Dr. Gregory Reid

Dr  Gregory ReidGregory Reid: Thanks, Julian. I was just thinking about the first time I gave my testimony was at Full Gospel, all these years ago. I feel very blessed to be able to share what Jesus has done in my life. I grew up in Southern California, my parents were wonderful people. My dad is a police officer. My mom is a housewife and raising three kids. I was the youngest.

   But the place that we grew up in was not a good place and my family background was just filled with all kinds of problems. My parents had a whole truckload of abuse and occult issues. We're multi-generational Mormons and there was a lot of occultism that was practiced by my grandmother and some other people in the family. I was born into what was an idyllic situation on the outside but inside, in terms of spirituality, I was born in one of the worst places that I could have been because our neighborhood was surrounded by predators and pedophiles, and people who worship the devil, and people who practiced dark arts. A child like me that was already being separated was just fodder for their mill. I was tormented as a child. I had horrible nightmares from those early back as I could remember. And I would feel these horrible, ugly, presences in the room and I'd wake up screaming. I would even have experiences where I would literally have an out-of-body experience and I would leave my body. I didn't know what in the world that was and I didn't tell anybody about it for years. But I would actually leave my body and then come back to my body after a while and literally be slammed into my body and feel a presence of darkness. It was just horrible. I grew up just in total fear. I went to a small church, which in some ways was okay, and in other ways, not. Because some of the people that practice the occult were on the other side. Actually use that church as a front and as a way to reach out and find other victims for their little cult which took place in a place called Box Canyon.

   I made a friend around that time through that church. He was deliberately exempt to be my friend. We ended up becoming friends. I was only about seven or eight, I think when that happened. There were already some things that were going on in my life that were not good. But during the next couple of years, I was in and out of experiences where I would go on outings with these people. I experienced rituals in these groups. I was also a product of-- or used in child pornography by one of the members of this group. By the time I was 10, I had already been in a couple of pretty severe ritual settings. For children like me during the '60s, all it took was some select drugs to after that experience, or during that experience, to make it so disoriented that you just ended up sick and going home and sleeping for two or three days, and parents thought you were ill. My parents had no idea this was going on. It was at '60s where you trusted people, you trusted your neighbors, and my parents, unfortunately, trusted me with the wrong people. Somewhere around the age of 10 years old, when it was around the winter solstice of that year, just before Christmas, my friend Mark was murdered in a ritual setting which destroyed me, fragmented me, and turned my life upside down. After that experience, I was a totally different child. I couldn't tell anybody what had happened because I was so fragmented messed up and had been drug through that experience. I was sick for about probably a week or more after that. When I finally recovered, my parents had a child returned to them that was almost unrecognizable. My grades have been almost straight A's and they went down. Just went right down the drain and I became angry, and I was withdrawn, and my parents didn't know what to do with me.

   It was at that point, that something triggered in me that I think had been set in motion because of my family bloodline and because they had already done some training to prepare me for being involved in their world. But I suddenly began to seek out the occult. I began to practice the occult. I got my first Ouija board; I think when I was eight or nine year’s old, maybe 10. I began to practice it. It worked for me and it worked for me without anybody there. I began to study every book on the occult that I possibly could. But I was so in so much turmoil and so separated from everybody around me that I simply just withdrew and retreated into a world that revolved around my studies of the Arcane Arts and I began to do astrology, and fortune-telling, and studying astral projection, and a number of the things. I laughed when I heard about astral projection because I didn't know what it is and I read about these people that tried so hard to do it and couldn't make it happen. I thought I never did anything at all to make it happen. The deeper I got involved in it, the more pain I felt because of what had happened earlier and a lot of the abuse that I'd already suffered. I had had some church upbringing about Jesus, but at that point, because a lot of this happened through people at the church, I just stopped wanting to go to church. I didn't want to be around anybody that calls themselves a churchgoer, or a Christian. And I just began to just ingest all of this darkness. I began to drink at a very early age, and smoke. I was a highly sexualized child. I just went crazy. I was almost like a street kid living in my own parent's house. I was getting to be where I was out of control. I was arrested when I was 13 for shoplifting, barely avoided going to juvenile hall. Everything just got worse and worse and the more I drank, the more I wanted to do the occult stuff. The more the pain would not go away. So, I would drink more.

   When I was 12 or 13, I guess, our family dog died and he was really the only friend that felt like I really had. And I just begged God, I said "If you're out there, please don't let him die" and he died. I made some sort of internal decision at that point. That if there was a God that he could not love me because I was too evil and if there was a God, why did he let this happen? And my heart began to turn harder and darker. Shortly after that, I was hitchhiking and I was picked up by somebody and I was molested at the age of 14 and I was so shattered by that experience. I walked to a friend's house and she had a lot of alcohol that her mom had and I simply drank a whole bottle of alcohol and passed out. When I finally woke up, she asked me what was wrong and I said, I can't talk about it, I left. On the way home, I was crying and I said, "Jesus, God, whatever's out there. Please just have somebody pick me up and kill me. Because if you're there, I can't live this way" and everything got more dark. I began to study more. My family was falling apart. I ended up recruiting other kids from high school into my little occult world. And it was getting to a point where it was all just almost completely out of control and I began to scare people by those things because there was something-- I'd look in the mirror and there was something looking back at me that was not me and I knew it. But I couldn't control it anymore. A pivotal moment for me was when I was talking to a friend about somebody that neither one of us liked and I said, "I hope somebody takes a gun and kills him tonight" and that night, my mom woke me up crying to tell me that that person had been shot to death and I was terrified. I thought this is totally out of my control but I didn't know what to do so I started to drink more. But God in His mercy had His sight set on me before I ever knew it and before-- even when I was not looking for Him. To me, Jesus was just a good man.

   I was studying everything from Hinduism to Buddhism to Islam. I was studying everything and anything to try and find some answer. Jesus was not really in there in terms of who I was really looking for. But I got picked up by a guy hitchhiking, who told me about Jesus and it was very annoying and I just I don't want to, you know, thanks, but I'm not interested and that happened a couple of different times. Then one particular time, when I was 14, somebody picked me up. I was standing on a street corner and he picked me up. And I got in the car and I asked him. I told him where I was going and he said, "You know, I want to tell you that Jesus loves you" and I thought this is getting ridiculous. Every time I get picked up, it's some preacher and I said, "Yeah, I know" and he says, "No, son. You don't understand. I live 40 miles away from here in Manhattan Beach. I woke up today and God told me to drive out here and that there on the corner of Valley Circle and Topanga, there would be a young boy and I was supposed to pick him up and I was supposed to tell them that Jesus loves you, and you're that boy." Something just shattered inside of me. And I thought what if it's true? What if this guy is telling the truth? But on the other hand, I said, "It's not possible because I'm evil. God can't love me." He let me home. A few months passed, I was hitchhiking with another friend and this guy in the big LTD picked me up. My friend was an atheist. The guy was in his late 50s I guess, and he starts talking to us about this wonderful meaning that they have on Sunday nights where they all get together and talk about God. And I'm thinking this is the last thing I want to do on Sunday night. And I'm thinking my friend is going to be really upset because he really didn't like Christians. So, the guy let us out, he gave us a card and told us where the meeting was going to be that night. And said if we wanted, we could come. We're going to my friend's girlfriend's house and she wasn't home. So my friend turns to me and says, let's go to this meeting. I said, "What are you nuts?" He said, "No, it'd be fun. Let's go. Just, let's go."

   So we ended up going to this meeting. I'd been to church. I loved the first part of church. Before things got bad, I loved some of the hymns but this was different. This was a room full of older people, and younger people, and married couples, it was just packed out in this little house and they're singing all these songs that I never heard before and they're acting like they're really excited about whatever the singing about, and there's just a presence there. And then this guy named Dave Malcolm, may his memory be blessed. He was a guy in his 30s. He was a landscaper and he had gotten saved, and spirit-filled, and he just wanted to do something for Jesus. So he started to explain the gospel and he goes all the way through the gospel and I'm so dizzy and disoriented, I don't even know what to do. When he asked everybody to bow their heads and closed their eyes, they repeated a prayer to receive Jesus. I did but I looked up just to see what was happening. And my friend, who was an atheist, raised his hand and I couldn't believe it. After he concluded the prayer he was talking to this guy for quite a while and then on the way home, the guy in the LTD, he's all excited. My friend is talking to him like they're old friends. Part of me was happy for him because he had had such a terrible life as a kid almost as bad as mine. And the other part of me was feeling lost because he had crossed over to a place and I couldn't go with him because I knew that I was evil. When we left, when we dropped us off, the guy gave us a Good News for Modern Man Bible and gave us a book called The Cross And The Switchblade. My life continued to deteriorate after that. I end up going on a trip with my parents and I was absolutely desperate and I took that book, The Cross And The Switchblade with me. I was in a separate room from my parents and I read through it and I read where this little skinny preacher, David Wilkerson, facedown, Nicky Cruz, most dangerous gang member in all of New York and went and found him and said, "Nicky, Jesus loves you." Nicky Cruz beat him up and said, "What do you think about that preacher?" And David said, "Nicky, you can cut me up in a thousand pieces and every piece is going to scream out Jesus loves you." I stopped at that point and I took the book and I threw it against the wall and I said, "Why didn't anybody ever tell me God had this kind of power? Why didn't anybody ever tell me God could heal even the worst?" And now I was even more confused and felt more lost because a part of me wanted that but didn't know if I could get that because I was evil. There was so much junk and darkness in me.

   We got home the next night and I laid in bed and I prayed a prayer or two. I didn't know if anybody was even there. Buddha, Muhammad, Allah, anybody at all. I said, "If anybody is out there, please help me. Because if you don't, I don't want to live anymore, I can't do this anymore." And as God as my witness, at that moment, and like Paul says, whether in the body or out, I can't say. But I was taken from my room fully awake into a place that was like a plane, where there was nobody around in the whole world and I felt in a moment, all of the pain, and all of the anguish, and all of the suffering, and all the abuse, and all of the heartache of my young life, all of a sudden, just welled up within me. And I began just wailing like a wounded lion. I was just screaming and wailing and crying. I looked up into the sky and I saw Jesus standing on the clouds, as God is my witness that he was reaching out His hands toward me and I screamed at him. I said, "I can't reach you. You're too far away." At that moment, I was lifted up off of the ground and flung into eternity. I can't even explain but it sounds like you feel the wind rushing on my face and just-- I don't know where I-- Was it through space or time? I don't know. But the last thing I remember is being held in the arms of Jesus Christ and feeling loved for the first time in my life. And all of a sudden, I'm fully awake, back in my bed, tears coming down my face. I was so stunned and I said, "I know you're real." And then the next day I said, "I don't know what to do from here." So I began to talk to Jesus like He was a friend but I didn't know what that meant. I didn't even know who He was really. But about three or four months later, I ended up at the same prayer meeting. I was not going to go. It was the night the astronauts walked on the moon. January 20th, 1969 and I was going to party with some of my friends and I ended up picking up the card from this guy in the LTD and I called him. I said, "Hey, Ted." He says, "Hey, I've been praying for you to call." I said, "You're really weird. What are you talking about?" He says, "I put a poster up by your house and asked Jesus to have you call me, and here you are. So, are you coming to the meeting tonight?" I said, "No, I got other things to do. Maybe some other time" and I hung up and I went to [inaudible] my friends I said "We're going to a prayer meeting tonight" and they were kind of shocked but we went and saw. I went and saw the moon landing. My friends picked me up and we ended up going to this prayer meeting.

   Now, it's the same place and I walked into this house. And I felt so much confusion and so much darkness in me. My heart was pounding a thousand miles an hour and I sat right near the door because I wanted to run at the first opportunity I could. The more they started singing and praying, the worst I felt. Then they gave testimonies about how Jesus had changed their lives, and healed their marriage, and healed them from illnesses. And this is unlike anything I knew. But I felt the presence of love in that place that I had never felt in my life except in being in the presence of Jesus just shortly before that I sat there and then Dave Malcolm did the same prayer. If anybody wants to raise their hand, receive Jesus. He said, "It's the easiest thing in the world to receive Jesus. It won't cost you anything. Just your life." and I thought, "I haven't even got that to give that if God wants that, I want to give it to Him." And so he had everybody's head bowed and ask them if they want to raise their hand to receive Jesus. I wanted to. But I felt like there was a steel clamp on my arm that I could not raise it for all the-- and inside I was desperate. I said, "Jesus, please help me. Jesus, please, please, I can't. Please help me" And everything inside of me was screaming. You are not going to do this. There was such an ugly demonic thing inside of me, says, "You are not going to raise your hand" and I was desperate and the tears were starting from my eyes and then a girl across the room said, "You know, I feel like there's somebody here that wants to receive Jesus but they feel like there's a shackle on their arm. Lift your hand right now and Jesus is going to give you the power to do it." And at that moment, I raised my hand and it was like taking a hold of a lightning bolt and Dave led us in the prayer and I prayed to receive Jesus and I felt all of this life and love and power come right down through my body. And I felt all of this darkness of ugliness just washing away and washing away. When we concluded the prayer and concluded the night, I got up and I was laughing and crying all the same time. One of my friends got saved. So we're hugging each other, laughing and crying. It was just like nothing. I had experienced so much supernatural stuff in the occult. This was different than anything I had ever experienced. All that other stuff was just parlor tricks and smoke and mirror.

   This was light. This was the power of God and I had experienced it. I'd become born again and on the way home-- When I got home that night, I prayed and I said, "Jesus, please let this be real. I've been fooled by so many things" The next day, I woke up, open up the window, and it's like I saw color for the first time. I had lived in a completely black and white world. And I literally saw color and I knew it was real. I took my Bible to school. I lost every single friend that I had right there. I had one girl that I grew up with, she spits on me and said, "Stay away from me you Jesus freak." Wow, this is powerful stuff. I mean, people really react to this. This is real. I would like to tell you all that it was an instantaneous change. I was born again. But I was still-- I'd spent a lifetime of abuse, and learning the occult, and I was brainwashed with all men of a new age in a cult thinking and it was going to take some work by God. And that's where my journey began in walking with Jesus. Thankfully, I had a Bible study teacher who didn't fool around because I went from being born again one week to going out the street witnessing the next week. We'd go out there with our little, some of you may remember, the four spiritual laws and tracks and I thought, I can do this. I've had some experience with God. I received Jesus. So I went up to one person and said, "You need Jesus." and they said, "Well, what am I going to go to hell if I don't? I said, "No, there's no such thing as heaven and hell." And then I told somebody else, "You need Jesus," and they said, "Well, I'm a Buddhist." I said, "Oh, that's cool. All paths lead to God." Well, one of the people on the witnessing team got a hold of that. So, when we got back to the house, he told Dave what had happened. So Dave came in and said, "Come here. I want to talk to you." I was still a little 15-year-old rebel by now. Just turned 15 I'm like, "What?" he says, "I hear you don't believe in hell." I said, "So?" And he opened up the scripture. He says, "Read this first" and it said, "He who believe is fully saved. He who does not believe will be damned." I said, "So what?" He says, "I hear you believe there are different ways to God." I said, "So, what's wrong with that?" He says, "Read this." and he had me read two verses. "Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me." And then I had to read the verse and said, "There is no other name given among them under heaven. Whereby, we must be saved except the name of Jesus." I said, "What's your point Dave?" and he said, "The point is, Greg, you either believe all of this book or you believe none of this book. Jesus is either Lord of all of your life or He's not Lord at all in your life." I was so furious. So I struggled for two or three months and I finally confronted the darkness with some friends of mine, I ended up confronting the darkness. There's not enough time to give you the full story but believe me, I confronted who was really behind the Ouija board, who was really behind everything that I had been doing. And when that happened one night, I went home and I took my Ouija board, I had two of them actually, and all of my occult books, and all of my paraphernalia, and I burned it in the fireplace and I felt this relief of all of this darkness just leaving me. And I felt free for the first time in my life of all of that. It was a miracle and I never went back after that.

   Now, I'd like to tell you that that was the end and that I lived happily ever after, but there was so much junk that God had to deal with, and frankly, I went from one Bible study leader to the next thing. I'm really screwed up. I got to talk to somebody, talk to them and they'd say, "Well, I can't help you. But I know somebody who can" and they'd count me over somebody else. And they'd say, "Well, I don't know how to help you but I know somebody who can." So, I finally ended up in the hands of a very sincere guy, who kept me locked in his house from nine o'clock at night till six o'clock in the morning, trying to cast demons out of me. It was unsuccessful because so many of the problems I had were self and you can't cast out self. Now, later on, got extracted some stuff out of me but it was later that that happened. But for that moment, this was the beginning because there was so much healing that God had to do and He was faithful not only to start healing me but I confronted the things that had a hold of me, those formerly friendly spirits that I had contacted, now, they were my enemies and I didn't know what to do because they showed up in the middle of the night as these ugly demons and woke me up. I was terrified because I've never seen them for what they really were. I thought they were kind, nice things, and they threatened me and I learned through a friend of mine how to confront them. That it was as easy as pointing to it and saying, "In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you and I plead the blood of Jesus Christ and you stay away from me and don't ever come back" and I did that the next time that happened and it worked. I thought, now, I'm starting to understand the power of God that lives in me through Jesus. Shortly after that, Jesus called me into the ministry. And I thought, this is just one of those things like Jesus, Your Grace is amazing because I'm still a mess but I'm your mess. But He started to trade me and then he took me to Bible school, I was in ministry. And then somewhere in my early 20s, God began to deal with the deeper issues of what it was like to grow up in a world of darkness, and the occult, and ritual abuse, and the horrible things that I had not wanted to confront.

   It was two or three years of intense healing by the Holy Spirit. I didn't think I was ever going to survive it and get through it. But once Jesus got through with me, I thought, "Lord, I know this is for a purpose. I know you saved me for a reason and I know this is part of it because there are people who are bound in darkness. They need to hear that you have the power that can set free even the worst person. And I considered myself not just chief of sinners but the worst person. I considered myself a child that was unredeemable without the grace of God. But Jesus had pulled me out of the darkness and pulled me into the light of Jesus Christ, and I was born again and I asked to receive the power of God in Jesus name. I'll do anything, you tell me to do. In 1987, began a ministry that's continued to this day where we've been actively confronting the powers of darkness. It's not specifically that. Ministry is a broad thing as you all know but God has given me the grace to be able to go out there and to fight against the very gates of hell to see victims like I was, set free from the power of darkness and from the deepest wounds. And so, I am just so grateful to Jesus, for that moment that I received Him into my heart, and it changed everything in a moment. I'm grateful to share this because the scriptures say we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. We don't love our lives unto death. I am so thankful for what Jesus did and for whoever who might be hearing this or might be some people who are going to listen to this, who are thinking that's me. I've had a lot of these experiences or maybe just saying I understand. I mean, I felt like I was unloved. I felt like and I've been through some abuse [inaudible] number of things. But if you're hearing this and you're resonating with this, and you've never received Jesus Christ into your life, I want to just give it to you as straight as plain as it was given to me, becoming a Christian is the easiest thing in the world. Most people trip right over it and it won't cost you anything except your life. It's about surrendering to the lordship of Jesus Christ. So, I'm going to say a prayer right now if anybody is hearing this and wants to receive Jesus into their heart. Then just pray this prayer with me.

   Jesus, I know that I'm a sinner. I know that I've sinned against you. I've messed up my whole life and I've had so many experiences Lord that hurt me God and just-- it caused me to turn into darkness and into sin. Jesus,
I come to your cross and I repent of those things that I've done against you. Jesus, I know that you died on a cross for my sins, and you shed your blood so that I could be forgiven and I could have eternal life. Jesus Christ, Lord, savior of the World, Creator of the universe, Jesus, come into my heart right now. Forgive me and my sins. Wash me from my sins. Make me born again. I give my life to you one hundred percent and ask you to make me into the person you want me to be. And I thank you for hearing me and for giving me new life in Jesus' name. Amen.

   And if somebody's prayed this prayer, I just pray that God would bless you and fill you with His Spirit and His love. And I just tell you, that being a Christian is the greatest adventure in the whole world. There's nothing else, and there's nothing better. Amen.

Host: Amen. Well, that was really powerful, Greg. I want to thank you for that prayer at the end. For those that are kind of wondering, the Lord's called you into ministry and I was wondering if you would just take five or ten minutes to talk about what has happened over the last 30 years? We didn't really market this or promoted but you are on Geraldo Rivera, you've been on talk shows, on television, you now have 12 or 13 books or something or other. And you have a new book coming out called, Devil Hunter, is that right?

Gregory: Diary of the Devil Hunter.

Host: Diary of the Devil Hunter. Specifically, I know that we've had a chaplain from the FBI on; we've had a lot of law enforcement folks. It might also be of interest to a few folks to hear a little bit about how the Lord has brought you along over these years and kind of what you've been doing as far as training and the books and those items and I found that to be quite interesting.

Gregory: You bet. Well, when I moved to El Paso in 1980, I'd spent a lot of years saying "God, when are you going to let me share my full testimony?" and the Lord kept saying, not yet, not yet, not yet. Then in '87, it was like, this is a go. And I moved to El Paso, began working with a lady named, Sue Joyner, who God had raised up to start doing presentations in the church about dangers of the occult. It happened to be at a time when there was a growing rash of occult-related crimes across the country; there was a rash of teen Satanism that was unprecedented in our history. We were seeing kids arrested for murder and for arson and all sorts of horrible things or kids committing suicide in the name of Satan and it was like you would have had to have been there to know how extremely bad it was. So, we went from just teaching in churches, and all of a sudden, law enforcement was calling us and we had to learn as we went along. After about six months, we've done some training for the Army Medical Center and for some other probation departments and two letters came in and asked for somebody to come in and do training and it was given to me to do that. So, I did the National Homicide Training in Edmond, Oklahoma, and then the statewide juvenile probation or adult probation conference in Texas. And that just opened up--next thing you know, we're working with victims and we're working with kids 24/7. We had a youth group here in El Paso and almost all of our kids have been involved in Satanism of the occult in one way or they were just totally destroyed. There were the ones that nobody else in the church wanted and we started to bring them in. We were doing real deliverances on a lot of these kids in trying to patch up their lives and patch up their families.

   At the same time, I was traveling almost year-long. I was asked to go on the Geraldo Rivera show as a result of a murder that had taken place in Matamoros, Mexico. The guy named Montel Williams had me on his broadcast at one point. We're doing a lot of media stuff but the real work was doing evangelical outreaches to youth and to going in and training law enforcement. Somewhere, after a couple of years, a friend of mine enabled me to get a private investigator's license. And we spent really from '87 all the way into about the year 2000 working on getting people out of the occult, going to court for kids who had been abused. And at some point, we began to bump up against. We'd start with a simple case and then we'd bump up against other players in that situation and then we would start to bump up people involved in the government, and involved in law enforcement, and that were involved in some of these things. What we call human trafficking, now we call child trading and child pornography back then. We started to bump up against some of the biggest groups in the whole world if not just nationally. We started to try to unravel those and it was a very dangerous time and there was a lot of pushback, a lot of death threats. We just had to trust Jesus the whole time that he had a hold of us. I knew if they really wanted to eliminate me without God, they could but I knew is, I think [inaudible] said a person is immortal until God's through with them. I said, "Well God, I got to walk into this. Some of it is scary. I don't want my family to be affected but I am going to do what you asked me to do" and it was quite an amazing ride and a lot happened. We had a lot of pushback. We had a lot of people. There was suddenly a big backlash and a lot of some Christian media. As well as some people from the FBI, as well as people from the psychological community. There was like a huge wave of denial and went after people who are saying that the stuff was real and they so absolutely rewrote the history of that time that we were in. And we experienced that hardly anybody now knows that there was even any of that because if they read about it, it's all called satanic panic or village folklore.

   And that's why now, after writing a lot of different books and my last one-- well, one of the last before this was War of the Ages. It's about spiritual warfare because I wanted to get it down so we could get it down hopefully right. Write it down, my experiences on how I think God wants us to handle that. But the one I've been working on for some time is called Diary of the Devil Hunter, where I'm simply doing my best to lay out every single thing we walk through both criminally and spiritually in the casework that we did during that period of time. I'm hoping that's going to be out in the fall. It's taken a lot more work than I thought. But I was there and I feel like I have an obligation, to tell the truth in the face of the lies that are out there. And I think we're going to experience another wave of this. I'm already getting some indication that this stuff is coming back and I just want us to be ready as believers to be able to confront the darkness. We shouldn't be afraid of this. Churches need to be teaching spiritual warfare in a balanced, biblical way so that whoever God brings, no matter how messed up they are, that we can lead him to Jesus and we could set him free.

   Host: Praise the Lord. I want to have a quick prayer here and then we're going to go into prayer time. But I just want to wrap up this live recording with a short prayer. And if you have any prayer requests, go ahead and start putting them into the chat. We're going to do a prayer time after this. But to wrap up our live stream, Lord, I want to just thank you for your word. I want to thank you for the word of God that became flesh and died on the cross for us. That we might have the opportunity for the forgiveness of our sins, we might have salvation and the opportunity to be saved from the wretchedness of this world and from ourselves, Lord. I thank you, God that you chase after even the ones that have been lost. You chase after Lord God, the ones, the sheep that have gone astray, and Lord when you get your hooks into us, you never let go. We thank you, God, for the ability to come and surrender our entire lives to you. And that you take the mess of what we've made it in our lives Lord and you make something beautiful and pure out of it. We thank you, Lord, that it is by our testimony, that the testimony of Jesus Christ in our life, it is truth. You are truth and we do testify of the truth working in our life. Not even Satan can come against that. We thank you, God, because of the power that there is in speaking the truth of who you are and what you do in our lives. We thank you for the transformation that you work in so many lives. There's not a single life out there. Lord, no matter how messed up and how screwed up it is, no matter where that person is, that you can't come in and transform them into the glory of your son. Can come at the very moment, and transform that person, making them into a new creature inside of you. We thank you, God. And for anyone that's listening here that is available to them today, that is available to them. All they have to do is surrender their life, repent of their sins and call out to you and make you Lord and to trust in you for their salvation. And you promise to come in and completely change their lives. Completely change them from the inside out. Lord, no one has to come, go to fix themselves up before they go to the doctor. They go to the doctor to be healed up and you are the great physician. Father, I pray that anyone that hears this tonight, that if their hand feels like they can't raise it, that you will give them the power to raise their hand and turn their heart toward You and make that decision to follow You. We thank you in Jesus' name. Amen.

Dr. Reid's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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