Dr. Mike Hutchings

Dr Mike HutchingsPart 1: How the enemy uses trauma

   Nearly everyone has experienced some type of trauma. Distressing events leave emotional scars that can influence and impact everything in our lives. A lot of people live with anxiety and fear and don't realize why it's there. Trauma can be caused by a single event or by ongoing relentless stresses. It can happen during childhood, come from a job, or any other source.

   Dr. Mike Hutchings has traveled throughout the United States and five countries, bringing God's healing to tens of thousands who have suffered from trauma. You do not have to live under the oppression of the past. The God we serve is a loving Father. He is able to redeem and restore you, no matter what has happened in your past.

   In this video, Dr. Hutchings describes why many people struggle with their identity and then shows us a path to receive emotional and psychological healing.

Part 2: Nutrition for your soul  

   We all want to be strong and resilient. However, a lot of times, we weren't given the soul nutrients we needed as children.

   A lot of us were shown conditional, performance-based love where you aren't loved for who you are, but for what you do. So, when life hits us hard, we can find it difficult to push through and keep going. This can feel exhausting, and even maddening. Everyone should be raised with what they need to take on the challenges of life.

   Dr. Mike Hutchings calls this "Trauma A"– the absence of good things. In this video, he describes the four soul nutrients that every child needs from their parents, the same nutrients that everyone can receive from God.

Part 3 The heart of God

   Many of us have experienced and seen things happen that the human soul was never meant by God to contain.

   Dr. Mike Hutchings calls this “Trauma B”– the presence of bad things. This trauma can lead to poor choices– not necessarily because someone is trying to be rebellious against God, but out of the pain of their shattered souls. Like the psalmist David, we can have a wonderful relationship with God, yet experience a roller coaster ride of emotions throughout our lives because of trauma. But be encouraged! It’s the heart of God that you don’t live like that for the rest of your life.

   In this video, Dr. Hutchings describes the good news that David and the apostle Paul were able to say after all the “Trauma B” they experienced.

Part 4 You are more 

   Does it feel like your life is too far gone... ruined? If it does, that’s exactly where the enemy wants you. His plan is to continue to lie to you, to deceive you, and keep you in a place of bondage. It’s in this place that you can begin to develop a victim mindset.

   If you begin to tell your life story and over and over again it’s framed by all the bad things that have happened to you, and all the bad stuff that you have done, it’s possible you’re believing a lie of the enemy that the truest thing about you is all the trauma that you have experienced. Well, friend, that’s a lie. And it’s time to crush it right now.

   We’ve all been there. But you are not defined by your history. By what you have done. Or by what has been done to you. You are defined by your Father God. And he calls you His beloved child! In this video, Dr. Mike Hutchings is going to instruct you on how to step out of a victim mindset and into an overcoming mindset.

Dr. Mike's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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