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Jerame Nelson  Jerame Nelson shares how you can activate your spiritual senses to experience and hear from God in new and powerful ways!

Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? SID: Hello. I'm Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s natural supernatural. I wouldn't want it any other way. Everyone knows about your five natural senses. Right? You know, sight, smell and taste. You know that. Did you know that there are supernatural senses in the invisible world? What if you could get insight from God in every one of your spiritual senses. My guest does this and he says when people listen to him it's contagious. It rubs off on him. Hello. Sid Roth here with Jerame Nelson. And I'm going to tell you something, I can't think of anything more tragic than someone to develop stage 4 cancer, not know about God's supernatural healing and to have a son that's just a young 13 years of age. What happened to your mom?

JERAME: When I was 13 years old my mother got breast cancer and went to the hospital, went to the doctors, went through all the stages of treatment, and it just kept getting worse and worse, and worse. And finally the doctors told her there wasn't much that they could do. And at that time there was an amazing person that came and actually gave my mother a Bible and said, "Hey, you know, Jesus heals. You should read this and check it out." And so my mother actually ended up reading the Bible. Anyway she saw that Jesus healed people. So in her room alone, she just cried out to God. She said, "Jesus, if you're really real and you heal people, then heal me." And when she said that she went into an open vision and she saw the hand of God come down out of Heaven and touch her. Anyway, she was instantly healed of cancer. Went back to the hospital. They couldn't find a trace of cancer any more, and she became the first believer in our family.

SID: I want to tell you something, Jerame, you see something like that, and I don't know how you did it. But then you're about 16 and you steeled your father's Corvette. You were a mischievous young man.

JERAME: Yes. I was pretty wild. My parents left. They went out of town. Anyway, it was a perfect time for me and my friends to go for a ride. So I took the keys out of my dad's desk, and me and two other guys, we took off in the car. Anyway, I wasn't used to driving a car that powerful. So when I actually went around the corner, went around the bend near my house I hit the accelerator, spun out of control and the car flew off the road. The crazy thing was I didn't even have my seatbelt on. And when I flew off the road we flew into a forest. I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. And we flew into a whole bunch of trees, and actually, I got ejected out of the car. I went through the sunroof, and I remember vividly watching the car fly over me.

SID: You weren't as calm as you are right now.

JERAME: No. I was watching as I was heading for the ground. And all of a sudden out of nowhere, five flashes of light, just brilliant light went boom, boom, boom, boom. And all of a 2sudden, nothing happened. I was perfectly fine. And I knew that I knew that they were angels that had protected me.

SID: But you still lived. He goes to college. He starts drinking, drugs, you know, the whole nine yards. But he comes home his junior year and he's in his room alone. And what happened?

JERAME: Well what had happened is I came home from college, just a break. And at that time I hit rock bottom. I was tired of drinking and doing drugs. I wanted to be a better person. So I ended up going to church with my mother. After church I ended up in my room by myself, and I made a decision that day that I wanted to follow Jesus. So I had a conversation with God. I didn't know how to get saved. No one led me to the Lord. So I just kind of looked up at the ceiling. I said, "Hey God, this is how it's going to be." I said, "I'm going to give my life to you, but as hard as I ran into the darkness I'm going to run into the light." And I said, "I don't know what it means fully, but I want to give you my heart, I want to give you my life." And I said, "God, I don't want to be like those hypocrites, though, that I see all the time that they say they love you, they say they give you their life, but then they live a lifestyle that looks just like the world." I said, "Lord, I'm either all in or all out, and today I commit my life to you." That was what I said. I didn't feel anything, no goose bumps, no tickles.

SID: So what happened to your alcoholism, your drug addiction?

JERAME: Well the next day I actually woke up and I was on fire. I didn't feel anything when I prayed.

SID: What do you mean on fire?

JERAME: I couldn't stop reading the Bible, I couldn’t stop praising, I couldn't stop worshiping. You know, I never touched drugs or alcohol again. Instantly delivered from all of it. And you know, it was just a supernatural encounter which Jesus had set me free.

SID: And then you went to a meeting, which I heard about, I believe, it's called a call, out in San Francisco. Heidi Baker is speaking, and you had an encounter with God. What happened?

JERAME: So I go to the prayer meeting and it's a stadium full of people. And when we get there, I mean, it was amazing. I had never been in any kind of an environment like this. I had only been saved a month. And people were crying out to God. They were repenting of things that they had done. And I felt the Holy Spirit come on me, and for one of the first times. And this woman, Heidi Baker, gets up and she starts to do her segment of the program, and she starts declaring that God wants to release a baptism of boldness and a baptism of fire. And she said that she felt there was a wind from Heaven that was going to come just like on the day of Pentecost, and that wind was going to release of baptism. And so she said to everybody in the whole stadium, "If you want this, get down on your knees right now and ask God for it." So we all got down on our knees, and I'm telling you, I just started to cry out to God just like everybody else. And she actually started saying in the microphone, over and over again, "Blow, Holy Spirit, blow." And as she did it was amazing because there was no wind whatsoever in the stadium. By the time she got to about the 30th or 40th time of saying, "Blow Holy Spirit," the winds had 3picked up so heavily that trash was blowing everywhere around. And some people, I mean, you could see the look on their faces. They were shocked as this wind was blowing and people's hair was getting messed up. And all of a sudden people all over the place begin to go into encounters with God, me included.

SID: What happened to you?

JERAME: Well for me, what happened is I was just overwhelmed with the joy of God and with the fire of God. I felt like my whole body was on fire. That's the best way I can describe it. And what was amazing about it, Sid, was that it didn't just last that one day, but it actually lasted three days.

SID: How would you like to be on fire for three days? The fire of God. How would you like that? I tell you what, I would like that. I know you would like that. How would you like to have your spiritual senses activated. I mean, Jerame has had so many experiences. But better than that, when he speaks you get activated. We'll be right back.

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jerame Nelson. And Jerame, I am just overwhelmed with how the gifts of spirit operate in your life. But you started seeing miracles. But yet there was something deep, deep within him that said there must be something more, and he actually, even though he saw more than most Bible believers see, he was frustrated. And he hooked up with a man by the name of Bobby Conner. And Bobby Conner started mentoring him, and he would tell him stories of things that happened to him. For instance, tell me one of the wilder stories Bobby told you.

JERAME: I remember one of the first times that I met Bobby, he walked up to me in a conference and said, "Hey boy, how would you like to travel the world with me. God says you're one of my sons." So as he invited me to do that I started going places. One of the first places was we went to Europe, and we were together, and we were in Holland. And as we're hanging out he told me this story, and I mean, it just like provoked to what I would say holy jealousy. And he started to tell me about a time that he had a dream, and he was asleep at home at his home in Texas. Anyway, in the dream he actually was in Peru and he was preaching the Gospel from this massive stage. He's doing a healing campaign. And he gave the altar call. Many people got saved. Many people got healed. And then after the campaign was over, the Peruvian people put him on a big llama, and they said, "Alright, we're going to take you down to the city and feed you." So they went down. But in this dream, the llama actually tripped because Bobby was too big for the llama.4

SID: I can picture that.

JERAME: And so the llama tripped and slid downhill, and Bobby slid down with it. Anyway, he said that as that happened he woke up screaming. And when he woke up screaming he woke his wife up, and she screamed, too. "What's going on?" "I was just in a dream." So anyway, then at the beginning of the day when he woke up later, he went back to sleep after that, he went to go get ready for his day, and he noticed that at the foot of his bed was the same clothes in the dream that he was wearing, and they were covered with llama hair and with dirt.

SID: Now that is supernatural. It really is. But this is what occurred. And as you've explained it to me, every time he would hear these testimonies something would happen inside of him and his faith would become activated to expect these things. And in fact, he gets on an airplane and what happened?

JERAME: Well what happened is after I heard many of those testimonies like I just shared the one with you, Bobby told me something. He said, "Hey Jerame," he goes, "do you want to know why I keep telling you these testimonies?" I said, "Why is that?" He said, "It's not because I want you to think I'm more spiritual than you, but it's because I'm giving you the keys to enter into the encounter yourself." He said, "The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." And he said, "The reason why I tell you testimonies is because it actually opens it up for you." And he said, "If you'll think about the things of God and talk about the things of God, Colossians, Chapter 3, Verse 1, 'Set your mind and affections on things above,'" he said, "if you set your mind there then you'll have the things that are above in your life." And so he challenged me. He said, "I challenge you to talk about God and watch what happens." And so me and my friend are flying from New Jersey back to Vancouver where I was living at the time. And as we're flying back we're just talking about God stories. You know, we're telling testimonies of miracles and dreams, and visions, and encounters. And at that time, I was telling him mainly about Bobby, because I was just with him. And so we get to Vancouver and my brother Josh picks us up in my car from the airport. We get in the car and we begin to drive. And so we're so excited about the testimonies we start telling him about the testimonies. Then all of a sudden my friend Craig, he was in the back of the car, back seat, starts screaming, "What's going on? We're in Mississippi!" And I'm thinking, what?

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SID: What?

JERAME: Yeah. So I look back at him and I look forward and, you know, we were driving down the Vancouver Highway. Well all of a sudden, we're not on the Vancouver Highway any more, Sid. We were on a normal street. There are street lights. We look to the left. There's a guy mowing the lawn. And my friend in the back screams, "I know that man! I know that man! I went to high school with him. This is my home town." And my brother is driving the car, and he just looks stunned. He's like, he's trying to figure out what's going on. And so all of a sudden I look out back.

SID: How many miles away was this from where you were?5

JERAME: 2700 miles.

SID: Did you get that? He's all of a sudden transported 2700 miles. You don't have to worry about gas prices going up with that kind of supernatural happening.

JERAME: Yeah, and you don't have to have a current passport.

SID: Okay. So he freaks out by these things.

JERAME: So he's freaking out, and to be honest, I'm freaking out. Everybody.

SID: I'm freaking out. How about you.

JERAME: And so I look back at him again, and when I look back again we're right back on the Vancouver Highway. And so it was amazing because we knew were somewhere else, and we knew where we started from, and then we're back there. So my friend calls the guy on the cell phone that was mowing the lawn and he says, "Hey, were you mowing the lawn just now?" And the guy tells him, "Man, I knew you were prophetic, but you're scaring me now."

SID: Okay. Then a major, major encounter happens to Jerame in Scotland. What happened?

JERAME: Yeah. I was in Scotland and as I was praying, I was just in a time of prayer and worship, and all of a sudden, I had a face to face encounter with Jesus. And when I say face to face, this is probably the only time I've ever had this. It was like Jesus appeared to me as person.

It was real. And he comes up to me, and Jesus was wearing a white robe with a blue sash. And he walks up to me.

SID: They had Israeli colors on, by the way. I just want to point that out.

JERAME: That's true. And he walks up to me, looks me right in the eyes, and he pulls the sash back, the blue sash, and there's his heart, and his heart was on fire. It was burning. And he takes his right hand and he touches my head, and he prays for me. And as he prays for me it's like fire goes through my entire being, and all of my spiritual senses were heightened. They were activated. And from that moment on there had been a real impartation of activation of all the spiritual senses, both for myself, and also in meetings or places that we speak people get activated.

SID: I'm sensing such a presence of God right now. As a matter of fact, someone's neck was just healed in Yeshua's name. Get ready to receive a breakthrough, your miracle, your healing. Stay tuned as Jerame teaches you how to activate your five senses to be instruments of the supernatural. We'll be right back with more in just one moment. 6

SID: You know, serving God is fun. Jerame, would you say serving God is fun?

JERAME: Oh, it's amazing.

SID: I'm curious. Are you seeing any angelic activity going on here right now?

JERAME: You know, Sid, I actually have been seeing an angel in the spirit, and I believe it's actually for somebody who's watching online right now. And I saw an angel laying hands on someone, and I saw a tumor dissolving, specifically in the stomach area. And so if that's you and you're watching right now, just put your hand on our stomach, and just receive your miracle right now. I believe that God has sent an angel on assignment to release that over you right now.

SID: And I heard someone's back was healed and someone's wrist was healed now in Yeshua's name. Now the Bible talks about different types of angels. Just briefly, what is the difference between a seraphim and a cherubim.

JERAME: A seraphim and a cherubim, well you find if you look in the Bible it tells us everything we need to know about the angelic realm. And so I think really there's no excuses for not understanding that realm if we understand what the Word says. So the seraphim angels are angels of fire. And they're just like in Isaiah 6, Isaiah has an encounter with the Lord where he sees the train of his temple fill the house, and a seraphim angels comes, flies to him with a coal of fire in his mouth and touches his mouth, and instantly his sin, his shame is purged, it's removed. And then all of a sudden he hears the voice of the Lord give him a commission and a calling. And so seraphim angels, the word "seraphim" actually means fiery ones. And what that means is they're the angels that bring the purity and holiness of God. Malachi, Chapter 3 says that "God's fire is like a refiner's fire, and it comes to purify or to cleanse." And so we've been in meetings many times where we're preaching and I see in the spirit the seraphim angels. And I'll see them as fiery beings. Or sometimes I'll actually see them like Isaiah, where they've got coals of fire. And when I see that I know what to preach on. I know what to share and I also know what God wants to release in the atmosphere in the meetings that we're in. A lot of times that's to deliver people from sickness, from bondages, from attacks of the enemy, whether it would be addictions or pornography. But those angels come to bring purity and God sends them from the throne to remove the things that hinder people from knowing God more.

SID: Now what about the cherubim? What do they do?

JERAME: The cherubim angels, well those are angels that usher in the glory and presence of God. And you know, in Ezekiel, Chapter 10, Verse 4, you'll see that there's cherubim angels that are releasing what the Bible says is the "brilliant brightness of God's glory" and it's filling the house. And I believe these are the angels that release signs and wonders. You know, we've seen 7 many signs and wonders in meetings that we've been in. And when those angels come there's always a special anointing of God's presence that comes to heal, to deliver, to set people free. But also there's signs that happen that make people wonder about God.

SID: Now tell me when it was activated, a sound, you heard something hit the ground. Tell me about it.

JERAME: Yeah. I was in a meeting in Canada one time. And I was on the front row, and I was praying, and I was asking God, "Lord, what are you going to do in the meeting tonight?" And I heard the sound of something fall and hit the ground. It sounded just like that. And I said, "God, what was that?" And the Lord said to me, "Jerame, that's a gemstone, and I'm going to send it into the meeting tonight to build people's faith." And so I leaned over to the pastor that I was with, and I said, "Hey, I know this sounds strange, but I just heard the sound of gemstone fall on the spirit, and I felt like God said one is going to come tonight." And when I told him that, he looked at me and he said, "It's definitely different, but I'll agree with you." And so he agreed with me. And I said, "Lord, whatever you want to release, we receive it." And it was amazing. That night, there was a three-carat gemstone that fell. A woman found it and she actually took it to a gemologist, a few of them actually, and they appraised it, they looked it. They said it was one of the most perfect gemstones they had ever seen, and it was a diamond.

SID: Jerame, it's time for you to pray.

JERAME: Yeah. So Lord, we just pray right now, God, that you would release just your anointing, Lord. Lord, we pray for the activation of people's senses, Lord God, to see in the spirit, to hear, to feel, to know, to taste, to touch. Lord, we pray right now for supernatural encounters that will mark people's lives, even like Isaiah had, Lord God, where the fire of God would come and commission a generation to walk in purity and holiness, and power, and faith. And Lord, we just release right now just an anointing of signs and wonders, and miracles, God, that people's lives will be transformed and radically changed in Jesus' name.

SID: And I saw a vision just now as Jerame was praying, anything you need from the shoulder down your arm there's healing going on right now. What are you seeing right now, Jerame?

JERAME: Yeah. You know, right now I feel like there are several people with discs in the back that they're either crushed or they're degenerated. I feel like God is releasing an anointing right now to recreate those discs. So if that's you, just stand up right now as you're viewing and watch us as God heals that. And I also feel that there's someone right now, their right ear, some sort of a damage to it because of an accident in a car, God is restoring your hearing now in Jesus' name.

SID: And I'm seeing, actually, metal that are in bodies, it's turning to bone. You won't have problems when you go into airports any more. And what I'm also seeing right now is it's time for you to throw out your religion and your tradition, and achieve the purpose of religion and tradition, intimacy with God. The only way you're going to have intimacy with God is for you to repent of your sins without holding, as you will not see God, and to believe the blood of Jesus washed away your sins, and ask him out loud, "Jesus, become my Lord. Come inside of me. I want to know you. I love you, Lord."

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