Jason Bearden

Jason Bearden   My name is Jason Bearden, and I am a proud member of the USA Marine Corps.

   On March 20, 2003, we invaded Baghdad, Iraq. I've never felt such a big rush in my life. Now, All of the stories that you heard about marines, they're true. Throughout my Marine Corps career, I was not practicing my faith. I was a Christian, but the way that I lived, you would never know it.

   I remembered the first instance looking back. We were right outside Fallujah. I was a sniper team leader. I took my sniper team back behind the enemy lines. We were asking the guys, "Hey, are there IDDs down this road?" They said, "No."  The first time they asked us, we knew that they were the enemy.

   We're sitting here in a house and we go up on the roof slept in this house with terrorists. I'm like, "Okay. We're sleeping there. We go from the top room." The next thing you know you're in the columns. "Hey. You need to get out of the house because you need to go across the Euphrates River to the army's area of operation." I said, "Okay."

   We go that night. We've heard more of us are coming in. We go across the river. Before we went on this mission, they told me, "If anybody has an AK47 or wearing a ski mask, take them out." I said, "Okay." I was pretty excited about that. We were ready for a fight. We were trained, and it's game time.

   We go across the river. I asked the guy in the house, are there others in the house. He says, "Yes, Go down this field." I was like, "Really?" This is the first experience looking back at God's grace. There was so much grace. If it wasn't for me being saved and accepted Jesus, I probably wouldn’t be here talking to you. The decision that I had to make was to stay put. 

   We were all loose. There were 15-20 guys with ski masks and AK47s. They were thirty meters in front of my house. Bullets were going all over the place.

   I stood up to see what's going on. I had my N4 weapon. As I looked, I see soldiers with ski masks and AK47s. They didn't know we were there and could take a shot. I decided to take the team back down under cover.

   Now, there were two things that were going to happen. Either I take the shot or we were about to get into a big firefight. These guys didn't know we were there. Either my whole team would have been wiped out or something really bad would have happened.

   We didn't shoot the guys on our very first mission. It was the Iraqi army. They told us that anybody with ski masks or AK47s; take them out because they are enemy.  If I had shot those guys, it would have been a lot worst. That's what happened. While in Iraq, many of the guys asked me about Jesus Christ. What did I think about? I replied, “Jesus is inside of me, but I'm not practicing my faith. I looked at this one guy and I said, "Because He is the Messiah." His eyes got really big. I'm speaking in English, and we departed shaking hands.  

   I trained most of the west coast sniper units in the Marine Corp that would be to deploy Afghanistan.  Soldiers were coming to shake my hand and said, "Thank you so much.” We did a lot of good. I kept telling them to stay flexible and things will happen. I was responsible for training these guys and keep them alive.

   When I got out of the Marine Corps, a series of things happened. I was dealing with a lot of alcohol and gambling issues. I started my own business in Hawaii and then sold the business. I had to deal with many issues. One day, I experienced the big around in my life. This is why His grace is so big.

   I was dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I couldn't sleep at night. I applied for the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). I said, "Can you give me something?" DDA wanted to give me pills. I said I'm not going to take any pills. I thought, "I'll smoke pot." I called my human resources up and said, "Hey, can you buy me a bag of marijuana?" He said, "Yes. Meet me at the park."

   I went to the park, and the very first thing he asked me, "Are you on your way to California, and can you buy me a pound of cocaine?" I said, "Yes. I could do that." But I wasn't there to do that. I was there to pick up my bag of marijuana. I had to go to the park. Well, as I walked into this park, directly in the corner of the park was a pool table. There were three guys playing pool. I'm walking closer to the pool table, and they keep talking about buying us all kinds of dope. As I'm getting closer to the ATM, one of the guys at the pool table looks at me and he smiled. I didn't think anything of it.

   I went to the ATM machine and grabbed my money. I'm walking outside. I gave it to my buddy. My buddy says, “Can I go with you to California?" I said, "No." He says, "Why not?" I said, "Because you can't go." When I started driving home, I got to my office. I’m breaking up this marijuana, and I'm thinking about the guy who's at the pool table.

   All of a sudden, I heard the Holy Spirit say, "I condemn you.” Proverbs 12:2 says. “I will condemn your wicked ways." I came out of the office with tears running down my face. I looked at my wife and I said, "God just spoke to me." I took the marijuana and cocaine and threw it away. Now, I'm on this journey for six months seeking the will of God.

   I would go from church to church. I find this small Baptist church. I was even thinking about going to the Mormon Church. This was a very intensive time for me. So, I went to a small Baptist church and sat on the very last row. During the morning greeting, a guy comes up and says, "Good morning. My name is Cory." He said, "Hey. You look familiar." I said, "Yes, you probably saw me around here because I grew up here."

   I came back for the evening message. I saw this guy walking around and said, "Are you here for the evening service?" He said, "No."

   To make the long story short, he talked to me for about an hour. When we finish the conversation, I got into my car and I started driving home and everything clicked. The gentleman that smiled at me at the pool table was an undercover cop. His mother had been trying to set me up because three weeks before that, I just was busted for marijuana possession and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI). The undercover cop happened to be that deacon.

   Wow. Praise the Lord. This is the reason why I'm here today. I had open visions. I didn't realize that I was having open visions. I had visions like that of Daniel. I was seeing these visions, and my wife was seeing things. She's giving me the interpretation of certain things. It was so intense.

   This is the point; I was filled with the Holy Ghost. It's so important that we bring people to the Lord. If He was not inside me, I'm telling you, I would have either committed suicide or wouldn't be here today talking to you. Praise the Lord.

Jason's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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