Duncan Smith


Duncan Smith

Sid Roth: My guest was hit with the fire of God and said, "Stop. My body can't take this fire anymore." Would you tell God to stop? Yes, you would.

Duncan Smith, what a life. You were born to parents that were pastors in Nigeria. They loved God and they gave you that, but you didn't like the lifestyle they lived.

DUNCAN: Yes. The reality was, Sid, they were very sincere, loved Jesus with all their hearts, but there was so much religion back then, so much sincerity, but it was very centered around what I like to affectionately call Churchianity now. And so it was absent of a lot of fun.

SID: And that's the operative word - Fun. It's sort of like just regulations and strict rules. A young teenage kid, you don't want that.


SID: So what’d you resolve to do, and what did you do?

DUNCAN: So I mean, inevitably, I rebelled against it. Deep down inside, I knew the truth, I knew the truth about the Lord, Jesus, but I just didn't want anything to do with what my parents believed.

SID: So you're walked away. But tell me about that strange dream you had.

DUNCAN: Oh my goodness. Right in the peak of my rebellion, I was definitely drinking too much and girlfriends... I wanted fun. Exactly.

SID: Okay. So in the midst of wanting fun, God heard his parents’ prayer. Tell me about the dream you had.

DUNCAN: Well, I had this dream, and in the dream we were taking off from one of the airports in Nigeria where I grew up for 18 years, and the plane instead of climbing, it came down and my parents and my brothers were with me in the dream. And suddenly the plane hit the ground and burst into flames. And the fire was just so awful and so intense. It was like white light fire and it just didn't stop. And I'm screaming. And all of a sudden I realized my parents weren't there, my brothers weren't there, but I could hear other people screaming, and I knew I was in Hell. And I just could not get out. And I was burning. I could feel my body, but I couldn't see it. But I felt me and I was in just the most agonizing, excruciating, terrible, terrible pain, screaming and screaming. And thankfully I woke. Of course, I reached for my cigarettes to go outside and have a quick smoke. But it left an indelible mark on me. And not long after that was when I had an amazing encounter with Jesus.

SID: This was when you were about 20.

DUNCAN: Yeah. My girlfriend at the time, her parents were missionaries in Nigeria with my parents, who are like a childhood sweetheart, so to speak. And they had been praying that I would get saved and they tricked me into going to this Christian meeting, and I was playing volleyball and using all the facilities, but I wasn't going to any of the meetings like they were. But they tricked me into going into this one meeting. And I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ preached, Sid, and I came under tremendous conviction of sin. And of course it wasn't long after that dream. And when the preacher gave an invitation to come forward, I shot out the side door, went running up a mountain path. I didn't even know where I was going, but I just needed to just think. And as I ran up, stumbled up that mountain path, I stumbled right into the presence of Jesus. And I couldn't see him, but this tremendous holy fear came all over me. I knew I was in his presence. I expected him to just squish me like a bug and send me to the fiery hell that I'd had in that dream. But instead, as I began weeping, because I had this tremendous conviction of my sin, and then saying, "I'm so sorry, Jesus, I'm so sorry."He poured his love into my heart and told me if I'd follow him for the rest of my life, he had a very exciting life. And I said, "Lord, please come into my heart, be my Lord and Savior. Thank you for your amazing forgiveness." And it was a powerful moment. But I said to him, "Lord, I don't want a boring life. Lord, I want to have an exciting life with you." And in his goodness, that's exactly what he gave me.

SID: You got even more. You got filled with the Spirit. You got touched with the fire. Tell me about that.

DUNCAN: Well, shortly after that, nobody could recognize me. My parents couldn't recognize me. My girlfriend, she didn't recognize me. She finished with me because she wanted me to get saved, but not that saved. And I was just on fire from the inside. I got to university. In my first week, in my first year, and I bumped into some fellow students that were young adults and they were representing the Christian Union. They wanted us to join. I guess they were evangelists. And I said to them, "Guys, you have more fire than I have. You're so in love with Jesus. Why? I want that." And they chuckled. And they said, "Oh," they knew my name by this point. They said, "Oh, Duncan, that's the baptism of the Holy Spirit."And so for nine months, sometimes up to three hours a day, I prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And nine months later, I was at a church, my church in Oxford, and we had a speaker from Uganda. He preached on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I ran forward, he laid his hands on me, and suddenly as I began to tell God how amazing he is and magnify him, suddenly bubbling out of me came this ... I realized I was speaking a completely foreign language that I didn't understand, but it felt so good, Sid. And I couldn't stop. Three days later on the Wednesday night in the Christian Union, and we were in revival, there was about three to 400 students. And a man was there, he was 27 years old, which seemed awfully old when I was 21. But he said at the end, "If you’d like the Holy Spirit, stand up and put your hands up." My friends were falling and I could hear people laughing and crying and being touched by the Lord, but I started to feel this electricity coming down me and then up from my toes and all over my whole body. And I've been praying, "Lord, let me be like Enoch who walked with you and was not,” for nine months." And suddenly as the fire intensified and I felt like I was being electrocuted with millions of volts of electricity, my breathing became rapid, then I could barely breathe, and then I suddenly realized, Sid, "I think I'm going to be was not, and I'm not ready. I want to get married. I want to have kids. And I just started to scream loudly, "Stop Lord, stop. Please stop."

SID: You mean the power was so intense—

DUNCAN: So intense I thought I'm going to just rip apart. But at the same time, this extraordinary weighty glory. And I fell over on the ground, of course, I've regretted ever since saying stop, but I couldn't help it.

SID: Duncan had a revelation that he teaches on now that is one of the most transformative revelations you'll ever hear. Listen very intently. What was this revelation?

DUNCAN: I began to realize the Holy Spirit began to show me that the full work of Jesus, our Messiah, in his incarnation, and then ultimately going to the cross was not just so that we have eternal life in him, which we do, but it was so that he would fulfill the purpose of the Father, which is really summarized so beautifully by the apostle Paul in second Corinthians chapter five, verse 21, where he says, "He made him who knew no sin to be sin for us so that we could become the righteousness of God in him."And I began to realize the son of God became the son of man so that the sons of men could become the sons of God. And that actually at the cross, Jesus took upon himself, all of our sin and all of us and became literally into union with us at the cross so completely that when he said, "It is finished," he was so one with us that the Father could not raise him from the dead without raising us from the dead with him. And when that revelation entered my heart at a deepest level, I suddenly realized this is the key to miracles. This is why we have eternal life. This is the glory. Jesus in us, the glorious one. And we're forever one with him in the Father.

SID: God showed Duncan this new paradigm for releasing miracles that will cause you to be like Paul, Peter, and Jesus.    Duncan, I can hardly believe what I'm supposed to say next. I'll just read it and see what happens. Duncan, you don't tell others to point people to Jesus, or even get people to go to church.

DUNCAN: What? I know that sounds strange, and it's important, but the Lord showed me a new paradigm. We don't just point people to Jesus; we are the ministry of Jesus. And we don't just tell people to go to church, we are the church.

SID: Now God showed you this in this new paradigm of not modeling—you say the church models John the Baptist. It should not. Explain.

DUNCAN: John the Baptist, Jesus said, was the greatest of all the prophets and anyone born to a woman prior to Jesus coming. But he said, "But if you're in the kingdom, the least in the kingdom is greater than John." And I believe what he meant by that was that John's role, which he did superbly, and I don't want to in any way say anything about John the Baptist. But John's ministry was not the ministry we're to model our ministry on. He was a voice of one calling in the wilderness. Jesus, on the other hand, his life was revealing the Father through the most extraordinary signs, wonders and miracles. John didn't do a miracle. And Jesus wasn't a voice of one calling in the wilderness. He's now a voice of a multitude of living waters. And of course, that's all of us. The least these all having a voice, all out of our union with Jesus, living a life that only Jesus could live on the Earth. To live in the intimate love of the Father, in the Son, with the Holy Spirit, where we're daily receiving the secrets of God and the things that are on his heart and living out a life where we walk into one amazing moment after another as the Holy Spirit leads us, because we're sons of God and daughters of God. And then to have his supernatural power flow through us so that we can open the eyes of the blind, and the deaf, and see mutes speaking, and people that are in wheelchairs come leaping out of wheelchairs. I mean, that's such a privilege.

SID: So it's almost ... Let me say this and tell me if I've got it. It's not us laying hands on the sick, on the blind, on the death, on the lame. It's Jesus in us laying hands. So we're not doing it. We don't have any responsibility but to be obedient. He's doing all the work. Am I getting that?

DUNCAN: Yeah, absolutely. I like to think of it like this. I can't, only Jesus can, but he won't if I don't. But he will if I do. And so this is the mystery of our union with him.

SID: You are involved in some of the most extraordinary miracles partnering with God that you've ever heard of. For instance, in all different realms, in weather, in Australia. Tell me about that.

DUNCAN: Well, that, I think, was probably one of the more extraordinary moments. But as I just had arrived in Canberra, the capital city, John and Carolyn, myself and Kate, my wife, were about to do a five day school with 300 leaders and pastors from all over Australia. And as I'm going for my run to shake off the jet lag, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and he said, "You've just heard the pastor say that Australia has been in a drought for nine years. I want you to declare tonight at the meeting, because I was preaching that night, that the drought will be over this coming Friday on the last day of the conference. And as a sign, there will be a dramatic thunderstorm that will last for many hours, and it will not stop raining literally for a month. And it will be a sign to the people of Australia that I'm coming in a great flood of my glory." And I said, "No, I'm not going to say that, Lord."

SID: So what happened?

DUNCAN: Yes. Well I said to the Lord, "Okay Lord, I know you're serious, so I'm not going to disobey you." And that night I delivered that word. And I could see many of the pastors looking at me with pity in their eyes. "Poor guy, he's just blown it. Now he's gone too far.”And “Oh, this is going to prove that Toronto's not this and that.”But sure enough. Sure enough, Sid, Friday at four o'clock tea break, great gigantic black clouds in the sky. By six o'clock when it finished, the most tremendous thunderstorm, and it went on and on for many hours and then it kept raining all over Australia, floods in all the national newspapers. It ruined Kate and I am one month vacation that we were having, our sabbatical. It ruined it with our children because we couldn't find a day without rain.

SID: So many amazing miracles. How about the lady that was deaf and mute?

DUNCAN: That was amazing. I was ministering in Kyrgyzstan, in the remote Tian Shan Mountains and the edge of the Himalayas. And again, I was ministering to probably three or 400 leaders and pastors. There was this lady in the crowd as I was speaking on the importance of forgiveness, she kept going like this. I thought, "Well, she's a little bit strange." So I kept trying to preach without looking too much in her direction. Well when I got off the platform and I started to minister to folks and laying hands on people, I turned around and came face-to-face with her. Forty years old, I found out from my interpreter, she's standing with her babushka grandmother, as they call them in Kyrgyzstan, and her 16 year old daughter. After six attempts of the most valiant attempts of prayer that I can give, surrounded by the crowd, watching, hoping, nothing happened, and everyone's face went ... and including, most of all, mine. But suddenly, as I went for the seventh go, I put my finger in her ear, she suddenly went ... So I put my second finger in the other ear, she went like this, and the Lord said, "Spit on her tongue."SID: Oh no.

DUNCAN: Of course, right now in all of this [covid] environment that we're in. But in that moment I was like, "Lord, how do I do that? I mean, if I try to spit in her tongue, I might hit her in the eye and she's not blind, but she might be after that." But I remember Jesus loading his fingers and touching the man's tongue. So I spat on my fingers, which were now loaded. And I went, and she went, as if she didn't really want to. And I put my slimy fingers on her doubly slimy tongue. But she was instantly set free and began speaking for the first time in 40 years. And her mother and her daughter were just freaked out. And the Lord said, "Tell her to say something normal." So through the interpreter I did, and she turned to her mother, and the interpreter said it afterwards, and said, "Mum, when are you going to take me and my daughter home for dinner? I'm starving hungry." And the crowd went ballistic with joy. And I thought, "Why would she say that? Her first words ever?" And then the Lord said to me, "Well, she has been trying to tell her mother that for 40 years.

SID: This is very, very important. You had the high privilege of seeing the Holy Spirit, his form. What did you say and what effect did it have on you?

DUNCAN: John and Carolyn invited me up onto the platform one Sunday morning and they said, "Duncan, we're going to anoint you as an evangelist to the nations." They laid hands on me. I went flying. I was on the floor, knocked over by the power of God. But as I lay there, I went into a vision instantly. I saw a vast African plain. And on the far right hand side, I saw a tiny figure of a man on the edge of the horizon. The instant I saw him, Sid, he came right up to me. And the only way I can describe him is that he was like a man of fire. He was like a fiery figure. From his waist upwards, he was like liquid molten metal, but not metal like we know. It's indescribable. But from his waist downwards, he was like fire. And he looked at me and I was terrified, and he smiled the most loving smile. And then he went and he touched me in my chest and he just lit me. And I went ballistic and I just, my whole body was burning. For months I was burning. When I would preach, people would start burning. When I touch people, they would burn. My wife didn't want to be under the covers with me because I was so hot.

SID: Here's what we're going to do. I want to make sure you can handle this fire, and I'm going to have him pray for this fire, because we're living in a time where he does not have to put his hands on you. He has to just speak it. He just described the description of the Holy Spirit in Ezekiel. It probably didn't dawn on you at the moment. [Ezekiel] 8:2-3. But I want you to say this prayer because I want you to know God. I mean, I don't want you to believe in him. I want you to go a step further. I want you to have your own encounter, your own experience with Him. Say this prayer out loud; mean it to the best of your ability. I want you to repeat this prayer, "Dear God, I'm a sinner. I'm so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes me clean. Jesus, come inside of me, be my Savior and my Lord. Amen." Duncan, look at the camera and release the fire. I'm getting in on this too.

DUNCAN: Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you that you would gloriously baptize every single person watching in this moment with your promised Holy Spirit and with fire. And I ask you that they would burn with your love and that you would anoint them in this moment to carry your glory with miracle signs and wonders as they're burning ones in this world in Jesus' name. Amen.

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