Dr. Solomon Ashibuogwu



   My name is Solomon Ashibuogwu, and I would like to tell you my story. I was privileged to come from a Christian home. My father was a lay reader in the Anglican Church and my mother was quite active in the women’s ministry. We had this family tradition of praying every morning at 5 am. I remember my dad’s favorite opening song. “Into my heart (2x), Come into my heart Lord Jesus. Come in to stay (2X). Come into my heart Lord Jesus. Amen. So I grew up under this kind of environment.

   However, when I left home for college/university of Lagos, my life took a new turn as I began to engage in activities contrary to Christian values that I know and lived with for so long. I engaged in functional alcoholism (every night after work), use foul languages and of course lied. This continued for a long time even after I started work in the bank. I stopped going to church regularly, seldom study the Bible or even pray. My spiritual life was going down at a very fast rate. God has sent many people to me but I did not bother to give my life to Christ for the purpose of avoiding spiritual responsibilities.

HOW I MET JESUS                                                     

   But One day, something happened that changed the trajectory of my life. I had just rented a new duplex in Ikeja and was moving my belongings to the new house when suddenly, I noticed a Mercedes Benz following me. As I negotiated into the house, four men jumped out with guns and ordered me out of the car and took us to the house where they raided and made away with all my belongings were taken including my car, N50k, and some personal effects. When one of the robbers wanted to shoot, their head reminded them of their agreement not to kill. So my life was spared. So they locked us in a room and fled with everything. After the incident, it was as if a scale fell of my eyes and I began to see my need for the Savior. I began to ask such questions as

   Where would I have been if I had died without asking Jesus Christ into my life?

   With all I know about the Jesus Christ and the power of God, what has hindered my salvation?

   It was later I discovered 2 Corinthians 4:4 which says, “The god of this world has blinded the minds of them who did not believe, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God should shine on them.”

   The next Sunday service, I was just waiting to openly confess Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savior. Before the preacher made the altar call, I was out to receive JC as my Lord and personal savior. I could picture the Master saying “You are welcome to the Royal Family” and then instructed the angels to do the needful. They rolled out the drums and every instrument of music and had the most powerful party. They enjoyed and rejoiced (Luke 15:10). I knew He had a purpose for sparing my life. Jeremiah 29:11.


   Since I made this decision over 23years ago, my life has truly been more meaningful and impactful. I have had no regrets and no reason to change my mind. That clearly does not mean it has been rosy all the way, but He has always showed up, helped me and given me rest.

   He gave me special love for lost souls. I began to have a burden for the lost that needed to be found just like me. I discovered that evangelism is the most fundamental mission of the church and the heartbeat of God, who does not want anyone to perish but come to repentance through the knowledge of JC (2 Pet. 3:9). My wife and I started an outreach ministry in 2003 called “Feed Africa for Christ” with the mandate to use the instrumentality of food and other related items of need to reach and get the people for Christ. Every Saturday, I will join the evangelism team carrying food and other materials to the field. Many souls were found, needs were met and lives were transformed. At the last count in 2006, we had over 2,000 souls won into the kingdom. There is this testimony of a heavily pregnant woman who had no food to eat and had been praying for food. God directed us to her and when we came to her house, she began to cry saying God indeed answers prayers. We were human angels that day. Praise be to God.

UNDER THE TREE EVANGELISM- using High Blood pressure test. My wife became an auxiliary nurse trained by the Holy Spirit and I became the spiritual caregiver leading many to Jesus Christ including Moslems. I remember a particular Moslem that came for the HBP test. After the test, the result showed his blood pressure was very high and needed urgent medical attention. But before he was released, he was made to come to the spiritual care line where he gave his life to Christ. To God alone be the glory.

   Another area where this decision has had tremendous influence on my spiritual life is understanding Scriptures. (Ephesians 1:17). The word of God began to come alive in my spirit and my life. The bible became real to me and I love to study it and live by its precepts. John 3:34 is one Scripture I cannot forget. It said to me that a servant does not have a word of his own but the word or message of the Master who has sent him. So wait on the Word from the Master before you go and deliver the message He desires for His people.

   Hearing the VOICE OF THE LORD (John 10:27) Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice and I know them, and they follow me.” I began to hear the voice of the Lord. For example, as I was leaving for the US to study at Oral Roberts University, I had clearly in my spirit “You are about to pass through the Refiner’s fire” and truly the Lord pruned me and made me dependent on Him for all my needs. On another occasion, He said to me that “the Egyptian you see today, you shall see them no more forever” and this terminated our lack as He provided for all our needs including school fees and grocery. Others include “I have given you power over witches and witchcraft to stop forth their activities.” God still speaks, do you know His voice and do you follow His instructions? I heard Him and left my lucrative banking position as a Senior Manager to follow Him. I have not regretted the decision to date and I have seen lives transformed to the glory of God.

Hearing His Voice Testimony

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