Dennis Martin Story

My name is Dennis Martin, President of Kingdom Painters, and I would like to tell you my story.

I grew up in Chicago, IL, in one of the city’s roughest neighborhoods. I was raised by my (paternal) grandmother, a strong, single woman with great faith.  My mother and father were addicted to drugs. As a child my grandmother believed that you should raised up in the house of the Lord. At a very young age we were forced to go to church. As we became older, we were influenced by our environment. Surrounded by drugs, prostitution, violence, gangs, and death, we experienced things no child should be exposed to.

One day my grandmother came to me and said she would not make me go to church. To me it was a dream come true because we were ridiculed and teased because we attended church. Wanting to fit in, I stopped going to church. My life began to go downhill as I got older. A black cloud was over my life, and nothing went right. When I was doing well, I would hit a “rock” in my life and fell. When searching for love and attention, the people around me had a big influence on my life. I joined a gang and eventually began to do things I could never imagine. I started smoking marijuana, selling heroin, harvesting guns, partying, and hanging out with the wrong crowd.

I had several encounters with the police, but I had a “don’t care” attitude. I had this twisted idea about life that love was impossible, and world was against me. I felt like there was no one I could trust. When reaching this real low point in my life, I remember asking myself questions like “What is my purpose in life?”  “Why was I born?” “Who would come to my funeral?” With a desperate need to get by, I resorted to selling drugs. After being incarcerated, I told God, “I would never do this again.” Then one day, God convicted my heart and reminded me of this broken promise. The Lord was still with me. Over the course of the next five months, I became aware of a lot more things in life. All the people that I thought were my friends, really didn't have my best interest in mind. The women in my life were really there because I had this longing for love. Drugs and alcohol filled my emptiness.

After moving to Minnesota, I began to see changes. I was walking up the street and met a pastor that simply said, "God loves you.” God had been working in my heart so when the pastor spoke I thought he had received a supernatural word from the Lord. I felt the truth in his statement, and I encountered a love that had no motive behind it.  I was blessed with a job when I realize that it was the work of God. I was blessed with friends that loved the Lord, and His spirit dwells within them. Then the most amazing thing happened. The one true living God came and revealed himself to me. I mean I actually felt His presence, and He poured His love into me. He told me that throughout my life; He had saved me from death. He carried me when I gave up on myself. He was there all the time. At that moment, I repented of my sins and surrendered my life to Jesus. Instantly, I was set free from addictions of drugs, smoking, and drinking. I was free from despair. I realized that God loved me and the people around me. God has empowered me for a purpose, and I am happy and patient with peace of mind, and I no longer search for love! I have found the love of God.

That day I made the best decision of my life. I no longer ask those questions of what my purpose is or what my life is worth. On a journey to find my life, I found a NEW life and know that my soul is more valuable than life itself.  Jesus Christ gave His LIFE so we would not lose our soul.

Now God has given me a new name... “Living Proof!” I have realized that God gave me a gift of music, and the opportunity to glorify His name in the form of hip hop (rap). I am the president of a painting company called Kingdom Painters. I am a leader in a community of young adults who love the Lord. I am a property and service project manager for John Tolo of Saint Paul, MN. John is the National President at Large in Minnesota for the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America. I have been surrounded by people who love the Lord. I know that God loves me. My relationship with my mother has been restored. I have the right relationship with God. Our Lord has filled me with his love and His precious Holy Spirit.

I do not have a perfect life, and I do have problems, but I have a reassurance that the Lord cares about my problems. 1 Peter 5:7 says, “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.” I know He loves me, and He loves you! For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life – John 3:16.  

If you don’t have this relationship with Jesus, I tell you it is simple.

In your heart, tell Jesus you are sorry for your sins and invite Him to come into your life. Ask to be filled with His spirit and ask Him to make you a better servant. In your heart make the decision to accept His love and grace. Now rejoice and be happy for the Lord is with you and welcomes you to new life.

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