Ivan Sisk Story

IvanMy name is Ivan Sisk. While growing up on a farm, I developed a good work ethic and a broad range of experiences.

I always had a desire to repair vehicles. I started my career as a mechanic repairing cars, trucks, tractors, and heavy equipment. In 1992, I opened my own repair business. I would like to tell my story.

My parents took me to church and Sunday school. My mother was a born again Christian. I had head knowledge about the Lord but lacked a relationship with Jesus. I was raised in a “Shouting Methodist Church,” but wasn’t taught about the Holy Spirit. At the age of 15, I went through the act of accepting the Lord, but there was no change in my life style living.

In 1961 I married my childhood sweetheart, Letha, but we were not born again Christians. In 1962 Letha accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. In 1963 the Lord began to deal with me about the assurance of my salvation. I met a man at a Bible conference, and he asked me that question, “Was I sure of my salvation?” I could not say, “Yes” because I was not sure.

On Labor Day in 1963, I was working in my shop in Halsey, Oregon, when the fire station phone rang. I answered it and blew the fire siren from the shop. I was also a volunteer fireman and we went to put out a grass fire that was started by the sun shining on an empty beer bottle. I was on the front riding board with a booster nozzle for putting out the grass fires. We drove through the fire to assist the other fire crew. No problem I thought but the driver had put the pump out of gear, and it was getting hot standing on the riding board so I threw the booster nozzle up on the hose rack and I got up there also. After we got to the other side of the fire, I found out I had a first degree burn on my right arm as the outer skin was missing. I grabbed the first aid kit and sprayed my arm to ease the pain. When we got back to town, I called Letha and she took me to the doctor in Junction City, Oregon. He bandaged my arm and told me to put vitamin A and D on it.

I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it through the fire, and it made me think what if we didn’t. Would I have gone to heaven or hell?

On January 26, in 1964, I was saved, set free from a pack a day cigarettes, and my cursing stopped. About two weeks later, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.

In 1968, the Lord started to do a work in my life that brought about a change and healing of our marriage. We were married in 1961, and we were living in Reno, Nevada, when my wife gave birth to a boy in 1966. I did not have a steady job and we struggled financially.

In March of 1968, our son Robert was born and I still had no steady employment. I wanted him to be born at home to save money. Letha and I had some hard feelings about this. She was having trouble carrying him. She may not have lived if he had been born at home. The doctor told us she needed to have her tubes tied if she was going to live and raise our children. I lacked compassion because I wanted to have a baby girl.

In April 1968 I went to work for United States Gypsum Company in Empire, Nevada. This was the first steady employment that I had since we were married. In September of 1968, I had worked long enough for my medical insurance to become available, and Letha had her tubes tied. Again she was right in her decision. I felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck and both of us were hurting.

On Sunday night after the surgery, I was on my way back to Empire. I had the radio on to KPMC in Bakersfield, California. An Assembly of God church had David Du Plessis on that night, and David spoke on forgiving those who have hurt you. David said, “You could be right, but your feelings about being hurt could be just as bad also.” To make his point David used Matthew 6:12 “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”

After the program went off the air, the Lord said to me “Son if you go any farther with Me, you must forgive those who have hurt you. I knew what I had to do. I had to go back to Reno and tell Letha what the Lord said to me, and I asked her to forgive me and she did. She then asked me to forgive her and I did, and that was the starting point for the healing of our marriage. This was a lesson that helped me many times during our fifty-two years of marriage.

I have served as a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America Chapter President and Field Representative. The Lord had gifted me with the manifestation of prophecy and words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit.

IVAN'S VISION OF THE FELLOWSHIP IN THE FORM OF A TEMPLE "On Sept. 22, 2001 the Lord gave me the following vision concerning the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International. I saw the old Fellowship, in the form of a temple which had been leveled to the ground, to the basic foundation upon which the Fellowship had been conceived; the "Vision" which God had given to Demos Shakarian, that was all that remained.

Then I saw new stones being brought in to construct a new Temple. These new stones looked to be about 18"x 24" square and about 48" long. They were Pure white, in fact they even glistened, the craftsmanship of the stones was perfect, and there were no flaws. These stones represented new men that the Lord had prepared out in the quarry, so that when the temple was being rebuilt there would not be heard the sound of iron or hammer, even as it was when the temple of Solomon was being built. These new men were men of integrity and honesty, they were men of the word, and they moved in the power of the Holy Spirit, no more works of the flesh.

The Lord also said to me that there would be a change in the top levels of leadership, and there would come unity, no more strife, no more envy over who gets the credit. These new men, have been proven in the quarry, they are men who have a proven track record of being led by the Holy Spirit."

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