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   My name is Douglas Raine, and I am a corrosion consultant. My story begins during WWII. Shortly before my birth my dad was drafted into US Army and served in Europe. Mom and I moved to her parent’s farm. When Dad returned home, he was an alcoholic. He managed to keep employment and was successful at work, but personal relationships with his family were difficult. He was a private person and never talked about his childhood or war experiences. Even drunk Dad treated Mom with the greatest love and respect and was kind to my brother and me. He would help us with our school work. On two occasions his father John, visited our family. John would take us shopping and buy us things we needed.

During the visits, Dad was very distant with his father and wanted nothing to do with him. It was not until I was in college that Dad quit drinking and became the sweetest person you could ever meet, but remained silent on his early life. My parents were not Christians, and we didn’t attend church. We moved from a rural area of Maryland to Baltimore in 1956. In January 1957, mom became friends with a lady across the street, and she invited me to church. Mom stayed home with Dad. I joined the church in March and started attending a Bible Study. In September, I was asked to read the Gospel of John chapter 3 to the class. I read the first 17 verses and asked the class if they had ever heard the phrase “Born-Again.” No one had, and Mr. Libby explained the verses, and led us in the sinner’s prayer. I never developed a deep relationship with Jesus, but enjoyed the fellowship with my new friends. 

   I attended an engineering prep high school and was absorbed in academics and sports. When the school was founded in 1866, it was in a nice area of Baltimore. When I attended, it was in a high crime ghetto. In March 1961, when my friends and I were walking to track practice. We were jumped by thugs and my friends ran off and left me. I took quite a beating but managed to stay on my feet. I guess they got tired of hitting me and left. When I arrived at practice my friends ran up to greet me and said they were afraid and asked for forgiveness. I said, “No, I will not forgive you.”  That was the beginning of the deterioration of my relationship with God.

   In 1966 with my military active duty commitment completed, I got married. My interest and energy was committed to completing college and building a successful business career.

   For 39 years I worked for Blue Chip chemical companies developing sales and marketing strategies to solve industrial corrosion problems with composites. This market was huge as over one billion dollars were spent per year in the USA on corrosion. Our products saved industries millions of dollars with low maintenance fiberglass process equipment.  My technical expertise, experience and excellent track record for solving corrosion problems in the chemical process, pulp and paper, semiconductor, power, oil and gas industries gained industry recognition and respect.

   In August of 1976, I received a phone call from my mother. She said, “Come home now.” I had visited my parents in December 1975, and they were doing fine. When I arrived home in August, Dad had gone from 210 pounds to 125. I took him every day to the hospital for radiation and chemotherapy for throat and lung cancer treatments. During that time, Dad told me about his childhood and war experience. When his mother died, his Dad John put their three children in an orphanage and later married a woman with five children. Dad’s younger sister and brother were adopted, and he went from one foster home to another. Life was tough for him on the farms. If he got sick, he was abused and mistreated if he couldn’t go to the field to work. Dad reported that he had taught himself to read and enjoyed reading at night by a coal lantern.  He became an avid reader and when he was old enough to leave foster care, he went to business school. After completing business school he took a job with the government in Iowa and moved to Baltimore. There he met my mother and they were married.

   Dad also shared his military experience. They would go into a battle and everyone he was close to was killed. He and his friend were in a foxhole when a mortar round exploded. His friend was blown-up. Young men would look to Dad as a father figure, and they too would be killed. I cried the entire week hearing the stories for the first time.  Dad died two weeks later.

   I had many of the same traits as my father. We were both skilled learners, workaholics and shallow on relationships. My desire to be successful in business and hobby sports resulted in disaster. My long work hours and passion for hobbies destroyed my relationship with my wife and two children.  On July 2, 1984, my wife of 18 years said, “I’m leaving. You can have the kids and the farm.”  And she left.  I didn’t know how to be a father, but I was going to try.  The stress in my life caused my first stroke in 1986.  I began to seek God for help.  My life was in shambles.  While attending a church revival service in October 1987, I was experiencing my second stroke as my son was standing by my side.  The pressure in my head was so great I thought it would explode all over the back of the auditorium. 

   In my desperation before I thought I was dying, I called out to Jesus and said, “You can have all of me!”  Immediately Jesus spoke to me and said, “Do My Will.”  He was calling me to obedience.  The pressure in my head left as I was immersed in the presence of a Holy God.  Never in my life had I felt such love and forgiveness.  He washed away all my sins and gave me new life. Over the next several months I pondered, “What is God’s will for my life.” After watching a Billy Graham movie on forgiveness, I asked Jesus, “What is Your will?” Instantly, I felt the presence of God. The Holy Spirit said, “As I have forgiven you, so must you forgive others.” God showed me a video strip and every frame had a picture of a person I had not forgiven. The first frame was my Dad. I said, “Father I forgive them all,” and was filled with the Holy Spirit.

   As I began to grow spiritually, God began to give me spiritual gifts. During a prayer in November 1987 I asked God for help. Is there someone for me? Help me raise my children, and send me a mentor.  About 6 months later the Holy Spirit showed me a lady I had been dating at a church fellowship dinner. She had a glow over her. I asked God, “Is she the one?” and instantly He put love in my heart for her in April 1988. We were married in September 1988. He was also teaching me to be a father.  While attending a men’s breakfast, the Holy Spirit instructed me to pray with a man. He was the local FGB president, and he mentored me for the next 10 years.

   As I made Jesus Savior and Lord, he restored my health, family, and business. Jesus changed my direction in life.  He taught me to love Him with all my heart, mind and soul, and to love my neighbor as myself.  Young men who were students at our local university started coming to me and asking to be discipled. They wanted to know how to experience God in their lives. This small beginning became my passion to take the message of hope to our community, state, nation and world. I wanted to make spiritual investments in our future generations.

   One of my directional changes occurred while listening to a preacher. He told a story of a teenage girl on a date with her boyfriend being killed in an automobile accident. The cause of the accident was alcohol related. The father was enraged and canvassed the town to find out who sold them the liquor. When he returned home and went to his liquor cabinet, he found a note from his daughter, “Dad I hope you don’t mind that I took this.” Her father was responsible for her death.

   I had a vineyard and was making wine. I was successful in competing in wine competitions. I had a wine cellar with a $23,000 wine inventory. I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to destroy my inventory. I gathered up my wine and took it to the dump. I stopped by my fiancée’s home and we prayed over the wine and offered it as a drink offering unto the Lord. It took hours to break every bottle, but I felt a huge release. When I returned home, my fifteen year old daughter said, “Dad we have been robbed. All the wine has been stolen.”

   Douglas has pioneered, a website that is dedicated to providing training to disciple men all around the world. For free training, including dozens of seminars, please visit today!  

Douglas Raine's Hearing His Voice Testimony

Douglas Raine's Testimony

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