Dr. Bill Hamon

Dr. Bill HamonDr. Bill Hamon was an eyewitness as he saw an angel write these words across my guest's forehead, "Power over cancer. Power over heart problems." And for the past 60 years he's been demonstrating this.

SID: Well, this is an honor. For over 60 years Dr. Bill Hamon has activated and trained over 500,000 people for prophetic ministry. He's known as the father of the prophetic. The wisdom and the revelation he carries is critical and life-changing. God calls it the Issachar anointing.

BILL: Amen.

SID: It's hard to believe but you refer to yourself at one point in your life as a young man as an all-American heathen. But at 16 that all changed. What happened?

BILL: Amen. Well, there was a lady came from Oklahoma City down to my little community where there was no electricity or anything and built a little brush arbor, preached for three weeks and I got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost there.

BILL: And my religious background is American heathen. I didn't even know what a Bible was or anything. My dad had one religion, work, work, work, work on a 300-acre farm with peanuts, cotton and corn. And God saved me and filled me with the Holy Ghost. I've been talking in tongues and praising God and moving ahead ever since then.

Audience: Amen. Amen.

SID: Now, you really started moving in signs and wonders. This is fascinating. An angel wrote something on your forehead.

BILL: Yeah.

SID: Explain that.

BILL: We were having a school with the Holy Spirit and we were all worshiping the Lord. As I was worshiping I saw in red letters across my forehead, God wrote, "Power over heart problems and cancer." And as I was meditating on this, a brother came up and he said, "I saw an angel writing across your forehead, "Power over heart problems and cancer."

BILL: Just a month later, I was telling the story and a lady came up and said she had reoccurring cancer for years and it'd get healed and it would come back. And when we prayed for her I prayed for her and cast that demon out and she fell back forward and I've heard from her about every five or 10 years. She's still been free of cancer and....

Audience: Yeah.

SID: How about that man, shortly thereafter, a man that only had six months to live?

BILL: Yes, I as prophesying. A lot of my healings happen while I was prophesying over people and I was prophesying over a line up of people and as I prophesied over this brother I heard the Lord say, "I'm healing you of your blood problem and your circulation's going to return." I didn't know a thing about him. He'd never seen me. I'd never seen him. And the Lord said, "I'm healing you now and extending your life."

BILL: He laid on the floor for about an hour and a half, said it felt like a hose was flushing out his area and he couldn't be operated on because everything was plugged down in his capillaries. God healed him and six months later he was able to get insurance. He's in the ministry today and that was 1984 and he's still going.

SID: Now this guy's doing what the Bible says he's supposed to do. The Gentile is to provoke the Jew to jealousy.

Audience: Amen.

SID: Bill, you're making me very jealous. How would you like an angel to write that on your forehead? But, Bill, I have a favorite angel because he's the angel of the Jewish people. So it makes sense, his name is Michael. Listen to this. He met Michael.

Audience: Wow.

SID: Please briefly tell me about it.

BILL: Yes. I've only had a few [inaudible] experiences like this in my 68 years of ministry, about one every seven or eight years. It's not every day like some people. Jesus came, I had a four point vision and as I ... He walked me up this path and introduced me to this majestic man. I mean, a person, and dressed like a great warrior. And he says, "Bill Hamon, this is General Michael, the head of my armies of angels." He said, "General Michael, this is Bill Hamon, one of my top generals of my army of saints."

BILL: And Cindy Jacobs had prophesied to me just a little while before that that God had made me a five-star general in the army of the Lord. Then we sat there and talked and it seemed it like I was off out here watching us talk and we talked about how we was going to win this latter day, last day war, how we was going to bring the Kingdom of God to planet Earth, how we was going to cause the return of Jesus to take place by fulfilling all things.

BILL: I started doing corporate warfare and I went into ... I'm going to over 30 nations and done corporate warfare with a shout of faith and seen transformations in tremendous ways. And I'm trying to raise up an army. My main ministry's been the prophetic for the last 60 years but the last 15 years I've been mainly working to raise up an army of the Lord and show saints how to do corporate warfare. Most of them know how to do personal warfare but they don't know how to do corporate warfare.

BILL: I was talking to Chuck Pierce the other day and he said, "You know the old prayer style is not going to work in this day and hour. We've got to move it to a new level and it's got to be a level of warfare." So we try to train our saints in prayer to move in the word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discern the spirits, prayer, decree and with a shout of faith that goes off like an atomic bomb in the camp of the enemy and blows the enemy apart.

Amen. Amen.

SID: Now, did you ever in your wildest imagination as a young man on fire for Jesus but as a young man in your wildest imagination think that you would equip a half a million people to move in the prophetic.

BILL: Yeah. Well, I'm still a young man. I'm only 87.

SID: Well, everything's relative. Compared to Moses you're very young man. Moses started his ministry at 80. He's just seven years in ministry.

BILL: No, never, ever but I remember when I was pastor ... I started pastoring at 19 years old and I was pastoring a small church and they'd gone through every situation and I was fired up. I came out of Bible college, I wanted to be Oral Roberts and William Branham and everybody rolled up in one Bill Hamon and God sent me to this little old church and left me there six years to make the man before he made the ministry. I got married there and three children, but I had to learn that God called me for a specific purpose.

BILL: When I was at Bible college I received prophetic presbytery and said, "Yea, I've kept thee under my own purpose." For 30 years, from '53 to '83, I didn't know what that purpose was until in 1983 when God showed me. He called me to prepare the way, raise up the prophets and apostles and which we had that prophetic movement at our conference in 1988 on October.

BILL: And to raise up that company of prophets that will prepare the way and make ready the coming of the Lord, just like John the Baptist fulfilled Malachi 4:5-6 as the one prophet preparing a way for one, the Messiah. Now the company of prophets have to prepare the way for Jesus to come back and he's not coming back to be beat up, to be crucified. He's coming back as King of King and Lord of Lords to take over.

SID: God said you were a reproducer of reproducers.

BILL: Yes.

SID: What did he mean?

BILL: Well, in 1984 I had an old prophet, he's 64 years old. I was 48. I was a young whippersnapper but he prophesied to me and he says, he said, "Brother Hamon, God shows me that in five years there's going to be a movement of God at your place that's going to go around the world."

BILL: That was '84. In '88 we had the prophetic movement birth and that's going around the world in all the training and equipping. Then he says, "God's going to give you a special anointing to be a reproducer of reproducers who reproduce reproducers." As far as I can determine in my travels around the world, we were the only ones that really got that charge and challenge to reproduce and we started teaching and training.

BILL: I wrote several books on the prophetic. We wrote manuals for ministry in the prophetic. We started training and equipping and the young ones I taught and trained back 40 years ago are now worldwide, international prophets and ministers and doing great things for God. But it's the reproducing. That's a special anointing God gave, just like your anointing of the sons of Issachar.

SID: By the way, I have to tell you, Bill, this is something I am all ears to understand. What did the sons of Issachar, what was their ability according to the Bible?

BILL: According to Chronicles 12:32 it gives all the tribes and the number of warriors that went to make David king over all of Israel. It says, "In Issachar there was 200 that had the sons of Issachar anointing which was the ability to know God's times and purposes and what God's people ought to do to fulfill God's present purpose in that sense.

BILL: And so that's been my special anointing on times and reason. My first book covered the restoration of the church, then the next three books covered the prophetic movement and all the prophetic. Then the apostolic, then the saints' movement. Now we're going into the third reformation and now my main teaching and training is people to get ready to fulfill all that God's got planned for us in his third reformation.

Audience: Amen.

SID: Thank you, Bill. God is giving you revelation after revelation on the reformations. What's the word reformation mean?

BILL: Reformation will have a restoration movements, refreshings, revivals and awakenings in it. God seemingly has chosen three reformations to accomplish his whole purpose for the moral church on planet Earth.

SID: What are those three?

BILL: The first reformation was the birthing of the church, the establishing of the church and spreading it to the ends of the Earth, which took up to 500 years. Then the second reformation began in 1517 when God began to restore the church back for everything was lost during the 1000-year Dark Age. So we had nine restoration movements from 1500.

BILL: The Protestant movement all the way up to the saints' movement in 2007 and that was to restore back into the church all truths and ministries that was in the first reformation. By that happening now Jesus said, "I will build my church," Not just birth it and say, "Hang on until I come again." But he would build a church and the church is here on purpose. So God's restored the church.

BILL: Now, 2008, heaven inquired and decreed the third and final church reformation [had]

begun and that's to take all the truths that were restored in the second reformation and demonstrate the kingdom of God and bring every saint to the level to demonstrate the supernatural and in this movement, every saint will begin to move in the supernatural because it says, we're going to all become full believers and these signs...

SID: Not just the superstars...

BILL: No, no, not just the apostle, prophets—

SID: It's the people that have the superstar in them, the Messiah, that's who.

BILL: Amen.

SID: And you will be a demonstrator of the kingdom. You describe the final reformation which we actually have entered as a new beginning stepping into a new era. Why do you say that?

BILL: Because every reformation, it changes the whole order of what God's purpose. You could call it three purposes or three reformations. The first purpose was to birth the church, establish it and take to the ends of the earth. And then after the 1000-year Dark Age we lost all of the truths of the New Testament and the life-giving experiences.

BILL: So the second reformation was to restore all of that back into the church because the church is here on purpose and must accomplish a purpose. To do that it had to be restored. I know people say Jesus is coming at any moment but Acts 3:21 says, he can't come any moment. He's held in the heavens until the restoration of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.

Dr. Bill Hamon says as prophecy converges we...

BILL: So people say, I can tell you when Jesus is coming again, the moment every prophetic scripture's fulfilled and the last work is done, he'll come and be ... and if he hasn't come literally that means there's more spiritually that we've got to do and fulfill and God's raising up a generation.

BILL: This third reformation is going to be the most fanatical, radical, group that God raises up. They're going to powerful and fired up and the devil's never had to face the generation that's coming forth. I was in a church Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona. I mean, those young people on fire. They're moving in God. I led them in 30 minutes of corporate warfare. Whoo, if I was the devil ... devils ran everywhere and angels...

SID: Devil, watch out.

BILL: Yeah.

SID: You say everyone of us is going to be activated in the supernatural. I mean everyone? The people watching right now? Everyone?

Audience: Yeah.

BILL: Every believer.

SID: Every believer, what—

BILL: Mark says, these times shall follow them that—

SID: Yeah, but the average believer doesn't even know what the supernatural signs are.

BILL: No, they don't. That's the reason they need to be trained and activated in supernatural manifestation. That's what I have done for 40 years, teach, train and activate people to hear the voice of God and manifest their spiritual gifts and demonstrate the power of God.

BILL: We all have that right and privilege to heal the sick, cast out devils. I've asked people, how many people have you healed lately? How devils you cast out lately, out of somebody besides yourself?

BILL: God's raising up a people that's going to dare to believe they are who God says they are. They can do what God says they can do and we can accomplish what God said we can accomplish.

SID: It's coming... It's coming. I tell you what, Bill, can we really make a difference?

BILL: Absolutely.

SID: With everything going on in the world today?

BILL: Absolutely. We are God's delegated authority to what happens on the earth.

Audience: Amen. Amen.

SID: All right. As everyone's watching and they're saying, "Lord, start with me. What can I do?" What can they do?

BILL: Well, start off with make a dedication they want to die to self, come alive to Christ and give their whole self to being who God wants them to be, do what God wants them to do and get under some training and equipping to activate you in your spiritual gifts and your spiritual powers and authority.

BILL: So many saints go to church for 40 years and never change. They're just doing the same old thing, the same old way and we're to go from glory to glory and faith to faith and we're to produce and manifest and every child of God should be healing the sick and casting out devils but they don't know how. You have to be taught just like you have to be trained how to witness, you've have to be trained how to pray properly.

BILL: You have to be trained. Everybody needs training and my friends didn't believe I could train people to be prophetic and I said, "Well, if I don't train them to be prophetic they may be pathetic." So we've got to get them activated. I've never found anybody I couldn't activate, I could not activate in the prophetic from six years old to 80 years old.

Audience: Amen. Amen.

SID: Okay. I want you, no matter what this person's age, describe to me exactly what the final reformation believers are going to look like. Paint me a picture.

BILL: These final reformation believers will be like Joel said, "There's never been the like before and there'll never be a need for it after that," because they're going to be the most fanatical, radical, Jesus loving, devil hating, God fearing, full faith, all out love not their lives unto death.

BILL: They're going to be so hot for God that the devil can't handle them. He can't stop them and they're not going to stop until the kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and we're going to fulfill all scriptures so that Jesus can return. He wants to return. He's wanted to return for 2000 years but he was held in the heavens till then. But this generation is going to fulfill all things, accomplish all things and bring back the King of Kings.

BILL: Don't let anything, devil, man, flesh, fear, don't let anything hinder you or stop you from being a part and being one of those instruments in God's hand for this last day and hour. Your reward in heaven is going to depend how much you co-labor with Jesus in fulfilling his third reformation purpose and the church is being prepared for 2000 years and we're getting ready to see the greatest demonstration of God's glory ever recorded and the more miracles, signs and wonders. Listen stick with the church. Stick with God's people and fulfill God's will.

SID: Amen. What do mean when you say we need the Caleb attitude?

BILL: Well, I had several of the prophesies say that God would give me a Caleb anointing and when I turned 85 I said, "Okay, I made it. I'm like Caleb now, I'm 87." But it said we are well able. Caleb and Joshua said we are well ... it's impossible. It's ridiculous. There's no way we can do this but he said, don't make what we think. God said we could and we would and we're going to do it.

BILL: And he said we are well able and they took that attitude and God's raising up a well-abled people that says we can heal the sick. We can cast out devils. We can do the works of Christ and they're not going to be held back by modernistic preachers or dead theologians. They're going to rise up in the spirit and demonstrate the kingdom of God. Holy Spirit's going to start spurring. Now we're getting ready for an awakening.

BILL: Now an awakening's different in the sense that awakening is a sovereign move of God that sweeps through the land, brings conviction, God consciousness and we've had three awakenings in times past where conviction came after much prayer and a lot of repentance and things,

BILL: But there's an awakening coming where it's going to be like a 1000-foot tidal waves weeping across the earth and Gods going to bring holy conviction. He's going to manifest his glory in ways that we've never seen, signs and wonders. Isaiah where it said, behold I do a new thing. You haven't seen it before. It's never been before but in the third reformation ... it's all new stuff. It's all new stuff. It's not [inaudible]. It's brand new stuff God's going to do in finalizing his purpose.

BILL: God has one generation at the end of the church age that has to be ... reach the maturity in Christ and in the ministry to be used of God to finish his final consummation of the ages that we're called to participate and do.

SID: Now will all true believers that are sold out to Jesus operate in this generation and all nine gifts of the spirit?

BILL: Each in their specialty and the key there, you said sold out to Jesus. The lukewarm, cold, indifferent, deadheads, they're not going to do much but those that's hungry and thirsting for God, regardless of age or stage. Here we are in our 80s. I'm 87. I won't be 100 for another 13 years. I'm still going forward. I'm still traveling, still preaching, still prophesying. We're going to see God work and everybody that desires and has made a commitment to God and said, "Lord, let me be  one of those," will be one of those.

Audience: Amen.

SID: Did you say yes, let me be one of those?

Audience: Yeah. Yeah.

SID: Let's make sure that you're one of those.

Audience: Yes

SID: Repeat this prayer out loud with me, right now, out loud. Dear God.

Audience: Dear God.

BILL: Dear God.

SID: I want to be one of the people.

BILL: I want to be one of the people.

Audience: I want to be one of the people.

SID: That Dr. Bill Hamon is describing.

Audience: That Dr. Bill Hamon is describing.

BILL: That Dr. Bill Hamon is describing. Amen.

SID: I believe.

BILL: I believe.

Audience: I believe.

SID: You died for my sins.

Audience: You died for my sins.

BILL: You died for my sins.

SID: And your blood washes them all away.

BILL: Your blood washes them all away.

Audience: Your blood washes them all away.

SID: And I am clean.

Audience: And I am clean.

SID: And now that I'm clean.

BILL: And now that I'm clean.

Audience: And now that I'm clean.

SID: Jesus, come and live inside of me.

Audience: Jesus, come and live inside of me.

BILL: Jesus, come and live inside of me.

SID: I make you my savior.

Audience: I make you my savior.

BILL: I make you my savior.

SID: And now I make you my Lord.

BILL: And now I make you my Lord.

Audience: And now I make you my Lord.

SID: I want to know you.

Audience: I want to know you.

SID: I want to fulfill my destiny.

Audience: I want to fulfill my destiny.

SID: I want to fulfill every word you have for me in the book of life.

Audience: I want to fulfill every word you have for me in the book of life.

SID: Amen.

BILL: Amen.

Audience: Amen.

BILL: HalleluYah

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