Drew Drawbridge


Drew Drawbridge    My name is Drew Drawbridge, and I was born on May 30, 1984, in Woodward, Oklahoma. I have two wonderful parents, Pastor Jay Drawbridge and Jo Drawbridge. I grew up as a non-believer in Jesus Christ for the first eight years of my life. In 1992, my Dad received Jesus as Savior, and then our family followed shortly after. As a young child, I received Jesus as Savior. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and as evidence, by speaking in tongues. I was prayed for but healed of Asthma, but my future was filled with challenges.

   I received a call from God when I was fifteen years old, to go into the ministry. After I received the call, I started to drink alcohol and became involved in pornography. As I continued through my high school years and into my twenties, I became sexually active. My alcoholism and pornography was my life. In 2003 and 2005, God spared my life. In 2003, I was involved in a pickup truck accident with a semi-tractor trailer and walked away. In 2005, I was in the process of committing suicide, when a phone call from my mom saved my life. My life was spiraling out of control; but God stepped in and saved me from further destruction.

   In 2011, I walked into the Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and gave my life back to Jesus. I have been following Jesus for the past six years. Since 2011, I have been to Haiti, Honduras, Africa, and ministered in jails and prisons in Oklahoma. The call to preach has been restored. In 2012, I attended Victory Bible College and graduated in 2014.

   For the past six years, I have been on a journey, God has called me to go to different nations, and go where He leads me. My goals are to start a business and ministry, to help support my trips to different nations, called Journey 960. God has called me to be an Evangelist. My ultimate goal is to spend the rest of my life traveling the world, and share the Gospel to unreached people wherever the Holy Spirit leads. The ultimate Journey is to know Jesus every step of the way and to see others come to Jesus.      


Michael Corey and Drew Drawbridge Hearing His Voice Testimony