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   I have a special place in my heart for Full Gospel Business Men. Back in the early 1980s, I was asked by Demos Shakarian, the head of the original FGBMF to pray for the sick and it was my job to pray for the sick and we had people getting out of wheelchairs.

   We had a man come in with steel pins in knees and his steel pins disappeared.  I mean, we would see every Saturday morning 200 people come in to that breakfast and my goodness we had lines of people getting healed by the power of God. God is a healing God. God is still the healing business. Praise the Lord.

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   I was born to a Jewish father. I was born into a Jewish home. Being Jewish, I came out here with Deke Silverman; we're just two Jewish buddies. We like getting into the Hebrew and getting in the word of God. Coming from a Jewish home I didn't know about Jesus. I didn't know about my messiah, but when I was 4 years old my family taught me how to pray. It wasn't some great Hebrew prayer but a generic prayer like, “now I lay me down to sleep.”  So they didn't know if I continued to pray. When I prayed I lifted my hands; I never saw anyone lift their hands. The Holy Spirit was teaching me.  I began to pray for not only my parents, brothers, sisters and my dog spot but I began to pray for the kids down the street and their dogs and cats. Man, at four years old I began a personal relationship with God, but Jesus came into my room at four years old and called me into the ministry. Well, Jesus coming into a little Jewish boy’s room doesn't flow right with the family. My brother said, “what did you eat - some pizza last night?" You know.  You're just dreaming.  Jesus came into my room and called me into the ministry. Well I know growing up I was called into the ministry and so I just knew deep down someday I would be a minister. I got to a point my freshman year of high school when a friend invited me to a Baptist church. Well, Baptists are very good at getting you saved. Well, they didn't have a hard time with me, I walked in there and they said how many want to get saved, I walked down. Praise God! I'm ready to go. Give me a bible and I'll start preaching. So I went on from there and didn't really get involved with the church. I found out that I didn't know the bible so I ran from the calling; I did not run from God. I ran from the calling. I ran to Hollywood. I was in over 31 movies. I did commercials and television. I did voice overs for Disney.

   Well, while I was in Hollywood, the Lord came to me and said, “I didn't call you to Hollywood; I called you to the ministry.” Well this is all I knew. He said, “I didn't call you to Hollywood I called you to be a minister.” I told Him no. He came to me a second time and He said, “Son I called you to the ministry.”  Again I said no.  Well, at this time a pretty actress came in and invited me to church. I’d been waiting on someone to invite me to church. I went to that church, I walked in, but it wasn't a Baptist church, it was a full gospel church. They were raising their hands and I said I’m home. Glory to God. I've never seen that before, but that's how I prayed.  They were raising their hands, and the glory of God came down. The presence of God was falling on that place. They were talking about Acts 1 and 2. You know Jewish people are people of the book, what it says you do, we're obedient.  We don't pick and choose what were going to believe. If it says you are supposed to be speaking in tongues, we strategize in how we do this. I went immediately down there and began speaking in tongues and I got baptized in the Holy Spirit. I just wanted everything God had because anything God has is good, so I received it. The very next month I started a bible study. I was 21 and had my own apartment and started inviting people over for bible study. You have to understand I grew up without the bible. I knew some of the Old Testament but I didn't know the New Testament at all. So it was the blind leading the blind. Every week I had a bible study. I'll never forget, I decided we were going to have a city wide revival and we rented a facility. I got in there and we put flyers all over the city. We let people know. You have to understand something at this time; I was doing movies during the day and bible study at night. I had one foot in the world and one foot in the word. We got a packed house coming out to this thing and I just told them everything I knew and it was about 5 minutes into the thing. I just said, “Praise God, how many people want to get saved,” and people started coming down. I'll tell you what.  I’ll never forget the title of my first sermon, the gospel in a nutshell and it was 5 minutes long.

   While I was in Hollywood, this girl started coming to my bible study with another guy and I didn't look her way because she was with another guy. Well she got saved that night and the next week she came to bible study alone and now I'm looking. Glory to God. She came over and I walked over to her and asked her if she would like to go to coffee afterwards. She said she doesn't drink coffee. I thought she was shooting me down and I started to walk away and she said, “But I like hot chocolate.” We began to just get together. We got married nine months later. I'm having this bible study and I’m still in the movies. I got a small part in a horror movie. Here I am doing a horror movie during the day and a bible study at night. In Hollywood it's the most boring thing you have ever been involved with.  People think it is exciting. No, maybe at the red carpet when they finally have the movie done. When you're doing a movie you sit around and do nothing for hours while they setup cameras, lights, and things, so you have a lot of idol time with idol hands. I just sat around during this horror movie.

   They have advisors to movies, and advisors to a horror movie are real warlocks, witches, and people of the cult and here they were with us in the same sound box. . This one warlock came in with this pentagon around his neck, and he was laying hands on people and they were falling down by the counterfeit power of Satan. I was getting mad because I knew that it wasn't the power of God and that it was Satan.  So I heard a small voice in me say go down and let him lay hands on you. I said, “Get thee behind me Satan!" Then I heard another small voice that said, “Who is greater?  He who is within you or he who is in the world.” The Lord said to me, “Go down there, I'm going to do something.” So I was alright. Now I walked down there and I am standing in front of him and they have all these different actors sitting back and different workers and they knew my testimony because I wasn't quiet about it. So they were kind of wondering what I was doing up there.  On the outside I was just standing there and on the inside I was speaking in tongues.  He came out and lifted his hand and was about two feet away from me and he looks at me and says, “Ouch!”  He ran out of the sound stage.  Later on, someone told me he said, “His hand was on fire.” We got to witness to a lot of people in that sound stage and a lot of them got saved. You know the power of God is real. The Koran and all these other books and even a Bible without the power is just another book.

   With the power of God the bible comes alive, Praise God. While doing this horror movie the Lord came to me a third time and he said to me, “I did not call you to Hollywood." I knew in my spirit this was the last time he was going to come to me. I said to Him as clear as could be, “Lord, I don't know Your word, You've seen my bible study and that shows I don't know Your word." The Lord said to me something very, very wise, “You'll learn it.” I went home that day and went to my wife and said to her, “We’re going to bible school.” She said, “I know the Lord has been dealing with me, we're supposed to go to bible school.” We didn't know where to go. We didn't know anything about bible school. We were attending a bible study at the time and I went to the leader of this bible study and asked, “Do you know of any bible schools?" He said, “Well, I only know of one because my son lives in the town, and it's out in Arkansas." Now I've never been to Arkansas. I've been living in Hollywood. Arkansas seemed like somewhere on another planet. He said there's a Christian university there in Arkansas and they had the DaySpring Christian greeting cards headquarters there, and I can get you a job there if you want to go there.

   Well, I thought here's a job and I can go to school and so we just packed up everything and we moved to Arkansas. We're pulling into this town and we're on one of the side streets where people are out on the lawns and waving at us.   We thought oh my goodness they must have saw some of our movies. We had never seen friendly people before. We entered into this Baptist school. We didn't know what it was. We just knew someone said it was a bible school. They had a bible department so I became part of the bible department. They wanted a senator to the bible department so I ran for senator. I found out no one else wanted the job so I got it. Well, there was something about this university that I went to and they were more interested in having parties and living like the world than living for Jesus. I was sold out, and I wanted to learn the word and get a hold of God. I'm right in the middle of all this, and I’m a bible senator.

   So I decided that we're going to have revival on this campus. I asked all the Christians on the campus to come together and pray, and the two of us prayed. The guy that came and prayed with me came to this school excited, he was hopping and skipping and lifting up his hand and I said, “What church do you go to? I want to go to your church." He said, "I just moved here." I asked, “Where did you come from?” He said, “I'm from Dallas, Texas.” He said he just transferred from Christ for the Nations. I went back to my wife that night and said we were moving.  She said she had a dream last night that we were moving. Boy! I praise God that He dealt with her first. So we packed up and moved to Dallas, Texas. We were at Baptist Bible College for two semesters and as soon as that semester ended, we left there and went down to Christ for the Nations. We got fired up.  That is where I met Kenneth Copeland and he began to have a great influence in my life and I went on to work for him. But I tell you what, we got fired in the things of God. I’ll never forget when we walked into Christ for the Nations, everyone was lifting their hands and I said, “I’m home again.” God began to deal with me about the healing ministry.

   I’ll never forget one day there at Christ for the Nations a girl came forward on crutches and her legs were crippled up. Her legs were twisted up, and every toe was growing into another. As she came forward, I was thinking, I wonder if she is coming forward for a headache. You would have hoped the same thing. She came forward and I said, “What do you need” and she said, “My legs.”  I said, “Praise God, Hallelujah!” I began to pray and lay hands on her. This was about 1982. She fell down under the power of God and I began to pray for her feet.   I laid my hands on her feet. I prayed and prayed. I prayed everything I knew. I prayed supplication, intercession, irrigation whatever I could come up with, I prayed it. Glory to God. I got up and her legs were just as twisted and her toes were growing into each other.   I said, “Well, praise the Lord” and I began to walk away. Well the Lord had been teaching me the word of faith and had been teaching me about faith through Reverend Copeland and He [the Lord] spoke to me so clearly and said, “Why are you getting up?” I said, “Well, I gave you five minutes.”   He said, “Well, yeah, you gave me five minutes but without any faith.”  So I walked back over to her and I began to pray, but this time I was just praising Him.  I said, “Thank you Lord Jesus, that by your stripes she is healed. Thank you Lord God that her legs are straight.” Then I stopped and asked, “Lord what do you want me to do?”

    He said, “Mold her legs like clay” and I said, “Pardon Me?” He said, “Take her ankle” and I did and you could hear the bones popping and snapping as that leg came straight, every toe came out one by one. Praise God!  That changed my life. I wanted to go into the hospitals and clear them out.
We graduated from there and moved back to California and I became a Pastor there.  I pioneered a work there. While I was there in California, we were pastoring and having a great time and we got involved with the Full Gospel Business Men.  They made me their honorary Chaplain. It was such a wonderful time because we were there and they saw the anointing on me to pray for the sick. I tell you what, I even got to pray for Demos. Praise God!  We saw improvement. He went from a wheelchair to just a crutch, and he started getting better for a while.  I tell you what, God is a big God and He desires to do big things.

   It was while I was in California pastoring that I was going down a road and God said, “Turn right here.”  I said, “Okay.” and I turned right.  He said go down this road and I went down that road. He said turn left and I turned left.   He said pull over, so I pulled over.  He said, “You see that radio station right there.”  I said yes sir. He said, “Go in there and tell the manager to put you on the air.”  Well, being the great man of faith that I am, I went home.  The next day I was at a minister’s meeting and at this meeting a man walks up to me and hands me his card and says I’m the manager of this radio station, a secular rock and roll station. I began to tell him the story of how I was sitting outside his radio station the day before and what the Lord had told me to do. I said, “Aren’t you a secular rock and roll station?”  He said, “Yes, on the FM but on the AM we’re switching to a Christian format.  As a matter of fact, I feel like this is God and I’m putting you on the air, Monday through Friday, twice a day, and I’m not going to charge you.”   How many of you know that’s God?  We got on the radio and we started getting in the word, and you know I got a hold of the word of God.  Back when I was in bible school, I studied night and day and got straight A’s. We got a hold of the word so I was no longer the blind teaching the blind. I mean, I have a lifetime worth of Sundays and put it all in my spirit.  We just went out there and we began to get on radio and began to get invitations to go speak at churches. So, I was speaking at my church, and once a month I’d go out, and be at my church the rest of the month.

   Then I got another invitation, so the next thing you know I’m preaching twice in and twice out.  Then, three times out. Finally, I went to my church and said, “I really believe I’m supposed to have a traveling ministry.” In 1991, we were going into traveling ministry and we centralized ourselves in Dallas and worked for Brother Copeland. While working for Brother Copeland, I started going out on the weekends and preaching.  Man, I tell you what, we began to go forth and now today we preach 50 out of 52 weeks.  We’re always in a church somewhere all over this country. God has just blessed us. Well, the Lord began to deal with me and I said to the Lord, “I would like to do more.” He said, “Every time I tell you to do something you say no.” I asked, “What are you talking about?” He said, “I told you I would open up television for you.” I said, “I told you I didn’t want anymore to do with Hollywood.” He said, “I’m not talking about Hollywood; I’m talking about ministry.”  I finally got the revelation that Hollywood and Christian television were two different things. I finally submitted to it. I said, “Well, Lord, I’ll submit to Christian television.” The very next week, the Lord opened it up and I was on TBN in California.

   We’ve been on TV ever since, and when Marcus Lamb first came out here, we were involved with him from the very first week. We encouraged him and got him fired up and we’ve been on to a C and TCT, and BTN, and all the major Christian television networks since then.  Last year, I was on every major Christian television network.  Over 200 hundred hours of Christian television networks, and it’s been great getting the word out and going forth and literally every time I’m on TBN I’m reaching 90,000,000 people. Literally 90,000,000 are actual viewers.  We get mail every day for three months, praise God, of reports of people who have been healed and set free.  God is a miracle working God, Hallelujah!


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Jeff Backer


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