I was raised as a Roman Catholic. My father was in the Air Force and my mother was a homemaker. I was the second of six children. There were four boys and one girl. My sister was the oldest and l was the oldest son.

   I went to Catechism every Tuesday where I learned about the Lord Jesus through a movie I watched. In the movie a young boy was adopted by a bunch of Monks that lived in a monastery. One day the boy was stung by a scorpion and was dying and the Monks did all they could, but he wasn't getting any better. They had a life size statue of Jesus on the cross in the attic and one day they came to check on the child and he was gone. They heard a noise in the attic and they went to see what it was. They found that Jesus had come down off the cross, and the boy was cuddled in His arms and died.

   For some odd reason I felt the love Jesus had for that child, and I wanted to be him. My curiosity grew and I learned all I could from that time forward.

   A couple years later my father left my mother and it felt to me that I was being mistreated. I was always in trouble and my mother would say, “You look like your father.” I had no one to turn to so I ask God to be my Father and guide me; because I couldn't talk to anyone and express my feelings. So every time I was troubled, I would pray and talk to God. When I was about to do something wrong, He would show me that there were two paths to take - the wrong one and the right one. And of course I took the wrong way and suffered the consequences.

   This went on through my whole life; the only thing wrong was I started to only seek Him when I was scared or in trouble. lt never once dawned on me that I was speaking to God my Father and hearing Him answer me in an audible voice. I was afraid of the dark and when I had to go out to run an errand at night for my mother, I would ask Him to be with me. I actually saw an image in the shadows following me, and for some reason I took comfort in knowing He was with me. As time went on things got worse at home, and I wasn't getting along in school. I told my mother I wanted to leave school and join the service. I was turning seventeen and was in the 9th grade and she said, “I will sign, but only if l joined the Marines.” She felt they would be the hardest on me. So I spoke to a recruiter and he signed me up. I found out later that he didn't think I would even make it through boot camp. But little did he know that any time someone didn't think I could do something, I would make it a goal to be the best at whatever it was.

   They were very surprised when I came out a sharp shooter and a machine gunner. Every time I didn't think I could make it, I asked my Father for help. No one knew that the only reason I joined the Marines was that I could go to war and be killed and be with my Father in Heaven. But He had other plans. I finished all my training and was stationed on Okinawa 3rd Marine Division. I thought I would be sent to Viet Nam, but I was assigned to the Marine Corps Security Battalion Headquarters. Our security unit was in charge of keeping The Commandant of the Marine Corps.

   The Lord kept me out of battle. I seemed to be always in trouble there also. But I was lucky to get out with an Honorable discharge. I came home to people that were spitting on me and calling me a baby killer. I didn't even go to battle and this just made me an angry young man.


   I came back to Maryland where I met my high school sweetheart which happened to be my best friend’s sister. That was in August 1972, and we were married on November 3, 1972. As always I seemed to find trouble where ever I was. I picked up bad habits; such as, experimenting with all different kinds of drugs trying to make myself feel better. I needed to surrender my faults and feelings to my Father above. Even though I had this inner turmoil, I still progressed at whatever I was doing.

   I had two sons and my own business which prospered, but it wasn't enough so I sold it out to a local business and went to California. I went to work in an automotive accessory factory where I was advanced to supervisor. I wasn't satisfied there either and just got more into drugs. My wife took our two sons and left me and went back to Maryland.

   After a couple months, I came back to Maryland and made amends with my wife and went to work as a carpenter. After a couple years, I joined the Carpenters Union and started using my abilities to make exhibits for conventions and setting up Presidential inaugurations and concerts for the White House. I even was voted in as Financial Secretary of the Carpenters Union Local 1110 in Washington, D C. That just meant more money, better cars, and better drugs. I was so wrapped up in me; I neglected my wife and sons morally. I even neglected my Father in Heaven.

   Finally one day I overdosed and died. I didn't see a light Iike I've heard people describe. I saw an endless hall with millions of people going by me headed to this dark fog. One of the people reached out his hand as to encourage me to follow them. All of a sudden a hand grabbed my shoulder. I saw a brilliant white robe on my arm as I fell back and closed my eyes only for a second. When I opened them, the first thing I saw was Jesus smiling at me and then he disappeared. One of my friend’s was standing over me asking if l was alright. I told him what I saw, and he said, “It was the drugs.” At that point I knew I had to make a choice in my life and change. I was a sorry example for my sons, and put them in danger with what I was doing. I left Washington, DC. and took my family to Southern Maryland. I got a job as a tool and die maker. I made molds for a plastic thermoforming company.

   At that time I called upon my Father and cried out and told Him about the mess I made of my life. My wife and I talked and we decided we needed to find a church. We went to all the denominational churches, and tried to find a church that was suitable. I didn't find any, and I just got into more drugs. I decided I was going to kill myself before I ruined my children's lives anymore. I grabbed a gun while my children were at school and my wife was in the living room. I went into the bathroom and proceeded to apologized to God the Father when suddenly I heard His voice again. All of a sudden that peace that surpasses all understanding came over me and then my Father said, “John what are you doing.”  

I told Him, “I couldn't find a church that taught the word.” Somehow I knew He wanted me to learn about Him, and I wasn't even sure He existed anymore. I told Him, “If He would help me, I would be a crusader in His army and devote my life to Him.” Then all of a sudden I saw something fall from the ceiling. It looked like a moth. On the back of the moth was a perfect crusader’s shield, and I knew He was real, and it wasn't my imagination. I proceeded to ask Him, “If He would help me find the right church that would teach me the proper way to come before Him.”

   He said, “Wait and I will choose a church and you will know it was me.”

   I was so excited I ran out the bathroom with moth in hand towards Mary my wife screaming, “He showed me, He showed me. He is real.” I told her what had just happened and showed her the moth and we both said, “Praise God.” That night we prayed together, the best we knew how, and decided we were both going to follow the Lord.

   So I waited and was getting a little distraught and finally two weeks later I got a phone call from a woman who invited us to church. They were starting a new church in town and asked us to join them. Peace fell on me once again, and I told her we would definitely be there. I knew my Father had her call me. On March 28, 1993, I took my family to the church. We were all dressed in leather. The Pastor said we looked like a gang sitting in the back of the church. I listened to him preach the word and at the end was the altar call. I was hesitant at first and I saw my two sons run right to the altar. l jumped up and went with them. We gave our lives to Jesus and at that very moment the Spirit of God touched me and I was a different man. My desire for drinking, smoking, and drugs left my body, and I didn't have withdrawals or any desire for any of that again.

   I started learning everything I could about the Lord. I learned that I had to pray in the name of Jesus when I spoke to the Father. I was so excited. l just couldn't get enough of God. So I asked the Father about His army and how do I get involved and He showed me. Larry Messick was one of my best friends and he invited me to my first Full Gospel Business Men's chapter meeting. That was in April 1993 that I heard my first FGBMFI testimony, and it just made me hungrier for the Lord and I knew this was his army. I went to their Men’s Advance in May of that year and became a life time member. Richard Shakarian was the International President and he gave me my first membership pin. I was in seventh Heaven. I started to share my testimony and asked the Lord who is going to believe me and He said, “My people will believe.”

   I was so happy and I started sharing my testimony every time the opportunity presented itself. I gained the most valuable thing that I could ever ask for “Unwavering FAITH.” The Lord gave me a heart for the lost, and I started preaching the word to everyone who gave me the opportunity. I was working in a place which that had a large turnaround that gave me a new opening every day to witness. Over the last twenty-two years of working there, I must have had a couple hundred people in my car saying the sinner’s prayer.

   ln 1997, a friend of mine had a son who had a liver transplant and it was failing as he was in a coma. The Lord spoke to me and told me to pray for him. Even his father asked me to pray. I told my Pastor, and he told me to get prayed up and go to him because he was sure I knew what to do.

   So my wife and I went to John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore. We went in and I asked the Lord to give me the words to pray. All of a sudden the machines started ringing, and he opened his eyes and sat up very quickly. I almost ran out the room. He was coherent, but had a look of fear on his face. I explained why I was there and talked to him about Jesus. I was so grateful that the Lord moved.

   As the years went by I suffered health issues and the Lord kept healing me. On my fifth heart Catheter, I asked the Lord to let them find the problem before He healed me. I was on the table and they shot dye in my heart. They saw that I had three arteries 9O% clotted. The doctors said, “They were going to shoot the dye one more time to see exactly where they had to work. When the dye hit, all the clots completely disappeared. One doctor said to the other doctor, that’s “Modern Medicine,” and I yelled out that this is the power of Jesus Christ and they just stared at me.

   But once again Jesus moved in my life. Since then I have seen so many miracles and had so many prayers answered. My faith continues to grow stronger. I have learned if I suffer anything that there is a lesson to be learned and shared. I lost my job do to the economy in 2009. I asked the Lord, “How will I make it on Social Security” and He said, “I will provide” and He has. l've been a worshipper in the church and band. l ran the sound at the FGBMFA conventions and at church. Since 1993, until now FGBMFA has been a big part of my growth with the Lord.

   I had another heart episode in March 2018. I called out to the Lord and asked what am I supposed to be doing for the Kingdom because I haven't really found where I fit. Once again I heard that audible voice say, “John pray for my people” and I just started to cry out and say, “Yes Lord.” I was so happy to hear Him speak again. So that is what I am doing. Since I make so many trips to VA Medical centers in DC and Southern Maryland, I asked the Lord to show me who needs prayer. Since Larry Messick is always with me, we started FGBMFA Bible studies. We prayed in the canteen or where ever the need arises. Now I live with purpose and joy. I want to please my Father in Heaven. We were so happy to hear someone yell out at us in the elevator and say, “Hey I know you; you guys are the two veterans that have a Bible study.” Praise Jesus, it's only the beginning. l also lived through the hardest part of my life in May 2019 when my wife of forty-seven years went to be with the Lord. God gave me the strength to get through it. l'm so grateful she was saved and now she is my intercessor in Heaven.