Dick McBain Story

  I was raised in the Catholic faith and believed in Jesus with my whole heart all of my life. My biggest problem during my earlier years was not realizing that God wanted a personal relationship with me.

During high school I became a social animal, I joined a fraternity, and was involved in binge beer drinking, brawling at bars, attending wild parties. My friends even nicknamed me “Preacher” because of my continual talking about God. After high school I went to college for a short time and flunked out due to much partying. I was drafted as a result, and trained for the infantry, then immediately sent to the war in Viet Nam.

In Viet Nam I lived in the jungle with the 101st Airborne Division, and had many close calls. On May 9, 1970, the worst day of my life, I was pinned down with four others and surrounded by enemy troops. As I finally burned my weapon up from firing as fast as I could, I cried out for God to help me while waiting for the bullets to hit me. I told God I would be His man if He would just help me out of this mess. When I got home, I quickly forgot my promise to God. Oh, I still loved Him and knew what He had done for me, but just didn’t have the power, or knowledge of the Word, to turn myself around.

I got involved with drugs, alcohol, and ungodly living, but knew I was missing something. I got married and had two boys. I bought into a retail record store and head shop, and built it into 5 stores. In the spring of 1977, I bought a Bible (KJV) for the first time in my life and began to read it. I was having some problems understanding it. Then in July of 1977, without any plan of quitting drugs or desire to do so, God one night just took the desire away after 8 years of abuse, and completely delivered me from drugs.

Next, my younger brother Bob invited me to an all men’s fellowship, and after listening to them for several hours, they informed me that I needed something called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I didn’t know what they were talking about, so they scripturally led me through what it was. That night I was taught and convinced that the Bible was the true Word of God, and that God wanted a personal relationship with me, and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. As the men laid their hands on me, tongues began to flow out of my mouth. I had never heard tongues before this night, but I saw that it was a scriptural gift of the Holy Spirit in the Bible, and that it had been an evidence of the “Baptism” in several scriptures, and I decided to believe in faith, receive it…and boy did I.

My life changed dramatically that night. I became on fire for God, and couldn’t get enough of the Word. When I read the Bible, it became alive to me, and God imparted revelation knowledge to me about certain things I just couldn’t understand before. My faith grew, and miracles began to happen. My boldness in witnessing for God increased immensely, and I experienced different spiritual gifts, such as praying for the sick and they would recover; receiving the gift of faith to stand in impossible situations that God removed; and receiving words of knowledge at times for others that always panned out.

I decided to sell my stores so I could serve God better, and all my Christian friends thought I would be greatly blessed by God for it. It was a while before God’s blessing became apparent, and I went into financial distress. I was fighting despair as all my bills became greatly in arrears, and I cried out to God and heard His voice clearly for the first time. He asked me if I knew how they used to temper steel, and I said no. He said they put it into the fire then pull it out and beat on it with hammers, then back in the fire and back out and so forth. “That’s what I’m doing with you my son, tempering your steel that your faith may become strong. I was ecstatic to hear His voice and answer to my question.

Miracles began to happen! The mortgage company called me and said they were going to foreclose if I didn’t get the three payments to them immediately. I went into work early at  car dealership, and as I laid my head on my desk crying to God about this need, A man appeared at my office and just said, “I want to buy this Corvette.” I made enough on that one car to pay all three late payments on the house.

Next my sewer pipes backed up into the back yard, and it became nasty and smelly. My plumber told me all the piping to the street would need to be replaced, and I had no money. I announced I was going to trust God. I laid hands on the pipes in the basement and told them to be open in the name of Jesus. Nothing happened. I came home for two weeks as the cesspool became larger and larger. My worldly friends thought I had lost my mind as I would go out each night and read the Word of God to it. No one was surprised more than me when it disappeared overnight. No sign it had ever been there. The grass was totally clean; it had not rained and I went out and crawled through the grass which was the same height and color as the other grass with absolutely no residue, paper, or anything. Thank you Jesus. The pipes were open and never had another problem with them.

I was at work one day and my wife called me practically screaming. She had crushed her foot as a loaded bookcase fell on her instep. I ran out of the office praying out-loud in the Spirit. As I drove down the road toward home, God gave me a vision on the windshield of her foot being healed in front of my eyes. I ran in the house and Jackie was crying with her foot up and covered with a towel. I said, “Jack, in the name of Jesus your foot is healed. She said, “No, but it is huge and black and blue.” I grabbed the towel and yanked it off and her foot was totally healed. She did a double take and got up and began to bounce on it. The amazing power of God was again with us.

We decided to move to Houston to begin a new business. I packed up the largest U-Haul truck and Jackie and our two boys followed us in the car. We stopped in Kentucky overnight, and when we came out the next morning, out whole truck had been stolen. I first called the police who promptly told me they’d never find it. I then called the insurance company who said it was not covered. I said I had full coverage, but they said that just covered the truck unless the contents were burned or had water damage. After eight years of marriage we had nothing left but the clothes on our backs and our car. We went on to Houston and rented an apartment. Two weeks later the FBI called us and had found the truck in Indiana on fire on the side of a highway. We then got $5,000.00 in insurance. I flew up to see if anything was left, and it was a hot July and when I opened the back of the truck it stunk as everything was burned and turned to mush from the water the firemen used to put out the fire. All looked lost or stolen until I walked into the truck, and there in the very middle of it all was my Bible resting atop of two boxes that contained all of our pictures and my Vietnam stuff. These boxes contained the only irreplaceable things we had, all else was gone. Almost unbelievable unless you know the Lord!

I took a position as Area Manager in Houston, Texas, for the third largest Staffing Service in the US. Now we moved to Houston because there was a bitter recession going on in the country, and Houston had become known as the “Recession Proof” city because of its oil and steel businesses. Well, as I took this job in late 1981, the rest of the country was recovering from the recession while Houston was just getting hit with it. During my first six months in this position sales were falling drastically month by month. The company headquarters was in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and since they had come out of the recession and had always heard Houston was recession proof, I was not looking very good to them, and I knew my job would soon be on the line.

I turned to the window in my office, and prayed, “Father they are going to fire me and I’m doing all I know to build sales.” Right there in the middle of my office God spoke to me in my Spirit clearly and just said, “Son, your office is going to take off.” That was it, but I was so sure it was God that I picked up the phone and called my boss at headquarters and said, “Ken, God just spoke to me and said my office was going to take off”. To which he replied, “WHAT?” Now my boss Ken liked me but he was not a Christian and this gave him grave concern. All I could say to him was to trust me, to which he replied, “Yes, Okay, we’ll see” and I hung up.

I began to realize God wanted me to step-out and look for things. I ended up getting on the state bid list and discovered that Houston paid some eight million dollars a year in cleaning up around all of the highways. I went to the pre-bid conference for information and found out I needed $50K just to bid, and that I would need to provide a fleet of trucks, safety equipment, and many other things if I won the bid on any of those contracts, of which there were about ten. I was not scared away, and began putting together the business plan for it all with no idea how to do it. God gave wisdom to me, and I went out and sat in my car on the side of the highway with binoculars watching the existing crews pick up the trash and clocked how long it took them to go the certain distances we would bid on. I then priced trucks, and I had to design and price trailers the trucks would pull for the trash bags. As I worked through all of this my boss came to see, then his boss, then his boss, and they were all afraid to give me the go-ahead because of the upfront costs involved.

Next the Vice President came and looked at everything and he was afraid to make a decision. Finally the Corporate President came and I drove him around pointing out how I had calculated all of this. He took me to lunch and said,”Go for it.” Of course, through all of this fellow Branch Managers all around the country were calling me up and asking if I had heard any more from God lately. I was a laughing stock in the company because I said God spoke to me.

Well, I put the bid together, and got my fifty-thousand dollars so I could bid, and went to Austin, Texas, the state capital for the bid openings. There were about 35 or 40 bidders on this one contract, and most of them had had it at one time or another in the past. As the bids were being announced I was trying to be cool but was feeling very anxious. My wife and I were ecstatic when we were announced the winner of the bid. I immediately got up and went to the lobby to a phone and called the corporation. My boss answered and I said, “Ken, in the name of Jesus we just won the contract.” He was dumbfounded but then managed to say, “Great Dick, now we have to be sure we can make money with it.” I quickly replied, “Faith Ken, Faith,” and hung up.

I hired crews, bought the trucks, had the trailers made, got the equipment, and began the work. We began to make great money to the point the Vice President called me up and said, “Dick, what are we going to do with all this money.” I calmly said, “Drop it to the bottom line and pay me my bonus, which they did. It was the largest bonus I had ever received.

I quickly gained attention in the company, and was not the laughing stock any more. Shortly thereafter there was a large regional conference in Atlanta, and we took most of a large hotel. At the opening night reception in the grand ballroom, the place was packed. I was standing in the middle of the ballroom with some friends when the President entered with his entourage, and they were all walking through the crowd. One of my fellow Branch Managers said to me that they were coming to me. I felt it was ridiculous. He turned out to be right and the President and Vice President walked up to me. The President put out his hand and said, “Dick, I came to Houston and you showed me everything, and by God you did it.” I thanked him in saying, “Thanks Al, but you said it, by God I did it, and it was God that showed me how to do it.” The Vice President quickly snapped back and said, “Well I hope you don’t mind if we pat Dick McBain on the back a little.” I answered back, “Greg you do what you want. I just want to keep the credit straight.”

After five years with that company, an opportunity arose that I took. At a Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Houston, people were all doom and gloom about Houston’s recession. I had enough of it, and I stood up and said loudly, “I am tired of all of this bellyaching. If you work hard and trust God you’ll do fine.” The President at the podium said, “I like that, work hard and trust God, Thank you.” He approached me as people were filing out and asked me if H&R Block, who owned my corporation, had any golden handcuffs on me. I said no, and he asked if I would come to his office to meet him. I agreed and we set a date.

He wanted me to open a staffing company for him. He had a successful Executive Search company for eleven years, and wanted to expand. I became a Regional VP for him and chose Hartford, CT, to open it. I had never been to Hartford but always wanted to live in New England. He agreed, and as I called up to speak to people in the industry there, they all told me I was crazy to open a new office there because unemployment was at 2.7%, and they couldn’t find people to fill the job orders they already had open.

I never worried about competition as God was my provider, so I set up some interviews. I then took four days, flew up to Hartford, and began setting up things. In those four days I managed to hire a staff, find and rent an office space, pick out and have office furniture delivered, and find a Condo for my family to live in until we could find a house to buy.

We moved to Hartford in October of 1986, and by January we were doing the billing of approximately four million dollars annually. Employees were flocking to us because the Lord was directing our business and we treated them well, which other services weren’t doing. Within eight and a half months, I was asked to come back to Houston as the Corporate Executive VP and COO and run the company.

Two years later, after being fed up with putting out the CEO’s fires on a daily basis, I was approached by the CEO of a multi-state Staffing company who wanted me to move to Atlanta as his Executive VP. We hit it off, and we moved to Atlanta. After ten months in Marietta, Georgia, and after just closing on a beautiful house we bought, the President was arrested for Kiting millions between banks, and I was out in the cold.

I was quickly picked up by a good size company and made VP of their Staffing Division. After several months I discovered the company was cheating on their workers compensation premiums in big numbers, and I said I would not be a part of that. Shortly I was out in the cold again.

A month later I was hired as a Regional VP of a large public staffing corporation. After being there a year, there was a hostile takeover by the original founder of the corporation. He had been forced out previously due to criminal activity. He had now found a young Houston oilman and arranged the hostile takeover. I was in the boardroom meeting when he was brought in and announced he would be running the company again. I stood up, closed my briefcase, and was asked, “Dick, where are you going?” I simply pointed my finger at the new CEO and said, “If that criminal is running this company then I am out.” Once again out in the cold due to dishonesty.

A while later I was doing some consulting work but in financial trouble again. My phone rang and one of the guys who had worked under me in the past, who was the nephew of the man kiting money, had a company that used to be one of the franchises of his uncles company. He asked, “Dick, do you want to buy a staffing company?” I told him I had no money. He said that he was in trouble and needed nearly ninety-eight thousand dollars immediately or would have to close the company. He said he went to his mother’s house in despair, and got down on his face and cried out to God. He told me God told him to call me.

I repeated I had no money, but as we talked I said I would check into a few things and call him back. It turned out that I said I would not buy his company, but since I had my own little consulting company, I would go out to his clients and see if they would come with me to handle their business. Most of his clients knew me from working with him before, and most of them said they would come with me. As a result, in a week I went from bad financial condition to owning a multi-million dollar company the Lord had sent my way, and it went well from 1993 to 2003.

In July of 1999 my youngest son was hit by an SUV that ran a red light. They had to cut him out of his Honda and care-flighted him to a head-trauma hospital. He was in a coma for weeks in ICU. When he finally opened his eyes, we got him into the Shepherd Spinal Center. They shortly thereafter told us he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. I never bought it and trusted God. Weeks went by, then one morning I went into his room early, and he was lying there drooling out of his mouth. All of a sudden he shook his head, looked up at me and said in clear language, “Hi, Dad." God had given him back to me.

We had to sell what was left of my company after ten years as we lost about one million dollars in business practically overnight through no fault of our own. One of our largest clients was purchased by a large corporation and they had a national staffing agreement with another service.

I went into Real Estate and did well for a few years. Things began to get tough and I was losing ground in keeping up with the bills. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. One afternoon in my office I was sitting at my desk when the phone rang. The man on the other end said, “Is this Dick McBain?” I answered that it was, and he said that his Board of Directors would like to interview me for their CEO position with the Cherokee County Board of Realtors. I was taken back and asked him how did he hear about me. I further said that, I was not aware of nor did I apply for such a position, and seeing I was in a different county how did he hear about me. He simply said they were about to hire a man but was not sure about him and looked on-line and found my resume. I told him I wasn’t aware I even had a resume out there, but that I would be happy to interview. Well I got the job at a nice salary with that association having some fifteen hundred members. God had won again, out of a clear blue sky dropped a wonderful thing in my lap.

I ended up leaving there two years later, restarting my real estate business and business consulting. Life has continued to have its ups and downs, but God is always there to move us forward if we’ll let Him.

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