Jason Cordova


   Jason Cordova was just like many adults his age that went to church on Sundays, youth group on Wednesday, attended summer camps and serving with his family in different ministries. Around the age of 11 or 12 Jason found a book titled “The Happiest People on Earth.” He remembers reading it and being in awe of regular men doing the things of God, having a successful business, and being successful in the things of God and living the Book of “Acts” from the Bible. This book put a desire in Jason’s heart to minister the gospel with signs and wonders.

   In Jason’s late teen years, he became rebellious, constantly skipping school, drinking, smoking weed, doing drugs, and hanging out with the girls. At 17 Jason was kicked out of high-school and kicked out of his parents’ house. With nowhere to go Jason found himself taking a bus ride to the Los Angeles Dream Center to enter the men’s discipleship program. After the discipleship program, Jason came home to his parents and entered Bible School. Amid Bible School Jason found himself hanging out with old friends and starting to slip back from his sobriety and duties to the Bible School. Jason quickly became entangled in the world again and was kicked out of Bible School. It wasn’t until the age 20, that Jason truly committed his ways to the Lord and returned to Bible School. That Thanksgiving Jason was invited to Barbra Bignold’s house for dinner and to hear a testimony. Barbara served on the board of directors for the Bible School at the time. Little did Jason know that he was going to meet a man that would forever impact and change the course of Jason’s life? This man was Bob Bignold. Jason remembers one of the first things he ever asked Bob which was “How long have you been in ministry.” The answer Jason received was not what he expected. Bob answered, do you mean a businessman, involved with the Full Gospel Businessmen?

   After Bible School Jason went to serve a year at the Dream Center. After Jason returned from serving, he was at church and ran into Barbra Bignold before service. After service Barbra came to Jason and said, “You have to come over this afternoon, I believe the Lord spoke to me about you.” Jason was a little afraid of what the Lord had told her but said to the Lord whatever correction you have for me I will take it. When Jason got to Barbra’s he sat down with Barbara and Bob. Barbara asked about my time at the Dream Center and what I was up to. Barbara looked at Bob and said, “Bob tell Jason what you’re doing.” Bob began to tell Jason about an upcoming airlift to Russia. In midst of Bob telling Jason what he was going to be doing, Barbara said “Bob, why don’t you tell Jason what the Lord spoke to you this morning at church.” Bob kind of scoffed and said, “He told me to take you to Russia, and to pay all your expenses.” This started a relationship that went on for 15 years that forever changed Jason’s life.

   Jason went on 4 airlifts with Bob and began to see the Lord work in his life with signs and wonders, speaking words of knowledge and prophetic words to people. Jason realized later in life that the very man that had mentored him was one of the men that he read about at the age of 11 or 12.

   In Jason’s late 20’s his mother got sick and suddenly died, then a month later Jason’s wife at the time who was living in another state taking care of a dying family member calls to tell him she wants a divorce.  In a matter of a month, Jason lost all his faith in the Lord and turned his back on Him. This lead Jason down a dark path of drinking, sexing and living with a girl that was not even remotely godly. Jason found himself depressed, hating life, and lonely. Jason one day was standing on his porch weeping and crying out to God, telling him something needs to change or else he would end his life and that he was done fighting. Shortly after that the girl moved out, changes in Jason’s life started happening.

   January 2014 Jason found his High school sweetheart on Facebook. That summer they married and started down a road of giving their lives to the Lord and serving Him. Little did Jason or Heather know they were in for a ride of their life? Jason was climbing the corporate ladder, life was good, and they blended their families, and welcomed a son into their lives. In 2017 everything began to change that lead both Jason and Heather down a path of truly trusting the Lord. In 2017 Jason got really sick and missed almost a year of work, after fighting a new stomach disease and deep-rooted depression, Jason was able to start working and providing again for his family only to find himself few months later getting injured on the job. Jason went to work for himself and quickly began to find success. One night after work Jason was praying and had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that began to truly change his walk with the Lord and his relationship with his wife. That night Jason took authority over the devil and his wicked schemes that had been plaguing his life. The Lord began to shift and move things around in Jason’s and his wife’s lives that brought them to a place of truly becoming one together and walking in the things of God together. Through the shifts and changes, Jason and Heather have found themselves on a path of faith, listening and hearing the voice of the Lord. The Lord began to speak to Jason and Heather about relocating to Texas. Jason and Heather both had prophets call them out of the blue and ask if we were getting ready to move, because they saw us transitioning out of state, in their personal prayer time. Jason and Heather remodeled and listed their house and moved to the Fort Worth Texas area in early January of 2021.

    Jason is currently in the process of starting a new career in the mortgage protection insurance business and combining ministry with business to reach the lost and hurting people of the world. Little did Jason know at age 11 or 12 that the book he read, would lead him down a path of being mentored by one of the very men in the book, and God giving him a burning desire to see men reunited with God, families healed, and seeing those men rise up to spread the Gospel of Christ across the land followed by signs and wonders.

Jason and Heather working together for Christ


Jason and Heather working together for Christ


Hearing His Voice Testimony

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