Ephraim Onwuegbuchu

Ephraim Onwuegbuchu


   My name is Ephraim Onwuegbuchu, and I am a registered pharmacist and the Managing Director of Platinum Care Pharmacy Inc. Detroit, Michigan, a community independent pharmacy. I am a testifier of God's great deliverance and restoration. I served at various times as membership chairman and president of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, Oyigbo Inland Chapter Nigeria. I relocated to the USA in 2003. I have committed my life to serve God in various capacities in my local church. I am the current president of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America, Taylor Chapter in Michigan. I am married to Mrs. Chidimma Onyechukwu and we are blessed with two children.

 I was born in Imo state, Nigeria. I was not born into a Christian family because even though, as a child, we went to church on Sundays, my parents were not Christians. As a child I witnessed my father make sacrifice to idols. I attended a mission school for my primary education and had a good moral upbringing and education. Also, during my secondary school years, in my final year, I was the chaplain for the protestant section. I led morning and evening prayers and took the students to church on Sundays. Throughout these my primary and secondary school years I read the Bible as every other book, just for knowledge. There was no spiritual basis for my reading the Bible because I had not yet accepted Jesus into my life.

   During my University education I belonged to a class of about 110 students. And among us were Christians who belonged to Christian Union. These Christian students invited me and my friends severally to their campus programs. But we never honored these invitations. After my graduation from the University, I went for my National Youth Service at Aro Psychiatric Hospital, Abeokuta in Ogun state, for the 1986 to 1987 service year. This period introduced me to another kind of life. As a new graduate, I joined my fellow corers to engage in boy friend/girl friend relationships and keeping dates with girls. This continued after my service year. By the year 1994, something within me was telling me that I needed a change. Then in 1995, I came in contact with my wife. While we were still courting, she visited me, and during her visit my neighbor invited us to a Monday Bible study of the Deeper Life Church in January 1996. At the end of the program both of us answered the altar call and accepted Jesus into our lives. That day marked a new beginning in my life. The old life passed away and I began a new life in Jesus Christ according to 2 Corinthians 5:17. Later the same year I joined Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International and began to grow spiritually.

   Another turning point in my life came in 1997, when God delivered me from death. And this is what happened. I and my wife celebrated our traditional marriage in December 1996. After the ceremony, we went back in January 1997 to the city where we lived. A few days later I noticed that I could not sleep at night. I started taking sleeping pills every night to help me sleep. However, the sleeping pills did not help me. The sleeping pills failed one after the other. This problem continued till March 23, 1997, which was a Sunday. I took my bath in the morning and got ready to leave the house. As I was about to leave the room, I heard a loud sound in my heart as if something burst in my heart, and then I fell down in the room. When I regained some strength I made some noise that attracted the attention of my niece leaving with us. At this time my wife had gone back to school in another state. My niece rallied some people who came to help me. Among the people that came early was my doctor friend who was the chapter president of my chapter of FGBMFI. He had a clinic near my house. When he measured my blood pressure both the upper and lower limits were so high to the point they could lead to stroke. But God in His mercy prevented the stroke. From that day my problem became worse. From morning till night my body would be very hot and my head very heavy. During most of the days, I would be indoors having thoughts of death and the things that may happen if I die I lost interest in everything and in life as a whole because nothing pleased me or made me happy. Hopelessness worries and anxiety dominated my life every day. In spite of all efforts made by the doctor to restore my sleep the problem continued till April. By this time my wife had abandoned her studies at the college and come home to take care of me. Then, my people thought I was about to die. So, they mandated my wife to bring me home so that even if I would die, I will die at home. My wife complied with the directive and took me home one Sunday. A few hours after we got home it looked like word went out that I was at home and people started coming to the house in large numbers. I could not stand the crowd. So, I told my wife to take me back the next day. We came back to the city and the problem continued.

   Then, in May another doctor friend told me that he would take me to a psychiatric hospital. For the fact that I did my National Youth Service in a psychiatric hospital and because of my experiences at the hospital, there was an initial hesitation. However, we went to the psychiatric hospital. The first day at the psychiatric hospital we saw a consultant psychiatrist who gave me some medications after taking the history. When I came back that day and took the medications at night I was able to sleep well for the first time in months. By the time I went back in two weeks my blood pressure had gone back to normal. I made regular visits to the psychiatric hospital for some months and stopped after claiming divine healing by faith. As a result of the prolonged ill-health, my pharmacy business failed. I could no longer register the business. I had to look for job outside my city of residence. Consequently, I went into a life of persistent borrowing and living in debt.

   Through revelation and experience I came to understand that my problem was demonic attack from ancestral powers. Therefore, I determined to do my family deliverance. In 1999 I took ministers to my family who conducted the family deliverance. After the deliverance I burnt all the idols in my compound that were linked to my father. As I and my wife came back to the city after the deliverance the enemy struck again. We were very weak when we came back, having done some day’s prayer and fasting in preparation for the deliverance. We decided to go food that would not take much time to prepare, and that was boiled yam. While my wife was in the kitchen peeling the yam, I slept off in the bedroom. She put the yam on the stove and came into the bedroom to wait for it to get done. This was around 10:00 PM. incidentally she too slept off. At about 1:00 AM in the night, it appeared as if someone touched me and I woke up and saw my wife sleeping. I then realized that I did not eat before going to bed. I opened the bedroom door leading to the kitchen and the passage was filled with smoke. I entered the kitchen only to see that the pot had turned black and the yam inside was like charcoal. The burning process continued until there was no more kerosene in the stove. If there had been more kerosene in the stove, fire may have spread to the building. I went back to the room, woke up my wife, and we started praising and thanking God for delivering us from possible death from carbon monoxide or burning.

   By the year 2000, after my family deliverance, God gave me a dream that would transform my life. In the dream I was packing the books I used in the University to leave for abroad. I did not take the dream serious and did not pray about it because by this time I had no plan to go abroad. But I did not know that God had a plan for me. In 2001 the vice president of my chapter of FGBMFI and his wife left for the United States with lottery visa. Because we were in contact with them, they asked me and my wife to put our names and address in one of our emails to them so they could fill the lottery form for us. We did so and they filled the lottery form for us for 2002. Fortunately, in March 2002, I received a package from the United States indicating that I won the visa lottery. In processing the visa application, God raised helpers at various levels. In October 2003, I and my wife moved to the United States.

   Our relocation to the United States has been a transition from old life of affliction, hardship and debt to a new life of blessing and contentment. Here in the United States, God saw me through a certification process that took four years of self-study to become as licensed pharmacist in the United States. God has blessed me and my family materially. In the city where I suffered affliction and my business failed, I now have buildings and other investments. God has equally turned me from a borrower to a lender according to His promise in Deuteronomy 28:12. He has also restored my dignity and the blessings and virtues stolen by the enemy in the past years according to his promise in Joel 2:25. Again, God has blessed me spiritually since I accepted Jesus. I was the president of my chapter by the time I relocated from Nigeria to U.S. in 2003. And by God’s grace, I have been supporting the chapter financially from the United States. While leaving Nigeria, I made a commitment to serve God in U.S. As a result, I have been serving God in various capacities in my local church. I also serve as the president of Taylor Chapter of FGBMFA.

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