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Stuart QuartemontDr. Stuart Quartemont is a Physician/Surgeon, dedicated missionary and philanthropist. He builds and funds schools and a seminary in Southern Kaduna in Nigeria. Dr. Quartemont is a motivational speaker with a gift of prophecy.

Doug Stringer: My guest is Dr. Stuart Quartemont with Medical Missions International. It is great to have you with us today, Stuart.

Dr. Stuart Quartemont: Yeah. It's so great to be with you here.

Doug: You might remember what year I was holding a Bible study back in the mid or early '80s.

Dr. Stuart: '85. 1985 was when I first heard the name, Doug Stringer.

Doug: And you probably regret it a few times since 1985.

Dr. Stuart: No, it's all been good. It's all been good. You've always challenged me and others whenever you ministered. It was always a good thing.

Doug: Tell me a little bit about your story. How did you come to this revelation? It was the work of the cross, and the power of resurrection. How did Jesus come into your life?

Dr. Stuart: Well, I was raised Catholic so I knew about Jesus and believed in Jesus. We had walked in that church doctrine for so many years until I got to college. And then I was invited to a Bible study. At that Bible study, they actually talked about making Jesus Lord of your life, and I didn't know what that really meant. After some discussion, it was clear that making Jesus Lord of your life meant that you ask Him to lead you and your life instead of leading your own life and just asking God to bless it. So at that point in time, it's like, "Okay. So if He's going to lead me, I've got to hear from Him. I've got to have a personal relationship with Him." And when I got into medical school in 1981, I started attending a church that was spiritual and I had not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

After a few weeks, I asked about the baptism and was prayed for and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And then I was really able to hear from God and understand His Word. As I spent time with God, and I was led by the Holy Spirit. When I would read scriptures, they would just come alive to me. And we actually started a little bible study at our medical school, and we had a Christian Fellowship that we would attend on Friday nights. It was all about sharing Jesus with people and leaning on the Lord for, impressions from Him, and guidance from Him. It was at that time that I decided against doing ophthalmology, and went into family medicine, because I realized that God was actually calling me into the mission field.

Africa was high on my list, I changed up some of my electives in medical school so that I could spend a few months in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and actually got a taste of what mission medicine was all about. In my fourth year of medical school in New Orleans, I was able to go for two months to Sierra Leone and work in a Mission Hospital, United Brethren and Christ's Mission Hospital. After I was there for two weeks, I knew I could live out there the rest of my life and know that I was filled with God's joy, filled with knowing that I was completing my destiny as a doctor, as a believer, as a missionary.

Doug: Did you go to Tulane University?

Dr. Stuart: I went to LSU. We're across the street from each other. We actually use the same Charity Hospital on those days for our training.

Doug: At that time in 1985, I have been doing a radio program used in other places called Turning Point of Your Day with Doug Stringer, and also On the Edge with Doug Stringer. On that particular night, it was a Thursday night or a Friday night and I was hosting a Bible study in my apartment at the time. It was at Stafford, Texas. And I remember specifically, after one of those Bible studies you were there. And you had been really touched. It wasn't because of me or what I said unless you didn't like what I said but you were really moved. You pulled me outside at the apartment after the bible study and your eyes were bright red. I can tell you were visibly touched by the Holy Spirit and you said, "Doug, can you pray for me?" Because you felt at that moment that God was reminding you of something. At that time, you were in residency at Memorial South West, I believe, and you said, "I really had been reminded of God's call to Africa to be a missionary and to help set up bible schools and medical clinics and be a part of that."

"That's great. That's great, Stuart." You said, "Would you pray that God would raise up and give a Godly wife to have that same vision." Of course, the God of Israel did it for you. But tell me about what you were feeling at that moment because that really, I think, something connected. I knew that we've become friends through those Bible studies, and earned some friends together, mutual friends. But there was something that that moment, I consider a double imprint in my mind of the character of God that was doing in you. And I've seen how all these decades later that God placed a passion in your heart for medical missions. What was happening to you at that moment?

Dr. Stuart: I was so on fire to go to the mission field. I wanted to leave right after medical school. But God made it very clear to me on that trip to Sierra Leone that I needed extra training and so I needed to get more training in OB-GYN and general surgery so that I can offer those talents on the mission field. Because you just didn't have the specialties that you have over here. That's why I did my residency in Family Medicine in Houston because they allowed me to do more in those areas so that I could be better equipped when I went to the mission field. And of course after you get in your residency, you kind of get lost in the residency program. You're so busy. And of course, I was going through a good church. I'm like, "Okay, God I would really like to have a wife, you know, going into Africa because I feel that I may never come back out because I'm totally committed to that." I really had been pondering about those things. And then when I heard about you and this Bible study, we went that night. And again your message had nothing to do with what I was going through. But the spirit of God was so strong in the Bible study, it just made me feel like I needed to recommit to that call whether I had a wife or not.

That was one of my big issues is if I could find my wife before I went to Africa, life would be a lot easier. That's why I was literally in tears at night and visibly shaken as I was requesting that prayer.

Doug: I think you said something because people told me, "Doug, sometimes, all you do is say Mary had a little lamb and God blessed you." I realized it's not so much what I said; it's about how we prepare their heart to welcome the presence of God that equipped us. So it's not so we can stutter, we can make mistakes. We may not have all the three points and four points served. But if we have the right heart in the presence of God, anything can happen, right?

So Stuart, thank you for being here. And I know you just got out of working at your clinic there in College Station in Bryan. Thank you for taking the time. So you're still in your doctor's garb.

Dr. Stuart: Yeah, still on my surgical garb.

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