Jay Skelton


   My name is Jay Skelton, and I’m retired from the Dallas Fire Department.

   It is through my spirit that I can relate to this story, as it remained bright and clear through this experience.

   I was raised in a Christian home.  My father is a Pastor as were both of my grandfathers.  I always knew God was real, but I was wanting a “burning bush” experience.

   After graduating from high school, I joined the United States Marine Corps. They recognized a shooting skill that I had and I was sent to different shooting schools; before teaching marksmanship to new recruits. After my service to our country, I attended North Texas State University (NTSU) and later graduated from the University of Texas, Arlington (UTA) with a B.S. in Political Science.   I then started my career with the Dallas Fire Department and had a wonderful twenty-nine year career.

   Spiritually speaking, there were times when I enjoyed great spiritual growth and other times, not so much.  But through it all, I knew God had His hand on my life and guided me.  When I retired in 2016, I knew the Lord had a purpose for me.  I was excited and also a little apprehensive about me and my family’s future, little did I know.

   On 19 July 2017, I accidentally shot myself through the right hip, while doing some gun drills in the pasture behind my house.  After a helicopter ride to the E.R. (level one trauma center), I was sitting in my hospital bed. It was here, when I had my encounter with Jesus.  The doctor had me on four different types of pain medication, plus a pain patch. To say that my mind was out of it, is an understatement.

   The Lord Jesus appeared to me, giving me the “burning bush” experience that I always wanted with Him.  He didn’t come to me with judgment or condemnation; but rather with compassion, grace, mercy and most of all, LOVE.  He was beautiful.  So many questions I had, were answered just by looking at Him in the first few moments.  He was there bringing restoration, healing and most of all, Fellowship. He was rejoicing at the one lost sheep that He had left the other ninety and nine for.  It was at that moment, I became acutely aware of His arm across the back of my shoulders.  I couldn’t tear my gaze away from His face for more than a second or two.  He just looked at me and smiled. 

   He told me, Jay, “You need to walk by Faith and not by sight. The things that are seen are temporary, and the things that are not seen are eternal.” 

   With the same lips that spoke the worlds into existence, He called me by my name.  I then found myself back in my hospital bed. I could no longer see Him, but knew he was there, after showing me things about His Angels and the devil by comparison.

   The enemy tried to come in later and tell me that it was all just a drug-induced illusion, but I knew better.  After my encounter with Jesus, I was healed of allergies, acid reflux, and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), just to name a few.  Some things that were a struggle for me, I was victorious.  Praise God!



Jay Skelton Hearing His Voice Testimony

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