Finding The Truth - Greg Silker

I was 21 years old and totally disillusioned. I had tried to fill my life with all the entertainments of an ambitious young man, but it wasn't working. The girl I thought was the love of my life broke up with me. It was becoming obvious that my party lifestyle could not go on forever.

Even the success of the rock and roll band I had started to help pay my way through college left me wondering. “Is this all there is?” I had no purpose beyond the next amusement...the next adventure.  And the meaninglessness of my life took even the fun out of it all. But through that crack in the door... “How do I find real meaning in life?”...God began to wake up my heart.

My Dad had just come to Christ in his mid forties. He gave me a Bible and I started reading the stories of Jesus. There was a ring of truth and reality in Jesus' words. He had true life and offered hope that lasted beyond the few years we have on this planet. But I was stuck. God was real. There was a purpose to life. That was great news, but as I tried to live the way Jesus described...a life of love, trust, and faithfulness to God...I continually failed. Sometimes I couldn't. Other times I didn't want to.  I was afraid of what God would do if I gave Him my life, but my understanding of God and myself was changing. I didn't just need purpose. I needed a Lord to take over my life and a Savior to get me there. My Dad convinced me to attend a retreat focused on the grace of God and the Holy Spirit. At the retreat I realized that the cross was for people like me who fell short and didn't measure up. I realized that God loved me so much he had given all for me and that he wanted me to abandon myself to him and rest in his love. Out of that weekend I joined a small group of new friends (twice my age) who met each week to love and encourage each other in His love. Shortly after I came to Christ I had an opportunity to take over the family business, but God redirected me through Psalm 45, “Forget your father's house and your father's people.” Later in the Psalm “In place of your fathers shall be your sons. And you shall make them princes in all the earth.”

I knew God was calling me to something, but I didn't know what. I felt like Abraham, leaving his home and going to a county he didn't know. Later, when God called me to campus ministry in mid life, I thought he was crazy. I was 15 years past “cool” but once I got on campus and started hearing the heart of students, I understood. God is calling us to father this generation in the Lord.  He intends to “make them princes in all the earth” like in Psalm send them around the world bringing his rule and his care to every broken home and back alley.

Students are searching for life, but in all the wrong places. Up to 9 out of 10 kids from Christian homes fall away when they go to say nothing of those who have never even been introduced to Jesus. The sixties generation balked “Don't trust anyone over thirty!” The young people of today ask “Does anyone over thirty have time for me?” I could sit down every hour of every day with students who want to talk with a “father or mother in the Lord.” Students are hungry for meaning. And they are open to older men and women who care.

Today's students are ready to serve. I see more students respond to invitations to serve in an orphanage or to raise money to fight child slavery than any pizza party we throw. They are ready to pray, sometimes even through the night. They are ready to go out and share the love of Jesus, pray for strangers, and obey the Holy Spirit.
Students today are like ripe fruit. If we do not “pick them” they will spoil.

Times of openness will be filled with the amusements and worries of life and the deadness of hopelessness as they mark time waiting for the grave. We desperately need fathers and mothers in God to rise up one last time and finish the work he offers us. May God turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons once again...that times of refreshing may come to the whole earth as your children spread your kingdom.


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