Gary Lau

Gary Lau    After 1997, there were many wealthy Chinese immigrants who came to Canada. The Chinese were wealthy. They lived in large houses, they drove to school in their sports cars and I felt really embarrassed because every morning my father would drive me to school in a pink station wagon. It was supposed to be maroon. but ended up pink.

   It was terrible and made this terrible screeching sound. Every time dad hit the gas, it made a horrible screeching sound. We actually named it “The Crazy Horse.” So, I'd rather that he didn't actually drive to school and then the university. I went to work in Hong Kong for more than a month. It was for a wealthy family and I saw their lifestyle and that again made me envious of their wealth.

I worked many years in different companies, and I was told by my father-in-law that I didn't have what it takes to be a businessman. And so, it really impacted my self-esteem and I stopped, but I knew that I had direction. So my wife needed for me to get into business for myself and she actually gave up working for her family and took the risk of helping me sell my first business. As the business got going, I started to spend more and more time with customers and being away from home. Business trips I thought were natural in Asia. For those of you who have done business in Asia, that's kind of like the culture and doing business deals in night clubs. I actually made enough money to support our family and even if I had to stop working. I kept feeling that I had to work and it wasn't enough.

   I was actually drawn to the flashing lights, buying extravagant cars, and find beautiful girls. By this time we had three children, I actually saw this as noise that drove me away. I mean drove me out of the house. I didn't want to come back. Then the money went my head, and I became very prideful. I actually felt that I was superior and I became obsessed with the numbers. I was checking the bank account multiple times a day just making sure what's coming in. And I wouldn't sleep because I was thinking about how I could make more money. So I learned "most" was the proper wording, and my temper was terrible. I was really gross and shouting.  I was shouting in an argument. I remember at a network counter "Don't you know who I am?" I actually didn't want to be at home because I felt that it was too much responsibility to take care of the children. So finally, thank God. God's judgment finally exposed my horrible betrayals. Praise God he actually never gave up on me. He actually forgave me to become a man in the church.

   So I went to church, and I fell asleep. I did that for a whole year. Even the song "God's love for us was so great." and continue to bless me and continue to pour out His finances. And His Grace just kept on flowing and flowing until I asked myself what was I doing. Everything was running through my mind. There must be something more than this. So, then I started to learn to fast and pray for forgiveness. I started to learn to apply myself and rely on my own business. It was humbling to work. For the first time, I actually heard from God. I started a relationship with God that was actually more important than a zero bank account. I was starting to like my business. It was like hitting a curveball. I had to pray. The business projects were out of my control. I could do nothing but accept the past. That was the very first time that I fasted and prayed. God showed me Joshua 1:19. So now I'm beginning to understand that I have wait for Him. And learn the meaning of gratefulness. That never before entered my mind. It’s not by my power, but by His Spirit and everything that we have is through the grace of God. 

   So I'm ashamed and I repented and yet I received God's mercy and His love was just so great. He's still used me to store his assets, and He doesn't give up on His own. He'd just kept on waiting and waiting, and changed and turned to Him. God doesn’t change and guides all of His leaders. I was just speechless. He was making me a man of goodness with integrity and I'm totally speechless. We had fellowship and He is true. He was guiding and making me a warrior and a leader. I first had to be a leader of my family and I had to appreciate and be grateful for them. Since it was Valentine's Day, I thought I should do something nice for my wife. I had to learn how to love, Ephesians 5:21. It was important for me to be a man and accept the responsibility that we have to our family. Now that I understand this, it's so clear to me that I feel God, I feel my family. I don't understand what it means or what the challenges are.

   I don't understand my wife. I don't understand my children or my family members. Yet, I'm still complaining. God knows everything. I feel like a child, complaining, complaining, give me this, give me that, give me this, give me that. Still, He provides. He's still blessing me. It's quite obvious, I just want to repent and say that I don't deserve any of this. I'm just so grateful now that I understand this in this fellowship. I thank God and His angels above. In business and finances, I'm starting to see priority in what the Lord has planned for my career. The Lord has taken away the majority of my offices and has closed doors. By closing doors, He is protecting me.

 I don’t know anything about farming or about biochemistry.

Hugo Chan is my business mentor. Our partnership is 70% to God/30 % for my business.

   It's a sobering thought that God has put me in the agricultural business. I was in complete awe when I came into this room. This is the largest group of Nigerians that I have ever been around. Cassava was originally planted in Nigeria and is the largest producer. Beetroot is commercially grown in northern Nigeria.

Gary's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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