Dr Isaac Ohonba


Victory in life's challenges

   Dr Isaac Ohonba tells how he found his way to peace and freedom.

   I was born in 1957, a few years before the Nigerian Independence. My father was a teacher while my

mother had a small business, trading in clothes.

   However, I grew up surrounded by strife and anxiety. My family was initially monogamous, but in later years become polygamous. The family was therefore full of strife.

In polygamous cultures, mothers often struggle to secure favor and inheritance for their children which can sometimes lead to spiritual bandage.

   During my teenage years I was much involved with my local Anglican Church as a member of the choir. I must say that I was often happy in church, and occasionally experienced what could have been a sense of the closeness of God - but I had no idea what 'personal salvation' was about.

I first encountered Christian students in 'Scripture Union' at my secondary school. I never doubted their sincerity and different lifestyles. Yet I was uncomfortable to be part of their group and developed aversion to 'born again Christians' who I was austere and devoid of fun. Later, in 1976, as I began

my medical career, I just wanted to be 'free', and do as I pleased, enjoying the company friends and socializing with ladies to my heart's content.

   I lived this way for many years, except for some periods of guilt when I remembered I used to be a church-loving man. Despite pretending to have committed my life to God, I was trapped by the

desire for partying, drinking, and going after the ladies.

   The pull of the world was just too strong for me. This remained so even when friends I knew and respected, began to get 'saved.' I then seriously began to ask myself what 'getting saved' really meant.

I had by now overcome my previous dislike of committed Christians, and was impressed by the peace and contentment they enjoyed. It was not surprising that I found myself beginning to desire what they

had. But how was I to get rid of my personal sins and immoral life style? What was the formula?

Feeling confused and really hopeless, a casual comment from a Christian friend hit me with the force of a battering ram! "God does not expect us to change ourselves before coming to Him. He wants us to come to Him just as we are and He will then change us!"


   I was now happy to attend a Christian businessmen's meeting (FGB), where I gave my life to Christ after saying 'the sinner's prayer', confessing my sins and believing I was free at last. I was then prayed with for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I began speaking in a prayer language which the Bible calls 'an unknown tongue'.

   At about this time, the Lord graciously brought my way a young Christian lady from the same part of Nigeria that I come from. We got married and she has remained my loving wife and friend through all the challenges of marriage and ministry.

Shortly after my conversion I attended a Christian convention (FGB) and heard God speak prophetically to my heart - only to hear someone else speak out the same words! Later, alone in my room, I sensed a bright light and a heavy weight upon me. I fell to my knees and wept as 1 saw a playback of my life and repented of all I saw while at the same time saying, "I love you, Lord." I spent the remainder of the day staggering around as if I was drunk!

   The long-term effect of this experience was that my hunger for God went through the roof and has remained so all these years. I was immediately freed from shyness and a stammer when I spoke in public. I was then able to tell my story, to lead meetings and to become an FGB Chapter President a few years later. I also gained some training in various aspects of Christian ministry and leadership.

I learned to always work hard but allowing God to decide the outcome. I also came to know the place of faith, the Word of God and prayer in overcoming obstacles and gaining victory in life's challenges.

I also had some Bible school training and felt God lead me to plant a church which I pastored until I came over to the UK in 2004 for my medical training in Psychiatry.

   I also find my Christian back-ground a help in being more empathetic and compassionate to my patients.

   Dr Isaac is a Field Representative and Vice-President of Cardiff Chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen, UK & Ireland.

   He can be contacted via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Dr Isaac and wife Okuoimose

Dr Isaac and his wife, Okuoimose live in Cardiff.


Dr Isaac Ohonba Hearing His Voice Testimony

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