Dr. Olusegun Falope


   A few years ago, I had an emergency call at a wedding about 800km from the city where I live. The news was that my last son, an Architect by training had a ghastly motor accident. The details were hidden from me. All I was told is just come. You can imagine all the thoughts that went through my head and the turmoil’s in my heart.

   I got to the airport to catch a flight back home. As soon as I entered the departure hall, a lady walked up to me and began without soliciting, telling me how her brother was involved in an accident and eventually died, and how her mum was told similarly to how I was told. Every attempt to stop her elicited deeper details of the gruesome death of her brother. I moved away from her; but surprisingly she followed me to my new seat. In all this time, I had an unusual peace that filled my heart. According to the word of God in Isaiah 26:3, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusted in thee”.

   I took my flight and eventually got home. God had taken control and he had multiple fractures, but God had positioned help firstly with the villagers, then the police, and then an ambulance took him to the main city to get medical attention.

   It hasn’t always been like this for me. Being the only son, my mother died when I was three, I was highly protected against death, and grew up with fear and the necessity to protect myself and provide for myself. I also grew up in an extremely poor condition, because my father’s trading business failed. My father was a polygamist with twenty-two children, so it was survival of the fittest in terms of sustenance. I had no hope of going to school, but was meant to learn a trade and settle down in an accepted poverty.

   But now I know that God reigns in the affairs of men, and determines the end from the beginning. He provided the means by which I went to school and have three degrees, having first graduated as a Veterinary doctor. I was so brilliant that I thought your success in life depended on you and how much you struggle. No room for God, even though I was brought up as a religious, but nominal Christian. From my university days, to the one year of National service and getting a job was totally stress free. Good time all the way and this made God a “spare tire,” referred to, only while in trouble, a casual Christian. I pursued the easy life with women, and parties; but thank God who never gave up on me, who “devises means, that His banished be not expelled from Him. (2 Sam.14:14b) interjected my life sometime in September, 1986.

   I was now working in a Research Institute, and went to a conference outside of my city of residence. As usual, I went with a girlfriend, though being married. A strange thing happened in my hotel room the first night, as we prepared for the welcome night party. I lost interest in my environment, in the lady and all that I counted as “enjoyment,” including smoking and drinking. It was as if the room was becoming small and squeezing me in. This went on all night, making it the longest night of my life. Every thought narrowed only to me and later on as I matured as a Christian.

   I then understood that when the chips are down, I will stand alone before God. This frightened me, making me to abort staying for the conference. I left the next day and went back to my city, very pensive and with a deep thought about my past life.

   Returning home, my wife was shocked that a man who was always looking for an opportunity to be out of the home, returned before a due date. She was getting ready to go to a Christian meeting somewhere, and I volunteered to go with her. It was at this meeting that I listened to a “playback tape” of my life. Realizing that if I had died at any moment before now, I would have gone to hell. I surrendered my life to Jesus, inviting Him to be the Lord of my life.

   Several things have happened since that great decision that culminated to a “great exchange of lives”. Christ took over.

   Firstly, I experienced a peace that is difficult to describe. I just knew that if I died from that moment on, I had a secured place God and in Heaven.

   Secondly, God healed my marriage. Hitherto, I reached a conclusion with my wife, that we were not compatible. She wanted a home with a well-domesticated husband. I wanted the wild street life that I had lived all my life. We agreed that as soon as our last child is weaned, we shall part ways. A fresh revelation of marriage came to me, and became the husband I was supposed to be.

   Thirdly, God intervened in the hearing ability of our four-year old son, having never spoken a word. We had gone around looking for help, to no avail. When I became born again, God assured us that He would heal him, how, we didn’t know. Until we were about to have our third child in London, God caused his speech to be restored in two weeks, instead of the predicted eighteen months.

   Fourthly, God gave us a new business. He led me in a miraculous way to resign from my Government employment and put us in an engineering business that we have now run successfully for twenty-eight years, even as a Veterinarian. In Jeremiah 33:3, Great is our God.

   Finally, God has established us in the ministry. We have been members of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) over thirty-two years, and have found fulfillment both in fellowship and in the body of Christ. We have had several people who drank out of the well of our salvation, and have travelled all over the world proclaiming the gospel of Christ.

   It is amazing how God picked me up and turned me around. I had no hope and no God in this world. If you will yield to Him today, He will bring a dramatic turn to your life too. Behold He stands at the door of your heart. If you open your heart, He will come in and bring a transformation to your life. Living without Him is death; but give Him a chance today and you will never regret it.


Dr. Olusengun Falope Hearing His Voice Testimony

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