Ivan Tuttle

Ivan Tuttle    Hi, I am Ivan Tuttle with Ivan Tuttle Ministries International. I am here today to talk to you about something. I died once, I went to hell, I went to heaven, and I came back. I was dead for almost three hours.

   What happened is I had a blood clot in my leg, it is in the hospital and I got released from the hospital. I went home that night I actually died in my sleep, paramedics came. They found me. I was dead. They figured I was dead for close to three hours just by my body temperature what I look like, I knew I was because about the time I went to bed and time I woke up, but that is not important right now. What is important for me to talk to you about a few things?

   One is when I died, I went directly to hell. Now, when I was a kid, I was a really good kid. I was living for the Lord and things were great. All kinds of things with derivatives even going to Bible College and then I just walked away from God when that happened, that is when I die. That is when I had a blood clot in my leg when I died. So anyway, I went to hell and the things that I saw in hell were just unbelievable. I am telling you. There are so many people in hell that you would not believe would be there.

   I am talking about former pastors, evangelists, good people in the neighborhood, people that you would not think would be down there are actually down there and there is a reason why they are there and we will get into that some other day. But I want you to know something, hell is for real. I saw these things happen. It is important to understand that is one place you have never wanted to go to. I promise you. I have been there.

   Well while I was in hell, I was being taken to my final resting place. A voice rang out and the voice said, "It is not his time. I made a promise to his mother, you must let him go." Immediately this demon that had a hold of me let me go and I translated directly to heaven and I was standing there at the Gates of Heaven holding the hand of an angel. It was one of the most fantastic things you could ever experience.

   This was beautiful. This Angel is so big, strong, and tall, but yet had a voice that had such power with the voice. This Angel showed me things around in heaven and believe me, you will hear a lot of people talk about experiences they had heaven. We never can put it in exact words if you would understand. But one of the things that I was allowed to see which is different than most people is the Angel told me to turn and look and as I turned to look, I saw the whole earth like a timeline. I saw the beginning of the earth, way into the future of the Earth.

   I saw things that were going to happen. And here is one of the most important things in the future that I saw. Did you know that we are in the last days? Remember now, the disciples thought it was the last days too, and you have to understand that we have to always be in that kind of thinking. Because here is what happens, if we start becoming complacent and just being relaxed about everything in our Christian walk. We do not do any good but if we start thinking and understanding that today could be the last day. This is our last day, and then we need to become activated. We need to go out and do something.

   Listen, I saw a great revival coming to the world. It starts here in America and it does not start with any place or any church or any person. It is going to be spontaneous and when it happens, it is going to spread throughout the whole world. This is going to be the biggest revival anybody has ever seen.

   In fact, I do not even really call it a revival. I just called it the greater glory and the reason why I call it that because that is what I saw. When I was in heaven, I saw this greater glory being released. Folks, listen if you look outside your window today and see what is happening or watch the news then watch what is happening in this world today. You will understand that demonic is growing rapidly. The reason why they are, is because it is now our turn to turn up the heat from Jesus Christ, from the Holy Spirit, turn up the heat that we have inside of us, and start doing the right things. That is what drives those demons crazy. And that is exactly what is going on today.

   Today is the end times; we could just look and say "hey, this is the last day." Think about it in that respect for this reason only, so that you get up and do something. God when his glory comes on us, then you start experiencing that glory and you realize you are supposed to walk in that Glory? There are Miracles that can happen to you like you would not believe. You are going to be walking along and you will see somebody coming down the street and God will let you know then you will start praying for that person even before you meet him and you go up when you meet him and God is going to open the door and you are just going to say, "You know what Jesus said I need to pray for that person, you do not have to scream and holler."

   And miracles happen right on the street, you can see this happen every day of your life. You can walk in it all the time. It is so important with what is happening in this world today for all of us to realize, it is time. It is time that we go do something; it is time to wake up. Wake up and it is just a miracle. Wake up the world. It is time for the whole world to realize that we need to get out of there; it is time for us to do something. You hear me repeat that so many times because it is so important to understand.

   If we do not get out there and we do not start doing what we are supposed to do. Then the Demonic is going to take over and we are going to sit back like we have for many years, sitting on our hands going, "well, there is nothing we can do, it against him." That’s a lie. God has given us the name of His Son and His authority to do His work.

   No, that is not what we are supposed to do. Unfortunately, that is what America and many of the people in the world. The church has been going through it going, "Well, nothing we can do. It is in the Bible. That is what happens." It does not say, Christians, sit back and do nothing. This is when we turn up the heat, this is when we decide it is time for us to come alive and it is time for us to go out there and just go get people safe filled with the Holy Spirit and raised the dead. I was raised from the dead a little different than other people are.

   God raised me from the dead to bring this message to you today. That is why God brought me back. He wanted you to know that to visit hell, there is a heaven and you have a choice, but also he brought me back to the people that claim to be Christians as they claim to be Christians. There are a lot of people out there that see that the Christians and you would not know it except for maybe some of their actions that they do and if they do go to church on Sunday.

   Here is the thing. He is tired of lukewarm Christians. He wants you on fire. Why do you think the Holy Spirit was sent here? The Holy Spirit will speak through you. Thank you, God. I enjoyed it." No, the sentence saw that when you get that, you will take that and you go give that to somebody else and if you will pass that on in the anointing that God has put on your life and the experience God gave you and the glory that falls on you, spread that Glory around.

   There is going to be a day, very soon where if you are really filled with the Holy Spirit and you know that God is working in your life and moving through you. You are going to walk along and your shadow can touch somebody just like Peter and those people will get up from the dead. They will come alive, they will be healed, and the lame will stand up and start to walk. The blind will see, the deaf will hear, people that are sick with whatever disease that is out there, cancer or whatever will get cured instantly just by your shadow if you will walk in that Glory.

   If you will just say, "Okay. I want this God. I want to take this now. I want to walk in it." You have the opportunity. There is only one thing stopping you.

   No, it is not Satan like a lot of yours. I know I can see right now. A lot of you are thinking, "That might have been Satan trying to stop me." No, it is you. It is your own thought in your head going "Well. I do not know, maybe I can do it. I am not sure." Listen, you did not get what you got from God to just sit at home. What you got from God and what you are supposed to be doing in these last days is that you are supposed to be evangelizing. You are supposed to go out there and talk to people, pray with people.

   But the only way you are going to get the courage to do it is to read His word. Get the word of God and start reading the word of God because faith comes by hearing the word of God. Start reading the Bible and if you are concerned, read it out loud. Just do some. Read three chapters a day. You get to read a whole Bible in one year. But what that will do inside of you? It builds you up so much when you start reading His word and you start realizing this is for today.

   We need to evangelize. We need to pray with people. We need to stop being afraid. We need to stop thinking, "It looks like I do not have a degree." You do not need a degree. You have the Holy Spirit that is better than any degree you will ever receive in your life. The best prayer warriors, the best people I have ever seen perform miracles for people that never went to college. There is a lady who was eighty-eight years old and she used to go around when I was a kid and pray for people. Those people get healed instantly. She did not have a degree. She did not have anything like that. She just knew that she had something from God and folks that is what you have. You have the ability.

   Heavenly Father, I just pray for the people that are watching right now. Listen, if you are watching and you have never received Jesus Christ in your life, repeat this prayer. Heavenly Father, forgive me of my sins right now. I thank you. I know that Jesus died on the cross so that my sins can be forgiven. God, I ask that you just turn my life around you help me Lord. I am going to be a kid, which means I am doing a 180 in my life and I am going to be seeking you God and that is all I'm going to do. Holy Spirit, come into my life, Jesus Christ who died on the cross and thank you Lord of my life in Jesus' name.

   Now, if you just said that prayer you are just going you see Jesus Christ in your life. It is just done. For those of you that are wanting to do something more for God. I am going to pray for you right now.

   Heavenly Father, I just ask that you wake up these people that God, you make them come alive and the Holy Spirit, you will move to their life that the sparkly they get inside of them that they will go crazy with it. Heavenly Father, that they will be able to just go out there and lay hands on the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, and do all of them. Thank you.

   Start thanking God for what he has done. Praise God. Hallelujah, in Jesus' name, I pray that to you. God Bless you.

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