Jereb Fuselier


   My name is Jereb Fuselier, and I’m a general contractor based in Greenville, Texas.

   At five years old in a Sunday school classroom, I asked Jesus for a clean heart. I was very sincere and wanted to serve Him all my days. I grew up in the Church and when the doors were opened, my family was there.

   I had an early planting of God’s Word in my heart from a young age. I always knew God was real without a doubt but wasn’t quite sure how to give Him my all.

   My high school years were a time of darkness for me. I got into drinking alcohol heavily and using drugs. It became so bad, I was put into rehabs and treatment centers. I even had a near-death experience from over drinking one night. This addictive pattern continued into my twenties and on into my early thirties. I accumulated many criminal charges throughout these years. I could hardly hold down any steady job, because of the addiction and my life was in shambles.

   In 2011, I was arrested for many charges and locked up in prison. This is where I finally came to grips with who I had become, and what my life had amounted to. It was here on a prison floor, that I cried out to the God of my youth to come and live inside of me. I cried out to Jesus to transform me and change my life. I was very sincere in my prayer and the transformation began. I believed that I was reborn in Christ. If any man believes in Christ, he is a new creature.

   I was sentenced to eighteen months in a Christian Discipleship Program, instead of prison. This is where God really installed discipline into my life. He began to take out so many things in my heart that needed to go. I was learning to become a true disciple of Jesus. I completed the program and married my wonderful wife, Michelle. We moved to Greenville, Texas, and immediately called by the Lord to ministry at the Lone Oak Community Church. We are the worship leaders and assistant pastors.

   I also work for myself as a general contractor. God has blessed me with the ability to build, paint, fix things, and do many different kinds of jobs. I enjoy being able to work with my hands, to glorify God through that work. Jesus has completely transformed my life. He has given me a new life, a new hope, new promises and a new heart. He has given His Holy Spirit to live inside of me.


   I want to share a story with you about something that happened to me, when I was twenty-five years old. I was away from the Lord and not living for God. I was drinking, partying, taking drugs and looking for myself. I had known the truth about the Lord, but rejected Him and wanted to live for myself,

   One night, in April, I was passed out in my bed, with a 5th of Bacardi. I remember this dark power that struck me in my bed. The only way I can describe it, is like poly-ions or particles of darkness times a billion. This dark static power hit me and jarred me from my bed.  I floated up out of my body, and landed on the floor. I looked at my hands and at my body, and realized that this was real.

   I was a spirit being and looked back in my bed at my physical body. To my amazement, I could see my body on the bed. Yet there I was in front of my dresser, and remember grabbing objects like pieces of paper and moving things on my dresser. I grabbed the drawers, making sure that this was really happening. At that moment, I began to feel that darkness and the power that took me out of my body. I felt it swirl like a tornado, a suction going down into the center of the earth. I knew at that moment that this cloud of darkness, this evil, was taking me down to somewhere I didn’t want to go. I remember behind me, the worst thing of all, was this black curtain that began to close behind me. I remember feeling that if this curtain closed, I'd be separated forever from everything good and everything God. There was a small gap in the curtain, I reached back with my hand and I said "Jesus." That name just came out of me. When I said it, I was back over my body on my bed, looking at myself.

   I was face to face with myself. I was punching and clawing at myself and gnashing my teeth, trying to revive myself. I woke up the next morning with a 5th of Bacardi in my hand. My fingers, my elbows, my joints, and my shoulders were stiff. I had to get in a hot shower to rework my body, and found out later that my mother told me that she had sensed the presence of death in the house. She said that she was actually scared to come upstairs and check on me that night; because she sensed that spirit of death in the house.

   So I believe now, that I had really died and was going to a dark place without God. Maybe there are some of you today, who don't believe in Heaven or Hell. Maybe you believe in just Heaven and not Hell. God created Hell and created it for Satan and all of his fallen angels. He did not create it for Man, because the Bible says Jesus came into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him, might be saved.

   But if you choose to live independently, to live for yourself, reject the goodness of God and reject the message of Jesus Christ you become an independent, self-willed spirit that doesn't meet God. Those spirits that don't meet God, that are disobedient, will go to a dark place void of God.

   I can only share the truth of what happened to me, hoping that this will minister to you and challenge you. Take a look at your life and take a look at eternity. If there are two worlds, but there's only one choice. There's Heaven with God or there's a dark place without God. I just encourage you today to get a relationship with Jesus Christ. Ask him into your heart. Ask Him to forgive you for your sins. Believe that He is the Son of God and receive the eternal life that he offers to all. I hope this has ministered to you. I hope it opens up your heart to really think about life and what's important.


Jereb Fuselier Hearing His Voice

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