David Simmons Story


 david=My name is David Simmons and I’m from Massachusetts. Currently I am twenty-five years old, and I have known about God for about twenty years of my life. However, I have not always had a relationship with God.

At a young age, I tried taking my life a couple times, just to see if my father cared. I decided if I was going to learn it was going to be the hard way, so I decided to join the Marine Corps.

In a combat unit, your manliness is how much you can drink, or how much of a party animal you are. So, I got another false sense of what a man is supposed to be. Next thing I know, I’m getting in trouble all the time, and was doing crazy stuff. All the while, God was watching over me. During deployment, a radio malfunction caused us to be delayed in leaving a site. Right before we got on the main road, a vehicle borne IED went off. It was right where our convoy should have been. My atheist corporal said, “Listen gents, I don’t know what you believe in, or who your God is, but you better pray to Him, because someone was definitely watching out for us.”

I came home and it was really tough transitioning. I thought I hated everyone, but it was really that I didn’t know how to receive love. I went through a series of partying and doing drugs, thinking that would make me happy. I thought if I were drunk all the time it would make me happy. I thought maybe women would make me happy.

Until finally I was sitting in church, I put God on the spot and said, “God, if You are the main man, then do something. Show me that You’re real!” Lo and behold, half the church and their mothers had a word for me! Ever since then I’ve been walking with the Lord. I’ve had happiness and joy that I’ve never had before, and just really thank God for that.



My name is Louie Festa and I was born in Maine to a Pentecostal pastor. From a young age, because of the blessing of God, my younger brother and I had a hedge of protection around us for our entire lives. My father’s church started having some trouble and its leaders were no longer walking with God. The church began dissolving, my father lost a little bit of his faith, and the church broke up. I strayed away from the Lord.

When I was sixteen I dropped out of school. But again, during that whole time, I had that hedge of protection that my parents’ union in the Lord provided. They’re still married after thirty years. From there, I joined the Marine Corps with my friend David. We went in together. It was a decision we both made because we were both messing up at the time. I was right there with him, getting into everything. Women, booze, and whatever we could find. We were looking for answers.

Whenever I did talk to God, the only thing I ever asked for was a wife and a family. I thought: All great men have wives and families, and that’s what makes them great, you know, they’re a family man. It is God that makes the family great, but I didn’t know that at the time. So, I got my wife and I got my family, and through the structure of the Marine Corps I fixed the money.

Still, I thought I should be happy. I had fixed it in the flesh by the ways of the world. My bills were paid. I had a wife and I had a kid, but I still didn’t have God. That’s the way God does things, because my wife’s family was not Christian. She had a Bible her grandmother had given her. I was Christian, but I wasn’t walking with God. I didn’t have a Bible, but I was praying. God just put all the pieces together.

David and I came back to Massachusetts. I received a word from God that I had to go back to Massachusetts and build my family. Because my wife’s from Montana, I guess the confirmation of that word was her agreeing to come back with me. We came back and from there everything has been great. David and I both rededicated our lives to the Lord. My wife, who had never been to church actually got me out of bed one morning and dragged me back.

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