George Palmer

George PalmerGeorge Palmer: And I end up on the street. If you tell a person that continually, that is what you believe, that you are worthless, you are useless.

   The story really starts when I was seven and a half when in 1949, my father died. He had just planted a hundred cherry trees, and then, he had a heart attack and was taken to hospital. And I will never forget when I was told that my daddy died; I just could not handle that. And I remember running up into the top paddock, and I screamed at God. "God, I hate you. I hate you with all my heart, and I hate you and I will never love you." Hatred, I found, is like cancer. It does not stay dormant. It grows. I was just so angry with God.

   I had a vile temper. I really did. If anyone did anything to me or said anything that I didn’t like, I would fight them. We had a big gang fight. We captured the leader of the other gang. And we held his hand on the ground and we ran a car backward and forward over his hand and broke every bone in his hand. It is all I ever thought of, was hurting people. We heard that Billy Graham was coming to Melbourne, Austria. He was a man that I hated. We hated Christianity. And he stood for what everything we hated.

   In 1957, Billy Graham was speaking to a huge crowd at the Melbourne Cricket Stadium and said, “I do not believe that you have come here to hear a man, but I believe you have come to hear a message. I want you to listen, and hear what I am going to say because this is the most important thing that I will say. You must be willing to repent of your sins.”

George: Billy Graham stood for everything that I detested. It was something that drove me and made me exist, day by day. The only reason the ten of us went to that crusade was to kill Billy Graham. I made up ten zip guns so each member had one of those. I said to the guys, "Come on. We are going on the green." And we space ourselves so that we can see each other around where Billy Graham was preaching. We decided that we would wait and kill him during the appeal time. Not before, but during the appeal, we would kill Billy Graham.

Billy: There are thousands of you here and are carrying burdens that need to be lifted.

George: My gun is under my jumper. Then I was standing there, and I looked around at this crowd. And I thought, "What the dickens are all these people doing here?"

   And I turn back around, and then suddenly, a voice said to me, "What are you doing here, George?" And I, quickly, turned back around to have a look and see who was there. Nobody was there that I knew. And I got very uncomfortable about that, I could tell you I was really uncomfortable.

Billy: The spirit of God is speaking and He is here tonight and you know He is here. And there is a little voice down inside of you that says you need Christ. That is God speaking.

George: Okay. I know this is You, God. You took my dad. You hurt me so much. Why should I love You? Why should I care about You? And God said to me, "George, I did not take your dad to hurt you." And indeed, He said, "I would never hurt you."

At about this time, I am starting to melt a bit. Then, I remember that I had not cried since seven and a half years old.

Billy: I will tell you, before you leave this great stadium, you can find an answer to the dilemma in the mysteries of life. If you will come and surrender yourself without reservation to Jesus Christ, you will be a new creation.

George: I thought about it for a while, and then, the appeal came. I suddenly began to weep. And I cried and I cried and I cried. My zip gun was under my jumper. I put it on the ground, and I ran to the front.

Billy: There may be many factors that led you to this moment, but there is a climactic moment when you give your life to Christ. And you do it by faith. Faith in Christ.

George: The amazing thing was that nine out of the ten of us got converted that night. Then we were all a blubbering mess. We really were. And we talked about, you know, how wrong we were and the things we have done and all those. It was quite a night, let me tell you. Quite a night.

   God took this person that hated Him with every part of his being. Yet, God took him and loved him. It is amazing how God can take a situation like we were in. And He can change a life completely, and I thank Him every day for that. I really do.

In 1967, George was commissioned in the Salvation Army.

George's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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