Femi Akojenu

femiMy name is Femi Akojenu. I was saved at thirteen years old and started a ministry at fifteen.

   Thank you very much for the privilege to be here and share my testimony with you. I actually missed my flight this morning, but I thank God I'm here

    Father, I thank you for an opportunity to share with your people. I thank God that what I will share today will encourage somebody in the name of Jesus and if there's anybody out there that is not saved, that Lord God, you will use my testimony today to save them. I thank you, Lord, in Jesus name. Amen.

   As I was coming here, I began to think about my testimony and how to share with you. A number of things came to my mind. Number one, that this line or sentence being chased by the devil, transformed to becoming the one chasing the devil.

   Then, I thought about another one, from fear to boldness. That kind of summarized what has taken place in my life, from depending on the wrong gods for protection; to now having Jesus Christ as the one protecting my life.

   Before I was saved, I was born into a family in Nigeria that would be considered a Christian family to those who really don't know the truth.  For those of us that know the truth; it's really a family that mixed Christianity with occultic practices. There are some people that actually do that. If you talk to them on the surface; they will fool you to believe that they actually serve the Lord Jesus Christ. But when you dig deeper, you begin to realize that they also depend on some other gods and idols for protection, for success and those kinds of the things.  That's the kind of family that I came out of.

   Now, my parents sincerely believe, especially my father, who led the family. I believed that he was sincere and truly wanted God, but it was in the wrong place. There's a group of people in Nigeria that we call White Garment Churches. It was one of those churches that I grew up in. They usually wore white garments when going to church. Sometimes they would tell you the reason why they're wearing white, is because it signifies holiness. So, again if you’re not from that culture, that may fool you. You will say "Oh, that's a great idea."

    There's a lot of demons they call the water spirits. People were going to the riverside, begging in the river for protection or to remove evil from them. So, we add devotion, but at the same time all of these things were going on. I remember a few times when my parents took us to places that you would call root doctors or witch doctors, root workers. My dad believed that some attack was being done against him and against us, and we needed some help. So, on one hand, praying to who we believe was God, but on the other hand, mixing it with other stuff. I'm talking about my life before salvation.

   My dad was very much involved in various occultic practices. He took it so seriously, that he devoted a room in the house to his occultic practices and practiced magic. That's where he did his meditation. Even to the extent of traveling to India, to worship some guy called Sai Baba. He came back home from India and had those prayer notes and prayers to Sai Baba, so we had to recite all of those prayers. I remember before salvation, I had a lot of fear. That's why I said from fear to boldness.

   Because now I can talk to a million people here, right? But I had a lot of fear in going to sleep because of the nightmares, being chased by demons in my sleep and the fear that something bad will happen. I remember when I was going to junior high school or high school in the American format that I was afraid that I'd faint: not that I was sick or anything, but just those lies that anyone was telling me.

   I remember one day in school, we were talking about this experience. They were talking about a group of young people, praying for others, and people falling out demons coming out of them.

   I said, "Wow, what in the world is that?" That was strange to me and after hearing that a few times, I decided, to go to where this was taking place. It was a Christian club on campus. We called it Christian fellowship. We have this Christian fellowship and while I sat there, I got to hear the Gospel.

   I saw the power of God being demonstrated by the young people. Thirteen and fourteen-year-olds, who were moving in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, it was something. It was there I gave my life to Christ. When that happened, I began to reach out to my siblings and they also gave their life to Christ. But, it wasn't so quick for my parents. I remember we were at a meeting Doris Oboli at Fit Clinic one night, so we asked my dad to join us for this special meeting and the preacher, Pastor Ibeneme, was saying if you are worshiping all these things that are not of God, he mentioned Rusi Christianism; which my dad was involved in, so my dad got mad.

   My dad said, "Let's go!" 

   We had no choice we're kids so we had to follow him. I remember him educating me and telling me, "You know, you are just a child, you don't know what you're talking about, you don't know anything yet, let me show you.” But I know my Jesus.

   I stood for my faith. The entire family was saved.

   Praise God! They didn’t accept it at first, but they were saved later. After I was saved, I believed that was at the age of thirteen, then at the age of fourteen, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

   My own experience was kind of different, sometimes they will call people up and say "if you want to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, we'll pray for you and you'll be baptized in the Holy Spirit." I will see people being baptized in the Holy Spirit, but not me. So, I think, "What's going on?"

   I remember this guy that was my junior in school said to me "You know what? When we pray, believe it's done. Go home and rejoice. Go home, thanking God."

   So, he prayed for me and said to believe. Whether you speak in tongues and any manifestation that takes place right now or not, just believe. So, I went home; and I believed. I said "Lord I thank you, I thank you, I thank you" and I began to speak in tongues.

   That led to a drastic turn-around, because now, the power of the Holy Spirit became evident in my life. So, right from that age, I began casting out demons.

   Casting out demons was so easy for me. I would tell people that I was more afraid of cats than I was demons. But I don't go over my fear of cats, because of the power of the Holy Spirit. They were bowing down, but we didn’t bow down with them. But in that process, I began to reach out to many of them for the Lord. Many of them began to give their lives to Christ. I prayed for them for deliverance and there were manifestations like "Wow." You tell the demons to come out and sometimes they speak to you, until you say “Come out in the name of Jesus.” "Wow, this is real. I'm in charge here."

   With the power of the Holy Spirit, you can really talk to the spirit and say "get out!" and they actually get out. That was the experience and at fifteen, there was this call to the ministry. God began to speak to me.

   I spoke to some of my peers and I said, "Hey, I believe God is calling me to the ministry."

   They challenged me, and said, "Are you sure? Are you really sure? You better go and pray to be sure."

   I'm really thankful for that. I had to go back and really be sure that I was called into the ministry. At the age of fifteen, I started a ministry, a fellowship for young people and they would come from the area every Saturday.

     During the holidays like Easter or Christmas, we would organize outreaches. Now, my dad wasn't saved yet, but he supported it. I would go and have flyers made, we call them hand views. My dad actually paid for my flyers and we distributed them all over the place. I remember one experience that we had with a Christian movie, called "Burning in Hell." Kids came from everywhere, and a lot of kids were saved. Then, right after we started casting out demons and started praying for people; it was an amazing experience to see God moving in the lives of all these young people and really touching them.

   At the age of seventeen, my parents felt like we should come to America, and they brought us here. Right away, we connected with a church and when I to started college, I became part of the campus ministry. I've seen God move again; because of the power of the Holy Spirit and what the Holy Spirit can do in the life of a person. Especially when you say, "God use me." I remember myself and my brother made a commitment that after we come back from college, we'll take an hour to pray. We'll pray for our school, for our campus, for our college. We wanted to see God move, and we’d pray. Then during the campus fellowship, we will see God's power move. Healings, deliverance taking place, word of knowledge by the power of the Holy Spirit. So, we started out in that particular campus and then God laid on my heart to begin to reach out to all the colleges. We would go from college to college and see souls saved. But not just that, high schools as well.

   In New York City, going from high school to high school, fifteen kids were saved in this high school, and twenty kids were saved in that high school. It was just a really fun experience, seeing people saved by the power of the Holy Spirit. When the power of the Holy Spirit is in you, as you speak forth, it's like clarity comes. It's like whatever has been holding the people in captivity is destroyed. Whatever is hindering them from understanding the gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit is removed in the name of Jesus. So, we began to see souls saved in all the schools and moving forward from there.

   I became involved in a lot of evangelistic outdoor ministries. I began to go to parks and public places where everybody could see. I remember when we had an experience at City College, we call it Jesus week. Every day for the week, we were having some kind of outreach. I remember this particular day, I decided for us to have a deliverance type outreach. We put a flyer out, saying that you know that if you have certain marks on you and have certain things that you've open the door of your life to see. This caught the curiosity of many people on the campus; there was one particular professor that is well-known; not just on our own campus, but all over New York City. It caught his attention, so he came to that meeting.

   My brother’s a praise and worship leader, leading the praise and worship and then he came with some Black Studies students. They would look at me and think, "Who are you?" We are Afrocentric. "Who are you to be saying that doing certain things is demonic?" Now, I'm African and I'm saying we do things that are demonic. They're not Africans, but they feel like they need to challenge me about that. But anyway, they came and while doing the praise and worship, they stood up.

   They said "Oh, we're not here for this singing, we're here for this flyer." I said, "Yeah, that's what we're going to do. After the singing, we will address what's on the flyer".

   Then he said, "Oh, by the way we disagree. We disagree".

   They actually caused a disruption to the service. Campus Security had to come in and remove them. That professor was the one behind it. He didn't say anything, just sat there. He was watching everything, and those were the people from his department.

   The next day, the campus adviser called me up and said "Hey, they have requested that a Christian club we have to get rid of campus.

   I said, "that's not possible."

   Well, that was impossible, it didn’t happen. Hallelujah!

   That's the kind of thing we were doing; taking the gospel beyond just the four walls and taking it out to the open and challenging some mindsets.

   We saw God save people, deliver people and set them free.

   Before I came to Christ, this issue of protection was big in the home.  I remember that we had a shelf, and my parents would bring some demonic stuff and hang it on the shelf for our protection. But now in Christ, I don't need anything else, all I need is Jesus.

   I remember Jesus proving himself as that protector in my life. I once had an accident, and the car flipped over.

They took me to the hospital to check everything and said nothing was wrong. Nothing was wrong physically, internally or externally, even psychologically nothing was wrong. I was ready to drive again. There are some people who'd go through an experience like that and for the next one year, they're too shaken to drive. But for me, I was ready to drive.

   I remember going to where the car was towed to and the guy said, "You came out of that?"

   I said, "Yeah."

   He said, "Let me touch you, I need some luck. I said "It's not luck, it's Jesus. “It’s the Holy Spirit on the inside.”

   I’m talking about the protection that we enjoy in Christ, especially when He comes into your life. When somebody is watching all these videos, maybe you feel like you need some help, and maybe you don't know that Jesus is enough. I'm here to let you know that Jesus is enough.

   I'm from New York City and everybody is there from everywhere around the world. And it brought their which God is with them. They brought everything with them and you see them walking the street, wearing a three-piece suit and they also have this bracelet. That's their protection.

   They have something around their wrists that was mailed to them from wherever their hometown or home country is. I don't need any other protection, with the power of Jesus.  And I saw this in action. 

   One particular time when somebody came to my church, she joined my church.  She had been under spells by her own husband.  He was into Jamaican witchcraft.  They call it obeah.  It was through obeah that she was like she wasn't herself.  So, she married this guy, and under His influence.

   After about four years, she saw one of the flyers that we had for deliverance and decided to come.   \

When she came, and I prayed for her and she felt like these spells broke off of her. 

   She said, "Pastor, can you come and pray in my house?"

   So, we went to bless the house. I remember meeting the husband at that time and this man, when I prayed on the house I saw some witchcraft items and found out that he was an obeah worker. In other words, he was a witchdoctor. So, people consulted with him to fix spells for them.

   I said, "Wow." All right, so I began to tell him and said, "You need Jesus in your life." I said, "This thing is not right."

   He disagreed with me. So, I left him alone, not knowing that just by me challenging him it made him mad.  Now he was going to practice obeah on me. 

   One day he came to the church. I opened the door and saw him coming in.

   I said, "Hey, come on and have a seat."

While the service was going on, he got up and said, "That pastor, that pastor tried to kill me three times."  I said, "Kill you? Three times. How did I do that?"

   He tried his obeah on me and when he sent his demonic arrow it's backfired on him.

   He did not learn his lesson the first time. 

   He tried it again, and again.

   Three times it backfired on him and almost killed him.

   As a matter of fact, there's a scripture that says that my life, your life is hidden in Christ, in God. 

   So, if anybody is going against you, they will have to get past God and get past Christ before they can get you.

    You are protected.

Femi Akojenu Hearing His Voice