James David Turner

JamesDavidTurner   I was born on May 30, 1940, in Washington, Georgia, to Ernest and Dorothy Nash Turner.   When I was five years old the devil tried to kill me with spinal meningitis, and though I did not know it, he did kill my Grandmother with pneumonia. When my Mother and I were leaving the hospital, the doctor told her that we had gotten a miracle since they were only able to save one out of one-hundred. I started school in the first grade at Waverly Hall, GA. After moving to several towns, I graduated from Alexander Stephens Institute High School in Crawfordville, GA in 1958.   I married in 1958 and out of that marriage I had two children, Michael and Suzanne. I was employed at several places through the next few years. I was laid off of a job in 1967, and my Father asked me if I would like to try to start a company.   I accepted and we started a company named David Sales Company in Augusta, GA. I made a profession of my faith in God when I was twelve years old, but I did not have a personal relationship with Him.   On December 14, 1973, as my father and I were coming back from working in Alabama, we had a head-on collision with tractor trailer truck. My father was killed. I thank God the accident was not my fault. The devil did not stop there. My first marriage ended in December 1975. I married again in August of 1976. I had been in the party life for years, and in early 1977 we were on the edge of getting a divorce.   As a last resort, we decided to go to church. In May of 1977, we decided to give it all to Jesus, got saved, stopped smoking, cursing, drinking and partying immediately. In December of 1977, I joined the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International in the Augusta GA Chapter. In January of 1978, my wife and I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost at a Kenneth Hagin meeting in Atlanta, GA. We attended many Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship World Conventions, and many other Christian meetings including Kenneth Hagin’s Camp meeting in 1978. Through the 1980s, we sought the Lord with all our hearts. In 1990, I felt the Lord put it on the heart of a Jewish man whose family owned a company that I had been purchasing from for years to purchase my company.   I told them my wife and I would pray about it and give them a price. I felt that God had given me a price so I gave it to them and they agreed with it. They did not give me a counter offer. Praise God! I say God sold my company. From 1990 to 1994, we traveled the country going to Full Gospel Business Men’s meetings and many other Christian meetings. In 1994, I started another company called Turner Hat Company. With the help of the Lord, I sold it in six years. In 2000, we moved to Destin, Florida, where we stayed for five years. We joined the Destin United Methodist Church, where I was elected to be on the Church Council and President of the United Methodist Men. God was preparing me for things to come. In 2005, we moved to Vidalia, GA, where my son and daughter lived. By December of 2006, my thirty-year marriage was ended by the devil. By June of 2007, God put another lady in my life that I had known at a church in Augusta, GA years ago. We were married in September of 2007, and now live in Augusta.   I joined the Augusta Chapter of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, where I served as President for 2 1/2 years.   Jesse McElmurray, who was a good friend of mine, got me appointed as a Field Representative. About a year later, he got Richard Shakarian to appoint me as a National Director.  In 2010, Jimmy Rogers said he was leaving Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International to join Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship in America. At this point I talked to Bob Bignold, and he said he would appoint me to be a National Director-at-Large if I came in. I moved my membership.   I served as National Director-at-Large for a few years.   From then to the present, I have served on the Georgia Men’s Advance (GMA) Committee. For several years, I served as Georgia National Director and later was re-appointed National Director-at-Large by Roy Brian. My wife, Chris, has been by my side to help me with Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship. We have also been Music Ministers at Riverfront Church in North Augusta, SC for ten years. God has been faithful to me my whole life, even before I knew Him. I give Him credit for doing all the things I was able to accomplish in my life. He alone is worthy!

David and Gary Vanover

David receiving prayer from Gary Vanover

Hearing His Voice Testimony

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