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My name is Duane Wilt, a retired electrical engineer, but re-fired to take the message of hope to the world. I was born into a Christian home.  My father’s parents and past generations as far back as we can see were all strong Christians.  I am standing on the shoulders of these generations.  My parents took me to church all during my childhood and I remember hearing the Gospel at that early age.  My mother said that I told her as a child that I wanted to be a preacher some day.  I never got involved in the life changing sins that were common in those days because I had a powerful example from my family and church.  At the age of twelve I accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord and was baptized.  That was in 1947.

I remember vowing to the Lord at that early age that I would follow Him all the days of my life and keep myself morally pure for the woman He would someday bring into my life.  I can tell you that by God’s grace I kept that vow.

God gave me the ability to do very well in college.  Even though I was from a very small high school with only ten in my graduating class He gave me the Holy Spirit power to graduate in electrical engineering in the top ten percent of my class.  One of the principles for being successful in any part of your life is to always give the credit for any success in your life to God.  The Bible says He is a jealous God and will not share His glory with anyone.

I married the love of my life three days after I graduated from college and started my first job eight days after that.  That was a very life changing eleven days!  God had His hand on me in my career as an electrical engineer also.  During my forty two years as an electronics design engineer I was given many design assignments that were very difficult and had never been done before.  By the Holy Spirit I would sometimes see the overall design instantly.  I had nothing to do with it.  That was all from God.  Then I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with the detail design in my mind.  I would not have been thinking about that when I went to sleep, but God was!  I cannot over emphasize the importance of giving God thanks for everything in our lives.

That thanksgiving spirit even extends to the hard times in our lives.  In 1965 we had a baby boy that was born with an open spine.  We decided it did not matter what the problem was, we knew we were going to overcome by God’s grace.  Then one morning when he was three months old he was very sluggish and we immediately took him to the pediatrician.  The doctor told us to take him directly to Children’s Hospital in Dallas.  However, on the way to the hospital our baby died in his mother’s arms.  We were devastated, but even then when my faith was not nearly as strong as it is today, I remember saying to my wife that I was anxious to see what great good God would bring out of this terrible thing.  A little over a year later we went to Hope Cottage in Dallas and brought home a three week old baby girl that we would adopt.  Who knows what environment she would have been brought up in if our precious baby had not died?

There is a great spiritual principle I want to tell you about here.  There will be storms in your life.  Sometimes the storms are terrible.  But in the midst of every storm you have two choices.  You can fellowship with the storm.  Or you can fellowship with the One who is the Master over every storm in your life.  Remember in the Bible when Jesus and the disciples were in the boat and a great storm came up?  Jesus was asleep.  The disciples were afraid they were going to die in the storm.  When they woke up Jesus, He simply said:  “Peace, be still.”  The Bible goes on to say that there was a great calm.  Do you want that great calm to come to you in the midst of the storms in your life?  Then put your trust in the One who is the Master over the storm.

My marriage started out very well, but after only about a year my wife began to have problems in her life.  Her personality seemed to change slowly into a very mean person.  Over the years she began to be abusive to the two children we had at that time.  She had the beginning of an alcohol problem and other serious problems.  In my immature state of mind I decided the only solution was to divorce her after our children were out of high school.

Then a day came when I had had enough.  I decided to turn to God for the solution to the problems in my life.  I was still working as an engineer and I was at work.  However, I decided to fast and pray on that day of days.  During my time of driving to and from work and at breaks and lunch, I prayed.  The prayer that changed my life was this:  “Lord, I am tired of the way my life is going.  From this day until the end of my life I am going to serve you with my whole heart, no matter what it costs.”  I did not expect anything unusual to happen, but I really meant what I had prayed.  That evening I was walking in front of my house with my wife.  Remember, this was the woman I was planning on divorcing.  All of a sudden I was engulfed in a cloud of God’s love and that cloud was not only around me, but IN me!  I turned to my wife who I did not even like one minute before and took her in my arms and loved her with true godly love!  In that minute I would have laid down my life for my wife.  I loved her that much.  It was the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, only I did not understand it at the time.  About two months later my wife came back to the Lord in power and our marriage was Heaven on earth.

Then in 1999 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  We went to an alternative doctor as well as a standard medical doctor for help.  I prayed to the Lord:  “Father, you can take my wife any time you want, but don’t let the devil’s disease kill her.”  The supplements the alternative doctor gave her caused the cancer to rapidly shrink and the symptoms began to disappear.  Then one day I went out of my house and began circling it and praying.  I circled it seven times praying in English and an eighth time praying in an unknown tongue.  The prayer I prayed was this:  “Lord, I renew my vow to you to follow you with my whole heart all the days of my life, no matter what it costs.”  Then the Holy Spirit had me add something I did not then understand.  I added:  “I will follow you no matter what happens to my wife.”  About an hour later my wife died.  When they tried to embalm her we found out why she died.  She had been given what the medical doctors called a blood thinner and she bled internally until she had less than three pints of blood in her body.

In my spirit there was a conversation with God.  He said:  “Did you not say you would follow Me with your whole heart all the days of your life, no matter what the cost?”  Yes, Lord.  “Did you not say you would follow Me all the days of your life, no matter what happened to your wife as long as the devil’s disease did not kill her?”  Yes, Lord.  Then there was silence, as if He was saying:  “Then what is your problem?”

Since that time I have traveled to many countries as a teaching missionary and seen many thousands of people give their heart to Jesus.  I have seen demons cast out and miraculous healings.  I have taught thousands of pastors in pastor’s conferences and multitudes in marriage conferences.  I have written a book and published it in English and Ugandan languages so far.  Would all these things have come to pass if my precious wife had not died?  Only God can answer that, but I believe these great things were brought about by God because I decided to trust God, even in the midst of the storms in my life!



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