EQ Story

Hello, my name is Eguavoen Uwagbai, I am a senior at Texas A& M University studying Industrial Engineering.

My goal is to be a computer automation intern. I was born into a Nigerian Christianity family and I would like to tell you my story.
My mom was very prayerful, but being rebellious, I said and thought out loud that “I would never pray.”  I was very protective of my younger brother who was continually being bullied.  Anger began to control me, and I was always ready to fight to protect my brother and myself. 

I went to church with my family on Sunday and I participated in Saturday youth activities.  As my youth pastor opened the scriptures, I began to understand who God was. I needed a change in my life. I wanted to know my purpose in life.  I began to read the Holy Scriptures and my desire was to pursue God.  As our pastor gave an altar call, I went forward to receive Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior at the age of thirteen. I felt different on the inside and experienced God’s love. The spirit of anger left. I was a happier person and enjoyed Christian fellowship. I wanted more of Jesus and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the age of fourteen.
When I was in high school, I found myself around a lot of people that were just up to no good. I encountered a girl that always wore a long sleeve hoodie to school, even when it was hot. She publicly showed affection to other girls. Little did I know at the time, God was going to use me to do a miracle in her life. As time went on, I seemed to always notice her at lunch. It was as if God was making me look at her every time I went to lunch. Then one day I felt like I should approach her. As I did, I noticed she was by herself. She was sad and crying as she walked away from the lunch line to her seat. Before she sat down I made eye contact and said “Are you okay?” She said “no.” Then I said, “Do you want a hug?” She said yes, and we hugged.  I asked for her name and then I asked why she was crying and reluctantly she told me. The students called her a freak because of her skin. She raised up her sleeve and said “my whole body, except for my head and hands, is covered with this pasty yellow disease.” It was hereditary from her Mom.  I asked if I could pray for her, and she said yes. After I prayed I told her that she would be healed. I continued to pray for her to be healed of the skin condition in Jesus Name. While attending an American Nigerian Full Gospel Church I told Pastor TK about it, and he prayed with me in his office. A few days later I was walking down the hall and saw her wearing a white collar shirt with short sleeves. She was healed! 

A few years later I was in my last year in high school and I asked God to tell me what I needed to do and what my next step was after high school. After graduation in 2008, God put in my heart to be an engineer. As I applied to colleges, I got rejected from a couple of schools and then I received an acceptance letter from Texas A & M University- Commerce. I was focused on what I needed to do to get my degree. I ignored the distractions of alcohol, unsupervised parties, fraternities, girls, etc.  I prayed for God to help me be a people’s person.  

I sought God in prayer to know what it means to walk in faith. As I concluded my prayer, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to come over and eat some bananas. I said yes, knowing it was more than that. So I went to their house and got the bananas and asked "How do you walk by faith?” She told me to meditate upon God’s word, keep it inside, and as you do this God will make you more sensitive and aware of where you need to go.  He will place desires in your heart, and He will use you.  Never agree with the enemy.  He will bring up your past to convict you of guilt, lies, and whatever it takes to separate you from God. So she prayed for me. 

Before I could walk by faith, I had to confess to my youth pastor about my many problems with school, my girlfriend, weird dreams, and more. He told me that she was still young in the Lord and that she needed to show more interest in Him before we could move forward. So we went into the sanctuary before the altar, and he prayed for me. He anointed my head and touched my head. My youth pastor said, "The Holy Spirit wants to take you; let it happen." I fell backwards and I was fine. He then told me to ask God to forgive me and give Him my unforgiveness.  I did, and as I laid there seeking God in prayer my youth pastor firmly pressed my stomach with his hand and said, "in Jesus name GET OUT!" Then my left hand began to twitch uncontrollably, and he said “the Lord is saying don’t defile your body. God is working on you."

Just a couple of minutes after speaking, he anointed my left eye and told me to stand up. He touched my head and I fell in another weird position. This time I saw in my left eye a tunnel into a high place. I could see a few figures looking down at me, and then it went black. Slowly I felt angels straighten out my body, and it felt like someone was strapping my feet and legs. When it was finally over, I didn’t know where I was.

I fasted, believing God would sustain me. Not only did God hear me, but he led me to do great things in His name.  For instance, I sang in my church and God used me to reach out to people by speaking a message to the congregation. I received a spiritual cleansing and more anointing to speak in tongues. He provided me with money when I needed it most to get necessities. I had been asking for spiritual growth and the Holy Spirit helped me to find a book in Wal-Mart titled “Daily Declarations for Spiritual Warfare.”
As I read Isaiah 55:8-11, my spirit was satisfied. It was the food I had been missing for many years, and thanks to God I was able to buy it. I could actually hear the Holy Spirit speak to me. He helped me take a quiz and told me to help a fellow student at the gym. God provided me money through my family and close friends for necessities and tithes. He is always talking to me about something every day. Thank You Jesus.

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