General Vacheslav Borisov

General Borizov

I came to God when my helicopter was on fire.

In December 1979 to February 1989, the Soviet 40th Army invaded the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. With my helicopter on fire, we were plunging from the sky to the earth, and I remember my second birthday better than my first one. We had a terrible war in Afghanistan.

I was the Chief Deputy Marshall in that war commanding a hundred thousand soldiers and generals. We were east of the Poncho mountain range when my helicopter was shot down and on fire. In a very short moment, death waited for me. Who would want to die and end up in hell? Even when I was a communist, I didn’t want to die, and I was searching for anything that would save me from this situation. My brain was working faster than a modern computer. I remembered my entire past life to the greatest detail.

I remember that five of my generals were killed in a similar situation. During that time, there was a big bounty on generals. I remembered some of the Russian soldiers from the underground church with a strong faith in Jesus Christ would tell me Marx can’t save you; Lenin can’t save you, only Jesus can save you. We had a very terrible organization called the KGB that was a law enforcement agency of the Soviet Union and translated in English means Committee for State Security. This organization sent hundreds of thousands of people to be executed or jailed. They put these believers on a special black list. They followed and pressured them every day and night. This was only for one reason – to change and clear out their mind. These soldiers would tell the KGB that you can kill us like you did our fathers, but we will never change our faith in Jesus Christ. I was always surprised how these young boys were so strong in spirit.

They would tell me that God really does exist and that every single person on earth would have to stand before God and be judged. I told them that they were very young and confused. I showed them pictures of Marx and Lenin. I even told them that our astronauts said that there was no God up there. They replied that if something terrible happens to you, neither Marx nor Lenin can help you, only our God will be able to save you. I remembered these words before I crashed. I cried out to God, “If you really exist, save me. I’m asking You to help me for the sake of my family.

My helicopter hit the ground and I lost consciousness. Sometime later, I started to feel myself. I felt human and I could move my body. I was afraid to open my eyes, but when I did, I began to analyze the situation. I saw beautiful blue skies and grass. I thought that this in not hell, and didn’t look like heaven either. My helicopter was on fire and someone flew by. I saw dead bodies around me and that meant that I was still alive. I was still on sinful earth, and that God loves me, and that He really exists. “And they who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.” I was able to thank God, and then I lost conscious for a long time. I regained consciousness in intensive care and was strapped to a wooden stretcher. I was in other hospitals for six months undergoing treatment. The doctors reported to the government, and said, “That they saved my life, but that I would be handicapped the rest of my life.”

I was now a cheerful person because I knew that God really exists. Day and night I prayed to the Lord. I had never been in a church. I had never spoken to a pastor, or even held a Bible in my hand. I was even afraid to mention the name of this book out loud. But a few years later, I shared what happened to me to a pastor and when I cried out to the Lord to save me. The pastor said, “You did amazingly right.” My heart and soul were telling me how to pray. All of my prayers began with my appreciation of God’s existence and that He loved me and was helping me. I was so thankful to God for everyday on earth, and especially thankful for His special love for me. But who was I before this crash? I was a communist that didn’t believe in God. I always fought against Christianity in the military.

I was always asking God to stop this terrible war and return all our soldiers and generals back to their homes and replace them with His own soldiers. God does everything we ask Him, but we need to love God, believe in Him, be very strong in our prayers, be patient, and He will do everything for us. Six months later the doctors reported back to the government and said, “We totally healed the general.” But of course I knew who healed me. It was God, and He is helping me deliver the Word of God to people. Communism was sending me to hell, but Jesus is the real commander. More and more soldiers are bowing the knee to Jesus Christ. I am thankful to God for everything He has done.

Within a year and a half, I was speaking before the assembly at the Pentagon, when a white hair general with many stars approached me and said, “Can I touch you?” I said, “Go ahead. He said, “I still can’t believe you are alive. We had a one million-five hundred thousand dollar contract on you.” I said, “Thank you! I am a totally different person now.”


General Vacheslav Borisov Hearing His Voice Testimony