Dr. Hugo Chan


   My name is Hugo Chan. I am a lawyer in Hong Kong, China, and would like to tell you my story.

   Our family is one of the oldest indigenous clans in the New Territories of Hong Kong, for two hundred-forty years in Tsuen Wan. When I was growing up, it was full of the Chinese traditions, ancestor worship, and idol worship: because my father is a very respected member of the community in the local village and is also a temple leader. My father has watched how I've changed in these fifteen to twenty years. I remain a good friend with him and feel that he identifies with what I have to share; because in front of his own friends, he would say some of the things I'm going to share with you now.

   I was quite adept in worshiping ancestors, and worshiping idols that was also good practice. I worship wells; I worship trees and the sewage. I remember there was somebody living upstairs when I was young that was kind of a character; because he worshiped a lot of idols and even healed a lot of people. I was put into a Catholic school and learned about Jesus. My younger sisters became Christians when they were young. I praise God, because many people have been praying for me for many years. I didn’t choose God, but Jesus chose me.

   My mother would always say, "You are really good on the outside, but inside you’re very lazy." But whenever our family would quarrel, I would try to settle matters for them. My mother would say, "Why don't you become a priest? You're so long-winded."

   I didn't want to be a pastor; I wanted to be a lawyer. In1973, I went to England to study law. I had a lot of opportunities to discuss and argue with Christians. Most of the time, I would come on top. There was one person I'm sure that I would win the argument, but I wouldn’t argue because she was better than me. She was also better looking than me.

   Even though I wasn't having any arguments with her, she wouldn't go out with me. So for two years, I sent her a sign. But a few months before graduation, I suddenly discovered what a lovely young lady she was. She also became a Christian. So I was more interested and determined to chase after her. I was pretending to believe in Jesus, just to get close to her. But I thank God for his Grace. A lot of time, we don't have that intention to seek after God. But because He loves us, He chose us. I don't know what happened, but I found myself in a big Christian gathering.

   It was in the summer 1978 and I was standing next to the girl, on her left. You can sing out to the glory of God; because I have the lovely lady beside me.

   Before graduation, my father came to the UK and spoke to me very sternly, "Hugo, you better not become a Christian and be baptized with water."

   He is a smart man and has his spies on me. He knew that I've been attending these Christian gatherings, so he drew me that line. The bottom line is, do not be baptized!

   I said to my father, "Daddy, you know what I'm after."

   So even on the third day of that Christian gathering, I still thought I just had the intention of going after the girl I love. I didn’t have any intention of believing in Jesus, but man has a spirit. God can touch our hearts and change us inside. As I soon as I walked into that meeting, I started to cry. You know when you’re watching a movie, you'd be so touched and in the dark you can cry.

   But in that gathering, I just felt this special touch in my heart. My parents have always been saying how good I am. A lot of people say I'm good, but I know that I'm not good. In that instant, I knew that if they were to show a movie of my past, it would be so shameful when they see it. I knew there were many problems. I couldn’t solve, but these Christians knew what they were doing.

   From that night onward, I said, "Jesus, I want to follow you."

   After that night, things began to change and I received peace, a deep sense of satisfaction flooded my heart as soon as I decided to follow Jesus. I knew that when I left the gathering that night, I believed in this one true God, the Lord Jesus Christ. I felt that I had been forgiven. There were many shameful things I did, and wasn't able to forgive myself. I was so happy when I went home and all my relatives were there. They were happy that I came back. The very fact that I managed to get back to Hong Kong, was with the help of Jesus. I had so many activities and my studies are really so-so. In the examination, I only passed four out of six papers. Six months after I became a Christian, I had to take the final law examination.

   Two days before my examination, I slipped my disc. My back was crooked and I couldn't walk. I couldn't study and said, "Jesus, you know I thought it's good to follow you, but look at me." I spoke to my girlfriend Yuenyi, and she prayed for me. I knew then I had to pray and leave this with Jesus. I really had a wonderful experience. I was walking like an old man towards the examination hall and couldn't study.

   The guy sitting next to me in the exam hall was praying. So I just followed suit, and thought Jesus saved me. When I opened the examination papers, my eyes just lit up. I knew these! I know this and I know this. I don't know this.  I know this, and I don't know these. We could select any seven questions, and I only knew seven of them. After the examinations, I never felt so smart. My back was so stiff, but I felt so smart. After all the six papers I've taken, I felt good. Prayer really works because the Lord says, "My praise is sufficient for you, because in your weakness, My power would be revealed."

   I didn't know about the power of the Holy Spirit, but I knew about weaknesses. When I returned to Hong Kong, I got the message that I passed all six exams. I praised God and that's how I became a lawyer. Now I have a job. A lot of my classmates had to retake the examination, and I didn't. I told them to believe in Jesus, but they didn't believe.

   My father said we’re going to the Thien Hau Temple and give the sacrifice to the Gods. At that time, I didn’t have so much faith. So I just followed meekly after him. I went into the temple, but was pondering on the outside. You know when the rose pick went in the temple, the nun came out.

   The nun knew me and said, "Hugo, Hugo, why don't you worship these gomgong?

   I just looked at her and shook my head. She looked at me and said, "You have become a Christian."

   She was the first one to tell me that I'm a Christian. Because the one inside of me is greater than the one that is in the world. So the day after I followed other people to church. I just couldn't take anything in, because there were three things that bothered me in my mind.

   When I was young, I stole some money from that shop. I remember ordering Reader's Digest and never paid for it. There was the law encyclopedia from the UK that I took. It was still with me in Hong Kong. What was happening? I suffered for several weeks and went to Tai Wo place and Tai Wo Hau, and I looked up this store,

   I confessed to the shopkeeper, "Forgive me, because I've stolen money from your shop." I gave him back some money, and he forgave me. I told him now I'm a Christian and a lawyer, and that I shouldn’t steal. Then I wrote to Reader's Digest and paid them, and returned the law encyclopedia to the library that I borrowed.

   By believing in Jesus, I could be forgiven. I could receive God's forgiveness. I can say to the people around me, "Please forgive me because I have done wrong." I had too much hurt, too much bitterness hindering my inability to ask for forgiveness. No matter how much money, how much knowledge I have, sometimes I cannot even ask forgiveness from my wife, Yuenyi. I thought I was so good after becoming a Christian: but many a time, I really made her mad. I frequently scolded her and treated her badly. I may look good in front of people, but actually, I know my ups and downs. I knew Jesus unconditionally forgave my sins. So that He can also forgive her. It matters not whether she's wrong or I'm wrong, it's always the same because I know I'm in the wrong.

   That's why I can say to her, "Please forgive me."

   Very recently, we had our sixteenth honeymoon. The same woman, the same wife. She prays for me, encourages me, and loves me. In the past sixteen years, things I couldn’t do, Jesus helped me overcome them. Like watching television, I stopped. A lot of the time, I would rather say to myself, I have to relax in front of television instead of talking to my wife. The Lord allowed me to be broken, so that I can change.

   Jesus came to give us life, and we can have life more abundantly. What we have to say, we have said it. For the past twelve years, I've never seen a doctor. Previously, every week I would go to the doctor's. There were so many healing instances. That day I slipped my disc, bothered me for over twenty years. In Jesus name, it was healed at that instant.

Dr. Hugo Chan's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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