Jeremy Swartzwelder

Jeremy Swartzwelder My name is Jeremy Swartzwelder, and I have worked as a contract surety bond underwriter since 2004 and currently serve as a branch manager for a top 15 surety company.

   I do not know what to say but I missed it, I was given a gift and buried it deep within. I said the prayer of salvation countless times since the age of eleven, said publicly I believe in Jesus, was baptized, but was not delivered from sin. Even though God gave me the gift of the Baptist of the Holy Spirit at age 13 and even had an evangelist tell me I was called to the ministry. Instead I have led a life full of sin and the consequences thereof.

   Unfortunately, I never made the right decisions about my future and ended up getting a degree that allowed me to have a good job but not pursue God’s work. Looking back, it was the wrong path. I never pursued any ministry and went to a small public college to pursue a degree that would give me a good career. While there I did every sinful thing a college kid could possibly do. Do not worry I prayed at night sometimes asking Jesus to forgive me only to wake up the next day to pursue sin. Life after college was the same routine. I regret that I did not enroll in a spirit filled Christian college that would have shown me how to grow spiritually and walk a victorious life.

   I have led a life pursuing my own ambitions and never truly repented, sought His ways, and put action to His word. I have had an addiction to pornography since age eleven along with selfishness, debt, anger, unforgiveness, and pride. These things have had my marriage on the brink for many years now and even though my wife is not born again Christian, God has filled her with loyalty, love, and forgiveness to have put up with me this long. It truly is a gift from God and we just celebrated 10 years of marriage in 2020.

   After getting married and having three children my youngest was about three years old, I started singing old hymns to him to put him asleep. That December in 2018, I decided I would find a church and take the kids so they would begin to learn about Jesus as I did as a child. Then the church recommended I join a small group so in January 2019, I joined a small group. Then in 2020 they suggested I go through a 10-week bible study called Rooted which I did. Then the Rooted group became a small group, giving me two small groups. In doing all these things, I also started trying to do a nightly devotionally with my children.

   One night, I was telling my oldest that the only way to know what is right and the truth is to read the Bible regularly and remember what it says. At that moment, the Holy Spirit convicted me, and I told my oldest son that I am sorry I have failed in doing this myself and need to do better. All these activities allowed God to start to change me.

   It was shortly after that I finally had enough of my addiction to sin and started praying nightly on my knees and then God showed up.

   I am not even sure how or why but the last week of October 2020, I decided to spend time reading the Bible, praying, and taking communion every morning then reading and praying before bed. It has led me to spending any downtime watching or reading something related to God. My thoughts no longer wonder and are focused on Him. In fact, I find myself stopping myself from wondering to anything different. The amazing, good news as of today these actions in faith have delivered me from the strongholds that were holding me down. I have not had any lustful desire overtake me, have been more helpful, I get out of bed easier, I am patient, forgiving, and not irritable. It is the best medicine I have ever had. I have a long way to go and many tests to endure, but feel confident God has given me the understanding and desire now to truly be free and to pursue his work.

   I have also started fasting things like watching television or surfing things on the internet which has made me even more hungry to read and pray. It is also given me a desire to share the treasure I have found. I have shared this breakthrough with my small groups in hopes it will help someone else.

   It also led me to find Full Gospel Businessmen. God has a plan for me, if I stay centered in His Word and steadfast in pray and fasting. I will have the courage and desire to be his instrument through the power of the Holy Spirit and put action to his Word.

Jeremy's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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