Jesus Antonio Caquias

Jesus Caquias   My name is Jesus Antonio Caquias. I'm a physician and have known the Lord since the age of seventeen. I came to know Him at a Baptist encampment in Morristown, New Jersey. Actually my life went up and down for those young years. I think my real conversion actually came after my children were born. I was convinced that Christ was Savior, but due to a marriage early in life; I was detracted from serving God.

   I decided to renew my commitment to Christ and began seeking Him with my whole heart. I'm married to Carmela, the mother of my children. She was raised Catholic, and I really didn’t care what church or religion we belonged to. I was more interested in my children and the Lord, but being that she was Catholic, I participated with her. We went to Catholic Mass in the morning and a Christian church in the later hours. Catholic Church started at 7:00 AM, and the Christian services were at 11 o'clock.

   We actually participated in both for a number of years, until my wife became more committed to becoming a Christian. We went to one church and she accepted Christ, and I was surprised when she was baptized with the Holy Spirit. I wondered how come I had participated for so many years and was never baptized with the manifestation of languages.

   One day I went home, and while coming up the steps, I heard this sound like a bird singing. I was really surprised while listening to the sound of the life that I have heard previously. As I listened, I recalled reading this book titled "Green Mansions." In that book was a jungle lady and she would sing. No one knew what that sounded like, but I heard my wife speaking in tongues exactly like the voice I heard in my mind, when I was reading "Green Mansions." She didn't know this and I had never told anybody, and so I was really shocked by hearing her. Actually that night, I had a dream that we belonged to this church, where everyone was dressed in white gowns and the church had a big steeple. The church decided that they would celebrate their anniversary. They decided to bake a cake and built an oven outside the church. This cake was huge, so that everyone could eat it.

   At the end, they took the cake out that was supposed to look like the church, but it had shrunk so that very few people could even eat it. It was so small it looked like a cupcake, instead of a huge cake that they were baking. They began to cry, because there was not enough cake for everyone, including myself. We were crying and speaking in a language I didn’t understand.

   I woke up that night, and my wife was still sleeping. I was speaking in that same language that I heard everyone praying in. I began to cry, and knelt by the bed and prayed. I don’t know how long I prayed, but it was probably more than an hour in that language. That was my experience of speaking in tongues, and recognized that I had really resisted the Holy Spirit all those years, before I came to know Him. I wasn't really sure if speaking in tongues was of God or not.

It was when I heard my wife singing and praying in the voice that I had made up in my mind, when I was reading "Green Mansions." I was certain then, this was real. From that point on, I really became much more committed. I think that impetus the Holy Spirit gave me with that revelation really turned me around. I wanted to tell everyone about Christ and commit myself to the Lord. I joined a men's group in the church, and started to participate with the Full Gospel Business Men. We’ve had services and Bible studies in my office, reading and studying God’s Word since 1989, and now it's 2019. That’s thirty years.

   I'm trying to find additional ways to serve God and getting the word out by telling people about the kingdom of God. I truly believe that we're in the last days, and approaching the second coming of Christ. I must do everything that I can, to do my part in expanding the Kingdom of God and telling others about Christ and also learning more about Him. I think that’s what we all should be doing.

Jesus Caquias' Hearing His Voice Testimony

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