Earlie Dennis Story

My name is Earlie Dennis. I am a senior at Texas A&M Commerce studying business administration and majoring in accounting.

{When I was saved I was completely healed of epilepsy}

I would like to tell you my story. I am developing my communication, technical, and management skills and plan to be a financial consultant. I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 22nd, 1986 to Earlie Dennis, Jr. and Camelia Loraine Dennis.   I am the youngest of three. My sisters are Tamara Morgan and Cassandra Dennis. It was here that my family and I would live for the next 6 ½ years of my life.  I was born an epileptic, and this I normally would accredit to the fact that my Mother was a smoker. I assumed that it might have complicated some of my development during her pregnancy.  What I would find later is that God had a plan for my life and plans to work that out.

My life before knowing God was much like that of other people - Nothing too spectacular.  My Dad and Mom divorced when I was still an infant, so I grew up without my Dad. My Mom did a great job raising us as a single parent. She made sure that her children grew up in the church.  I had an interesting experience in church at the age of six that I will never forget.  As I stated earlier I was epileptic and my Mother sought the LORD and His church for help with my infirmity. One day my Mom brought me to the altar where the men of God at the church would lay hands on me and pray. It was then that they, my family, and everyone else in the church discovered that I had a demon. When the men laid hands on me and began to pray, a demon manifested almost immediately. I began struggling and cursing them until the demon was cast out.  It was quite the cathartic experience, one that I’ve not forgotten.
I also had experience with the power of the name of Jesus. I was taking a nap and began to have a seizure.  My Mother and a woman from the church were there. The seizure was mild and I was still quite aware and able to hear and speak. I remember hearing one of the two women telling me to call on the name of Jesus.  So I did, and the seizure stopped immediately. This experience I too would never forget. 

My Mother continued to, despite our steadfast resistance; to drag us to church to hear the oracles of the LORD. It was at 12 years of age that I remember hearing our pastor at that time, Rev. Blake, speak on how it was that God was a father to the fatherless.  After having heard this word and realizing that I was an orphan in need of a father. I asked God while on the drive home if he would be my father and gratefully thanked Him after having voiced my request.  I was still much like any other kid at that age, and subject to negative influences around me.  I cursed and spoke wantonly about a great deal of things.  It wasn’t until I was 14 years that I remember embarking on my journey as one of His son’s. We were driving home from church in the rain. I was riding in the back seat of our car when I looked toward heaven and asked Jesus Christ to come into my life. I was saved and was completely healed of epilepsy. I aspired then to live my life according to my Father’s teachings and tried to convince my family to join along with me.  As common to the life of many believers, I faced some persecution in my household.  I was really enthusiastic about this journey I was making towards being the man that God wants me to be, and I naturally shared that enthusiasm with my family.  Unfortunately that enthusiasm and devotion was often mistaken by them as criticism and judgment.  I continued however to follow after my Father and His ways. When I was 16 we were living in Jackson, Mississippi, I asked Jesus to baptize me in the Holy Spirit and immediately I started speaking in tongues. My relationship with God became very intimate, and I was given the power to witness to friends and strangers.  Eventually my steadfastness became apparent to my family and they recognized that my devotion and love for God was part of my life. There is nothing on this Earth that I am more proud of than to call Him Father and say that I am His son. Our relationship would progressively get more intimate to the point that not only my family noticed His hand on my life, but my peers as well.  At the age of 17 I endeavored to prove to Him that I was His son.  The intent behind it was innocent enough, but misguided.  My endeavor would only lead me down a road of disappointment and condemnation that only His grace and love would later bring me out of.  This progression continued all the way into my college career. It was in college that I met Nathan Cole, former Chi Alpha campus missionary.  He too was able to see the hand of God on my life and invited me to partner with him and Chi Alpha in trying to reach the campus for the kingdom.  This was an endeavor only obtainable through the power of God and His Spirit, but because I was still trying to prove my worth to the Father disappointment followed me.  Whatever shortcomings I had, I would internalize it which eventually led to depression. But my loving Father continued to show His love to me extended through the grace afforded me by Jesus. I experienced a true revelation of His grace. I sought a deeper level of intimacy in our relationship and here is where I want to remain both literally and figuratively speaking. 

The love that I have in Jesus has freed me from all kinds of bondage including that which I had imposed on myself. It is because of His love and grace that I am a son. It is because of His love and grace that I am clean. It is because of His love and grace that I have salvation. I am whole. I can identify myself with the one true God. I am His son and He is my Father. I can say that I have a Father and that I know the love of the Father. With that in mind my view of the future is exceedingly optimistic. “I and my Father are one,” Jesus once said, and it is because of Him that I can iterate those same words. I am in Him and Him in me, and the sky is the limit on what we can accomplish. And it will only get better.

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